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Found 2 results

  1. Spooky Soompi: Part 2 (Ghosts & Zombies & All Things Spooky in K-Dramas & K-Movies!) 'Tis once again the season to be spooked while enjoying some warm and comforting pumpkin spice latte! Let's talk about all our favourite spookiest K-dramas & K-Movies that we absolutely love watching in spite of experiencing sleepless nights afterwards. We have focused mostly on Zombies and Ghosts and Spirits to narrow down the vast and endless world of Paranormal / Horror. As always we apologize for not being able to accommodate more options due to technical restrictions. Do let us know in the comments the ones we missed but are a MUST-WATCH in your opinion. A BIG shout out to chingu, @Sleepy Owl , my co-host for this event, for his invaluable insights and for compiling a very spooky list of K-Movies. Now I have some really good spooky K-Movies to watch and finally move on from Train to Busan. (Gong Yoo ) Here's a sneak peak of the K-Dramas and K-Movies to help you refresh your memory, not that one can ever forget these movies after being scared to death! Q1. Which of these spooky K-dramas did you enjoy the most? 1. All Of Us Are Dead 2. Black 3. Bring It On, Ghost (Let's Fight, Ghost) 4. Happiness 5. Hellbound 6. Hotel del Luna 7. Kingdom 8. Master's Sun 9. Missing: The Other Side 10. Monstrous 11. Oh My Ghost 12. Sell Your Haunted House 13. Strangers from Hell 14. Sweet Home 15. The Cursed 16. The Guest 17. The Priest 18. The Uncanny Counter 19. Zombie Detective Q2. Which of these spooky K-movies did you enjoy the most? 1. #Alive 2. A Tale of Two Sisters 3. Bedevilled 4. Death Bell 5. Gonjinam: Haunted Asylum 6. Monstrum 7. The Phone 8. Rampant 9. Spellbound / My Girlfriend Can See Ghosts 10. The Closet 11. The Evil Twin 12. The Host 13. The Mimic 14. The Red Shoes 15. The Wailing 16. The Wrath 17. Thirst 18. Train to Busan 19. Whispering Corridors Vote for your fabourite Spooky K-Dramas and K-Movies now, before it is too late! Please feel free to get in touch with us with your suggestions for events, polls and quick polls. We are always delighted to hear from you. Your friendly, neighbourhood EO Team @confusedheart @Sleepy Owl @agenth and @partyon Tagging our chingus: All image/gif credits go to their respective owner(s)
  2. Spooky Soompi: Part 1 (Trick or Treat...) Welcome to the first part of our spooky Soompi event: Trick or Treat... IT'S TIME FOR A K-ENT INSPIRED HALLOWEEN TRIVIA! How does it work? 1) We have 6 categories with several questions each. 2) Guess the answer to each question. 3) When you're done, check the answers in the post below and count the number of correct answers you got. 4) Match the prize to the points you got (also listed in the post below) If you need any clues, feel free to ask for hints from your event hosts @partyon & @agenth. TRIVIA SPOOKY THEME 1: K-DRAMAS - From which spooky k-dramas are these pics? SPOOKY THEME 2: FOOD - What spooky Korean food is this? SPOOKY THEME 3: TATTOOS - Whose spooky tattoos are these? SPOOKY THEME 4: KPOP - From which spooky kpop videos are these stills? SPOOKY THEME 5: CHARACTERS - Who are these spooky kdrama characters? SPOOKY THEME 6: CRIME SCENES - In which kdramas did these spooky crime scenes feature? Do you celebrate Halloween? If you could go to a Halloween party, what would you dress up as? Let us know! Part 2 of our Spooky Soompi event hosted by @Sleepy Owl and @confusedheartwill launch soon! Please look forward to it! Your Event Organizers, @partyon @agenth @Sleepy Owl @confusedheart Tagging: All image/gif credits go to their respective owner(s)
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