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  1. @yanki222 And SPY... drops the mic! 

    There's going to be some labor-based philosophical dialogue tomorrow... I am wondering how that fits in the Love ft. Marriage & divorce theme: maybe now Phoebe wants to show us the side of love when moving in your husband space? Dynamic with the ones who maybe raised him, used to work with him? Whether or not it is easy to be accepted?

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  2. 1 hour ago, chickfactor said:

    Hye-ryeong actress talks about how this drama is the first that shows that K-dramas can also follow the multiple seasons model.

    Thank you for taking the time to give us highlights of their interview! :) I'm surprised by the comment above, and maybe i am not understanding it correctly, as there are already several K-dramas, even older, that followed the multiple seasons model. The oldest I can think of is Vampire Prosecutor, which surprised me by having 2 seasons (a first for me at the time); then Voice is the most recent one with 4 seasons, which follows the lead actress personal story throughout the seasons, and of course you can all think of many more (Penthouse for example)... As I said, I might be missing the context of which she made that statement. :)

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  3. @pauliza I think you're right! :ph34r::lol:

    On a side note, i'm getting tired of:
    - waiting to know what SB secret is,

    - no knowing who the kid ghost is,

    - Grandma (SPY in-law) not making sense,

    - misleading previews (Ami's pregnancy, anyone?)

    - dealing w/ withdrawal symptoms cause 1 episode / weekend is not enough, lol (i have compassion for the crew, though, who must be exhausted at this point? And I understand having to keep everyone safe due to COVID, etc.)

    - wondering if BHR will ever re-emerge. Actually can't wait to see what her reaction will be like when she realizes that she remarried her ex, since it seems like when people get possessed, they do not remember what they did during that time...

    I really look forward to SPY and SE's families living together, grandpa warming up to his new grandkids more and more, SB and SE wedding (and big secret reveal)...


    Does anyone else wonder if SE's son has a secret crush on SPY's daughter? I have wondered for a while, and found it funny how he seemed bothered when she insisted she was now his big sister, that they were kinda cousins. I am not sure it was just because she was making a big deal of being 5 months older, when he seemed to insist they were the same age...


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  4. SPY has the best comeback lines, lol!

    SYS (SPY's ex): You must have landed a nice one.

    SPY: Watch what you say!

    SYS: Brag about him.

    (Me to SYS: are you sick?)
    SPY: Are you sure you're a mental health professional?


    Why has Love (ft. Marriage Divorce) become so satisfying? This has me confused, lol! Love seeing SYS's arrogance and self-entitled getting a reality check! 


    My goodness! SDM can be so corny! :lol: (I'll give you my skin so you look younger? lol)

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  5. What an episode! Why withhold information and not tell us what SB's secret is? I think, like many, that he can't have kids. SE's being able to stand up to her kids united front makes sense if it is the case. But if it is true, I wonder what the medical cause is...


    7 hours ago, SexyDolceVita said:

    Writer's husband is dead i think.

    His spirit will enter seo ban's body.

    I read this the wrong way... I thought you meant the writer of the show. :blink:


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  6. 3 hours ago, Jolie Bijoux said:

    Lol I must say I like this episode for my ship SB-SE 

    others : I dont really care lol esp All the absurb ghost story. 

    Thank you! They are also the biggest reason i'm watching the show right now, though i am, also, wildly entertained by SDM and SPY, lol! I appreciate the heads up! :sweatingbullets:


    First reactions to episode 10 (30 minutes in):

    - Happy to see grumpy grandpa warm up to SE kids! I hope his heart softens more and he accepts his son wedding... :wub:

    - SPY's daughter surprised me! What is SDM magic trick? how do women (of all ages) trust and fall for him quickly? :blink:

    - The gym scene between SDM and SPY's ex-husband! Muahahaha! :lol:

    - The swimming pool scene with these two! More please! ROFL :lol:

    - SDM and SPY romance reminds me of teenage love, lol. SDM looking for silly reasons to spend more time with SPY (SDM: Quit your job. (translation: you will have more free time so i will be able to see you more!) SPY: Why have you not eaten? Are you dieting for a contest? Go and eat! SDM, faking looking weak with his face: I'm too weak to drive... My hands are about to tremble. :lol:

    - Seo Ban opening the car door for SE: he's so classy! :wub:

    - Shout out to SE's daughter. She's amazing!


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  7. Is it me or does Dong Ma seem to be copying his big brother? That is what his rushed marriage makes me think about, plus the fact that he is courting the best friend of his brother's fiancé, plus all the efforts he has always done to insert himself in Seo Ban's life and to show his affection to his brother... I do think he is attracted to SPY, but am still getting a younger brother immature's copycat vibe here. (I could be wrong, of course.)

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  8. Watching episode 8. Reactions:

    - OMG. Seo Ban's dad is so extra! (toxic!)

    - After meeting his dad, i like SB even more, and i have more empathy...

    - Snow time: saw SB smile big for the first time!!!



    SPY taking a picture of her leg and sending it to DM.

    Me thinking: record yourself screaming instead... :lol:

    - When Dong Ma says, "I was craving ice cream on the way here." All i could hear was: "I was craving (...) SCREAM..."

    - SPY and the mistress 30s wondering if Grandma had a personality split and waiting for the other shoe to drop... => That's us wondering what happened to Phoebe (the writer) and why she is giving us everything we want (though no one asked for an extra ghost, lol)!


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  9. SDM and SPY, and on why they were each at that medical facility where he saw her :


    She was getting cryotherapy. (am laughing at the pun on "cry-o-therapy" and her literally screaming so loud it startled people, lol) 
    He was getting a corn removed.

    Such a sexy conversation! :Megalol: 
    Now at 3:21 minute-mark. Am rolling on the floor laughing! I almost joked in a previous post that SDM acronym reminded me of the word SaDo Masochist, so how funny that it would his acronym, while his love interest's would be SPY (as in spying), but it seemed so impossible, in my opinion, that the writer would dare to joke about the character having similar tendencies as in his acronym! It's impossible to watch this drama with a straight face, hahaha!

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  10. Reacting to episode 5.

    1) Paraphrasing the dialogue:

    Seo Ban's brother, DM: "Ga Bin, i love you. It's because i love you that i can't marry. You will thank me later."

    Mistress who is also an actress, with sarcasm (?) and tears: "Thank you, oh thank you so much!"

    About DM: At this point I actually think that it might take much acting skill and energy to not show any emotional reaction.at.all. Not during the wild rides at the attraction park, not while spouting the lines and hearing the unusual answers.

    2) What Dong-Ma and Pi-Young romantic relationship might look like if they had one:
    During a romantic evening: SDM is about to confess his love, or about to hug his SPY. Phone rings. DM: "I'm sorry, it's work, I need to take this." SP: "Of course, I understand". SP resumes doing crosswords. DM comes back: "Where were we?" SP: "You were about to kiss me before you leave for your business trip to Timbuktu in an hour." DM: "Ah, right!" DM leans in for an embrace. Phone rings. SP picks up, looks at DM: "Sorry, it's work. Be right back!" 

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