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Park Ki Woong 박기웅


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KYaaaaLove all the goodies.. Thanky You All!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *KISS MCUAH*This is my place to fix my Shunji's withdrawal, LOLI missed him already. There is no SHunji each week in my wednesday - thursday...Hiks Hiks... 
I hope he will pick project soon... hahha .. I'm sooo selfish... Hope he will get well rest... So he can pick a new roles with different feels.... BEfore he went to enlist..He is 1985, right? hiks... There is possibility next year he will goes to fulfill his army duty :( 
edit:I want to shared BTS the last episode... http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNDQ4MjI2Mzcy.html
can't stop laughing with PKW's expression. why he cried? It seems his hand was hurt? 

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Guest shunjiryo

Hi everyone, this is my first ever post here. I just absolutely love him in Bridal Mask, and so I decided to come out take part in this thread (and because I would like to speak/discuss with someone who like him as well) I have never found anyone who like him too ;(. 
I am currently watching The Musical and I must say he looks so handsome in it. Just abbbbsolutely handsome. This is taken from one of the Making of videos.
Hello to you all, and looking forward to visit here more often. Thank you for sharing links, photos, and translation/information here- I am very much enjoying it.

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Seems like Shunji is really a tough character to let go because Ki Woong tweeted:
"슌지야. 억지로 벗어나려하지 않을께. 가득차있는 니가 자연스럽게 희석되겠지. 모든것은 순리대로."
"Shunji ya. I can't forcibly get out of character. I will let nature take its course and slowly let you fade out of me. Everything will take its course.

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Guest sunshine4ever

class="ks_article_title"'Bridal Mask' Joo Won and Park Ki Woong Cry and Emotionally Hug After The Last Filming


Park Ki Woong shed tears after the last filming for the drama. After seeing Park Ki Woong cry, Joo Won warmly hugged him. 

On the KBS 2TV program 'Entertainment Weekly,' that aired on September 8th, the place where the last filming of 'Bridal Mask' took place, was revealed. 

After all of the filming ended, Joo Won stated, "during the scene where it was emotional, I had a good cry. The filming ending, but it doesn't feel like it ended," and he talked in a bittersweet way. 

Then after, Park Ki Woong gave his all during the last filming. After the filming ended, he couldn't take the fact that it was the last one, and he ended up shedding tears. As Joo Won and Jin Se Yeon saw Park Ki Woong cry, they comforted him and showed their friendship by hugging him. 

After he cried, he was asked why he cried. Park Ki Woong responded, "I didn't cry," and pretended as if he never did and made the people laugh. Park Ki Woong then added, "as I acted out the role of Shunji, I had a great deal of difficulty. After the first time I was a main character in a movie, I cried for the first time."

source: http://www.kdramastars.com/articles/5562/20120909/park-ki-woong-cries-after-the-last-filming.htm

class="content-title" “Bridal Mask” Park Ki Woong Plays Camera Man lee23j September 7, 2012


Several BTS photos of Park Ki Woong playing with the Jimmy Jib camera at the filming set of “Bridal Mask” was revealed. In these revealed photos, Park Ki Woong is dressed as his character Shunji with full makeup of bruises and scratches on, and yet looking carefree and playful as he is sitting behind the camera. 

Park Ki Woong has always been “the energizer” on filming sets of “Bridal Mask,” with his big smile and cute playfulness that lets other people laugh and relax. A crew member commented, “Park Ki Woong is so friendly with everyone including his co-stars and the staff. Even in the midst of a continuous, exhausting filming, he never shows any sign of exhaustion and takes care of other staff members first.” 

Meanwhile, “Bridal Mask” has been steadily attracting viewers and fans with a thoroughly-written scenario and exceptional acting of its cast members for the past three months. The show ends today, September 6, with its 28th episode.

source: http://www.soompi.com/2012/09/07/bridal-mask-park-ki-woong-plays-camera-man/

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Park Ki Woong New Interview (please correct me)cr. Yonhap Newsviewimage-1.jpg
(my mom who also watched Bridal Mask with me still can not believe that Kiwoong is korean LOL she said he looks more like Japanese guy)
@Anao thanks for the video  :-bd 
@ccandrea I miss Shunji too, ottoke why I miss this villain LOL
@shunjiryo hello, come and join us more...I didnt find his BTS Musical anywhere, thank you! His YooJin is adorable and dreamy, I want to marry someone like him too lol :P
@sunshine4ever thanks for the news!! ^^
@mojobobo I hope he gets some recognition after 10 years like you said, to me he already gave an award worthy performance in Bridal Mask ~ah if only hollywood critics and Emmy Award exist in Korea. Not only an award voted by fans or based on rating.
poor uri woongie, please smile and smile, be happy, dont let shunji's darkness take over you ^^he needs to take light role asap. 

