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EVENT: Quick Poll: Animate your life!   Chingus, a new Quick Poll is up. This time the questions focus on anime. Please vote! The poll is only open for 48 hours.     Your E

Cardcaptor Sakura Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles ^-^ I'll go and search around for some more...

I just realized there’s a thread for manga and anime here.   Anime - both in Netflix  I recently watched Violette Evergarden series and specials and highly recommend it - it is a mature

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Guest music-life

There's a manga called:

Wallflower written by Tomoko Hayakawa

This manga's really good, plus they have the movie out (like actual people)

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Guest knockblock

Does anyone know if soompi has "Ikkyu-san" thread??

It's an old japanese anime ... probably sometime 1980's

I don't think there is. It doesn't sound like something I've heard of before. You can make a thread for it if you want.

Is there a thread for Angel Beats? I'm sure it is known by plenty of people around here.

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Guest Reverse_

Ever wanted to live/be in an anime?


Togainu no Chi


Nurarihyon no Mago


Hitman Reborn Generation X - KHR COMEBACK?!


Ao no Exorcist


Uragiri wa Boku no Namae o Shi.tteiru


Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi


No. 6


Uta no Prince-sama: Maji Love 1000%


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The champion of justice is back!

Everyone’s childhood show is set to return this year, what do you say to that?

Sailor Moon’s next series will be named Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal, and fortunately enough, it will be streamed worldwide through Niconico website to fans overseas. Exciting right? The newest series for the hit show is scheduled to start its premiere broadcast sometime this coming July. An exact date has yet to be released to the public as of now. Along with this exciting news, fans alike are also thrown for a loop as the first teaser photos of the upcoming series hit the net. What do you think?


With the image above, we also get a brief synopsis of the Sailor Moon Crystal series:

Usagi Tsukino is a second-year middle school girl who is a little clumsy and a crybaby, but she is full of energy. One day, she meets Luna, a black cat with a crescent moon on her forehead, and she transforms into Sailor Moon, a sailor-uniformed pretty guardian of love and justice! As a chosen guardian of justice, Usagi seems to have a mission to find the Illusionary Silver Crystal with the other guardians and to protect the princess.
Meanwhile, the queen of the Dark Kingdom, Queen Beryl, also sends minions to the town where Usagi lives to obtain the Illusionary Silver Crystal, which has immense power. This causes strange events to unfold….

Can Sailor Moon really find the Illusionary Silver Crystal with the other Sailor guardians, and protect the princess…!?

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