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The SamSara Market different variant of the Dream Market that stopped working lately. No extreme changed made, purchaser may find all the recognizable features of dream within walls of the Samsara market only a few new security choices. Samsara market is assemble by the same team that worked at dream. The SamSara marketplace sells a collection of items. Onion links to Samsara marketplace on their official webpage http://samsara.market-url.org/

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I just realized there’s a thread for manga and anime here.


Anime - both in Netflix 

I recently watched Violette Evergarden series and specials and highly recommend it - it is a mature slice of life genre mix in with a bit of steam punk fantasy.


Second one I watched was The Promises Neverland and oh it is a very dark fantasy about a group of orphans trying to escape their fate. Although it is dark, I really enjoy the strong depiction of children and their relationships. 

Manga - in order of favorites:


1. Kusuriya no Hitorigoto by Natsu Hinata and Nekokurage : it is a historical mystery set in an ancient China like kingdom and slice of life with a very clever heroine that is a prodigy at poison and herbs/medicine but she is stuck in servitude in the palace and solving mysteries. Everything about this is a masterpiece - the story and art.


2. Fukushuu wo Chikatta ShiroNeko wa Ryuuou no Hiza no Ue de Damin wo Musaboru by Aki and Kureha : an adorable fantasy story about a girl that got sent to another world with a dragon king and turns into a white cat but her arch nemesis and fake bestie is also there. Very light hearted but the artwork is so lovely.


3. Totsukuni no Shoujo by Nagabe : a dark fantasy about a little girl being raised by a mysterious monster ‘sensei’. The story and art is mysterious and nostalgic - revoking classical style from Europe. So many questions raised but it is also pure with innocence and yet a bit creepy. 


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