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@Irish_law: aww... his news interview?? I just realized his face getting more mature. Am I the only one who felt that way? I always saw him an actor who has cute face. But as of late I saw his face getting more masculine. Am I the only one? haha It seems he has lost alot of weight and it affected his looks alot.. 
btw.. Thx for all the goodies.. 
@shunshine4ever: thanks for clarifying my question, hahaIt seems he miss Shunji's character that much, He doesn't want to let go off his character yet, so he cried that way, lol...don't worry shunji-ah... u will never be forgetten.. kekeek 

ps:I watched rewatch again each PKW's scene in Gaksital, God, He Should filming an action/thriller movie, ASAP! His acting is so mezmering, as if he really burn the screen and make it come to life. One of My fav. scene is when he had fighting scene with Gaksital Fanboy in ep 23....  He punched gaksital fanboy with his gun, God soo violent, but soo good! That scene is soooo good that I never get bored watching it! As if I watch a scene in a movie ... Awsome director makes that scene come to perfection, though. 
The second scene when he had fighting scene with Lee Kang To after his father's death, it sooo intense and full of emotion... His chemistry and acting with Joo WOon help it, though. 
The third scene when he threatening his friend Tamao with his gun in ep 23.... It soo evil... but it soo cool... that scene creeped me out the first time I watched it... 
 God, I'm soo sadistic....Some of  my fav. scene are full of emotion,  fighting, and rage  lolBut torture scene is not my fav though. 
I bet after this drama, there will be a little opportunity he will be offered a romcom genre... He will get offered intense role like SHunji... I think... 

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@ccandrea although sometimes they did over slow-motion thingy (and the fact that Shunji didnt have opportunity to show his samurai skill again), I think mostly action scenes are well-executed in Gaksital ~ other than action, I personally love ep 22 and 23 I can watch these two eps more than twice.


gaksital23-00056.jpgscreencaps by dramabeans

bravo to PKW, director and cinematographer. those scenes are beautifully made! so EPIC. *standing ovation*
@mojobobo, thanks for the BTS~~~awwwww the bromance alert! Gaksital to me is bromance-friendship, they're my OTP. I dont ship any romance in this drama. lol Kiwoong so cute and such a sweetheart on set along with JW. The staffs even picked him as the most cheerful actor. :x  *so contrast from Shunji. Poor baby he had nightmare bcoz of his character*I saved his singing to MP3 haha, I believe he used to have good voice when he was doing indie band, like he said in interview, his lack of practicing and his (bad) smoking habit, his voice is not the same now  :(__________________________________________________
time for goodies!!!
Official Script-Reading Pics ~ Special KiWoong
viewimage-8.jpgviewimage-7.jpgcr. KBS Gaksital

Endorsement : Sterling Worth
Unknownviewimage-11.jpgvia DC PKW__________________________________________________
Twitter Updates
viewimage-13.jpgIshida, Goiso, Shunji and Kangto ^^

viewimage-14.jpgShunji (PKW in an awesome white suit look) and Goiso in ep.27
cr. PKW's twitter ^^

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Another interview again ~~ :x
Park Ki Woong News Interviewviewimage-18.jpg
the interview article here : http://star.mt.co.kr/view/stview.php?no=2012091308032563191&type=1&outlink=1It's quite a long article. I think the interview mostly talking about his acting as Shunji and his 7 years acting career.There's a bit Full House 2 mention.

@mojobobo yay october pls come faster! lol we need to see this man....... :-bdviewimage-15.jpgvia dc pkw

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So many goodies about Park Ki Woong after Bridal Mask end, GAHHH!Love it! than you, dear! 
@mojobobo and @Irish_law: thanks for sharing all the goodies about park ki woong here... it seems he get alot of fanbase in korea... so many interview about him
I saw some BTS, between him and Han Chae Ah, it seems they are very close..  

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Guest shunjiryo

PKW Tweet 15 Sept. 2012:
고문실에서 대본공부하던 나. 긴자가 도촬한거예요^ ^ 설정샷아닙니다 헤헤 +사진붙이기 어플을 사용해 보았어요. 이렇게 배워하는거죠 헤헤헤;;; 
(don't know how to translate...)
His side profile looks real handsome. He IS, really handsome <3

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