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Best Anime/Manga Ever in history

Guest ReNO

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I'm surprise not a lot of people mention Death Note in the last few pages.

I think Death note is my top favorite anime. It has a good intro., ending, plot. It has some of the most interesting characters as well. My all time favorite character, L, is in there. The author must have been wickedly smartly to be able to create such a complicated plot. However, one of its bad aspect was allowing L to die. The plot kind of went downhill from there. But it's a great anime nonetheless.

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Guest FuryPig

Anime: RuroKen, Saiyuki (all 3 series), full metal panic (all 3), Kaze no Stigma

Manga: Tail of the Moon, Her Majesty's Dog, Saiyuki, Saiyuki Reload, RuroKen, Case Files of Kindaichi

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Guest Twilightforest

Angelic Layer! Best series eveer!!!



Soul Eater

Druaga no to The Aegis of Uruk

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Guest Mandu

Elfen Lied

Higurashi no naku koro ni


Ouran? started it like 3 years ago haha

YEPP.. I like everything though. o:

edit: OKAY OKAY, I just had to add Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (just finished watching it a while ago) <3 Epic stuff.

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Guest Krnxoutlaw89

Anime: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

One Piece

Yakitate Japan!

Manga: One Piece


Shin Angyo Onshi

20th Century Boys


Katekyo Hitman Reborn

Eyeshield 21

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure


Slam Dunk

If you haven't seen any of these then YOU ARE REALLY MISSING OUT

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Guest ChunnieBunnieLover

Doraemon!!! ahaha i know.. but it's so classic and simple!

Slam Dunk.. dragon ball...detective conan.. mostly classic choices..

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Guest i.nvalidc.reditc.ard

Dogs by Miwa Shirow--hands down.

It's the shiz--my shiz, yo.

Ouran is super good too. =D

Beast Master is great as well. =D

I also enjoy XBlade, Hot Gimmick (although not the best, it's addictive), and Goong can be captivating at times.

Crimson Hero and Vamipre Knight is good too. =D

Anime wise, I agree with Ouran and FMA. =D

BUT! --- DOGS by Miwa Shirow, again, wins hands down. ^__________^

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Guest I_broke_a_nail!

Can you guys recommend ANIME'S good for a 7th grade class?

The summer class consist of 21 boys and 9 girls.

They already watched the entire series of Full Metal Alchemist last year with me and they LOVED it.

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Guest piyo-no-kizu

NARUTO. I'm a die hard Narutard. LOL <3 *downloads like crazy* I love the characters and storyline. TT___TT

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