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  1. I finally watched both episodes and they were so awesome!!!!!! I think SW is a character that is needed because JR is so new to dating... the whole scene with SW, JR, and JS was great!! The receptionist is going to catch on JR/JS relationship... i feel like she already knew that JS likes JR but i think she will be the first one in the office to find out. Their kiss... what can i say, i'm glad that it was not a teaser and JS kissed him first! I'm excited to see them as a couple in the next episode. I am also happy that they are starting the CEO story i want her to realize that she is being stalked. JR to the rescue!!!
  2. Is that right? i think her company CEO and the CEO of always were cousins... I thought she just didnt want him to know she had a male friend so she just called him a relative.... HMMMMMMM
  3. oh... i had to watch the last episode again... the CEO is such a character! I wonder why JR ended up at his firm... that reminds me of the first episode where the CEO was trying to make JR take on JS as a secretary and he brought up an incident... i wonder what that is!? HMMM...
  4. ooooo this drama... you make my heart full All their scenes together are adorable... from the scene about being single to the last scene with the hand in his pocket! Is there a reason why JS didnt want to tell JR that Hyuk Joon was her manager?? I was curious why she said he was her cousin? Still not feeling YR character and I thought it was great when JR was defending that the prosecution neglected to investigate the case accurately... though the outcome was still sad. I am so excited for next week, I think JR is going to start pursing JS. EXCITED!
  5. @triplem - i feel like i'm so late to the game but I think we might get a kiss scene in ep 7-8! but hello everyone! I took a massive break from korean dramas and picked this one up after hearing about LDW and YIN reunion! It's probably because I haven't watched a drama since When Stars Land but this couple is so freshing and their chemistry is on point! I really don't care for Yoo Reum or the Se kwon storyline? Is that just me?? I dont understand why we have this side couple... is needed in this drama? unless they were characters in the original webtoon. I hope we don't linger too long on their story. excited for the next episode!!!
  6. What kind of ending was that... you're not even going to let me see his face?? WTF! sigh... i do wish it was still 40 episodes... i think we would have had a better drama.... i feel like it was LEE JE HOON but still wanted to make it a mystery... whatever.... I originally started watching this drama because i love Lee Je Hoon but i have to say, chae soo bin really stood out to me especially in the last couple episodes, her character was quite annoying at the beginning but she really came through at the end. She has continued to show growth and understanding through the last episodes. SY i understand you dont get me wrong, the way you were acting was very consistent with your last statements of just wanting to be a good memory to her. sigh... i really feel like this was a rushed ending. I wished OTP had more time to be together.... There are other things i wished the drama dived into... like Choi and Yang, so they are married but something happened between them... how was SIW involved? Also, ODK and NYJ were really cute at the end, but still not a couple. so many things i want answered.... sighhhh............ to the next drama... what would it be??
  7. Honestly have not watched the last episode, but reading the comments... i'm kinda disappointed where the drama is going... I'm going to wait for the final episodes so i can watch them all together. hoping the preview will shred some light on the last episode. on the other hand, i just finished watching The Beauty Inside, really got to say, I hope this drama heads towards that direction with the last episode. crossing my fingers.
  8. Can i say that SY has intense nose bleeds? But I have to say i give YR this episode... from the first episode to now, i feel like she has experienced a lot of growth in her character... however its been opposite for SY... granted he has a lot going on for him... I, like many wanted to be angry at SY for the way he's acting... because I'm like DONT DO THAT TO YEO REOM! you can't just DIE! but i can also understand how he feels... what a dilemma.... haha. i'm so not interested in the thugs and SIW story, it's really irriating that its going to be dragging that out until the end of the drama. I keep seeing that the drama is going to be 32 episodes.... i mean i dont know what kind of ending we are getting at this point but... i want someone to tell me that we are getting more episodes... I WANT MY LOVEY DOVEY PARTS........... The preview is going to put us at another cliffhanger... sigh... turn this drama around writers!
  9. Haven't been on here for a little bit. Sigh... watching the preview, I hope that we aren't just watching an episode of misunderstandings... we only have so many episodes left.... please don't add unnecessary drama... The second couple has been hitting me at all the right spots... they are so awkward with their feelings!!! i wonder why NYJ created a "boyfriend" in the first place... i think thats why ODK is so awkward with her, even though he knows it's a lie now. I still dont know what plot SIW has, i mean what kind of plan needs 10 years in the making. I hope it's not something outrageous. Countdown for the next episode begins now!!
  10. finally watched today's episode! Oh... Sooyeon there is like no break for you! I'm really surprised how quickly YR recovers after learning about his secret and responding to him.. i can appreciate that because most dramas... drag it out. I am curious what is SIW plan with that director, there are so many new characters coming into play now and we are more than half way through the drama ahh... more happy scenes please. Love the Security Couple btw... even though there is a lot of side plots going on, their story is very enjoyable to watch. can we get a preview please??
  11. loved the whole episode! i'm so happy with the pace of the drama...but our couple keeps on hitting my heart strings! DATE SCENE COME ON! NO MORE DISRUPTIONS! patiently waiting but not really............................................
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