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  1. 2 hours ago, partyon said:

    So then I thought, who the heck made this into a makjang drama? My suspicions turn back to the editors again....

    You've been doing lots of thinking and investigating!! 😂😂
    I am honestly sooo puzzled by how this drama turned out, I have nooo explanation! At this point I am thinking someone lost a bet or something and though knowing all that needed fixing, lost the bet and had to film despite time constraint (maybe that's the problem?), or else! I am also obsessing with the money, and this point speculate that the person in charge of it lost it in that Macau Casino (was it Macau?) and just had to cut corner on the script and editing. Sigh! I don't know anymore, lol! Ali Wong GIF by Golden Globes  

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  2. 15 hours ago, forumsoomp said:

    Traditionally, common to see men cheat or have numerous mistresses/wives but women should always remain pure & loyal to their husbands.

    I thank you for sharing your perspective and yes, many of acknowledge the mess that is the drama. At this point I am watching it for some of the humorous scenes... and maybe to see how worse it can get.
    I can't help but respond to your comment just from my personal perspective. Despite what the culture might be in my community (growing up and now), I am motivated to call out double standards and hold men accountable to higher standards as well, with the expectation that they show their partner/wife respect. TV shows can, indeed, help convey that message as opposed to condoning the status quo...
    On that note, I am also relieved that we are mostly past the era where tv shows made "forced kisses" look cool as if it is an okay and romantic thing to do. I can't believe the number of times scenes like that where integrated in shows, both Western and Eastern...

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  3. I finally have a break and can comment!
    This week's episodes seemed loaded with lots of comedic moments, which I enjoyed:

    • It is not often that villains build a fanbase, but despite the over the top acting, the mother in law got my attention because she was so funny in these 2 episodes! I mentioned having a fun drinking game while watching this show, now I want to take tea shots every time MIL screams! I also enjoyed the judo scene, minus the sniffing, which was another #MeToo moment in my opinion (what is it with it hitting on employees?!). The grandma having mad fighting skills adds to the show's commitment to portraying strong women as opposed to going the traditional "damsel in distress trope." The bodyguards reactions to sparring with the MIL were predictable, as well as Rain's actions, but I went along.
    • The maids more or less discreetly having fun at the mistress' expenses...
    • The twist created by the FL's handle of the out-of-wedlock son => funny reactions to that event from several characters, including her brother-in-law. As much as the show can be at times predictable, I didn't see it come.
    • The mistress is a comical character, too... This statement is meant to compliment the actress' acting in episode 4.

      That said, I tried really hard to resist, but I have to agree with people's complaints of KHN's acting: why are her eyes devoid of expression? Why does she seem lifeless all the time? Robotic almost? Is she okay?
      Her mother-in-law or other nemesis (mistress) give more emotions to their storyline. I know some people compare the show's storyline to Blood Free, but even though the FL in Blood Free was cold, socially awkward and had had her fare share of life traumas, I think she did a good job in helping the audience connect with her character: her pain was visible (visible hints), her silences still spoke volume, and the trust in her bodyguard and annoyance or anger at him were conveyed in a way that built up the story and at times, the suspense...

      Just my two cents. My guilty pleasures in watching this show are:
      - Rain's coolness
      - The Mother-in-law antics
      - The mistress' cluelessness 

      I am still distracted by the scene transitions, and still not at a point where I take the threats or suspense seriously. 
      I also still don't understand why Wan-Soo doesn't seem to take her security needs more seriously, and though she insists on having full control of the foundation, we're past episode 4 now and it still doesn't seem as if she has an actual plan to keep her family-in-law in check, at bay, and she acts as if she is not aware they are capable of going as far as killing for their greed... She already knows they're criminals (frauds), why does she appear so nonchalant about it?

      But Rain! 😁



    2 hours ago, partyon said:

    The editing is so unbelievably bad - it's like they give it to someone's kid as a summer job. :grimace:

    lol! I want to know how the budget was split, and why it seems as if they didn't have enough money to deliver better editing. It's weird and way below Disney+s' standards...

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  4. 50 minutes ago, partyon said:

    For supposedly being a successful pro-golfer and chaebol daughter-in-law, I find it surprising that she spoke in Korean in front of the UNICEF

    • Yes, that shocked me too (she did spend years in the United States), including what looked like a lack of cultural awareness in touching the Saudi Prince and even embracing. 
    • The editing also shocked me, especially for a drama selected by Disney+ (aren't they paid enough money??). I'm thinking of turning any rocky scene transition into a drinking game: a shot of tea every time the music stops suddenly, the screen suddenly gets black and silent for a second or two (it feels longer, lol)!
    • Love the showdown with the MIL
    • Some people criticized the FL acting in the drunk scene, but I thought she was pretty convincing with her body language

      Does anyone have any background information on the painting in the poster? It is titled Buried in Flowers, and is by Pavel Svedomsky. I am trying to understand the link between that painting, and the story...
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  5. 20 minutes ago, rocher22 said:

    hmm...Im pretty sure they didnt sleep together.  that would be unprofessional of him. 

    I like the morning awkwardness, I think she was embarrassed by everything she said the night before. :D

    love the shot...  :wub:


    I love your explanation too, and it is definitely supported by the lack of visual confirmations that something did happen. I think the writers have our/my imagination running wild with those scenes! 😄
    Yes, amazing shot! Both your explanation and Rain's posture in that image make the bodyguard quite a hot and classy person!


    1 hour ago, partyon said:

    I'm a simple girl - I see a hint of abs, I like. :joy:


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  6. Talking of friendships and connections, this drama also highlights transactional relationships, which seems to have been at the core of Tae Jin, Joo-Song and the rest of their group's connection. Theirs was a different type of friendship, seemingly driven by self-interest and self-preservation, obviously greed, manipulative (meaning, could someone help advance their interest, or how to force people into advancing their interest, by any means necessary).

    Other points of reflection: how grief affected people differently. All key characters seemed to have had and handled their personal losses differently. Some lost a friend who was murdered, body burnt, and the murder was covered up: that's traumatic. Joo-Song seemed like he lost his mom early, and was despised by his father.  Jae-Kyeong lost close friendships, following the murder in his high school, and threw himself into his work relentlessly, and relentlessly seeking justice by arresting criminals. Yoon-Jin went through the hardship of being separated from her daughter, and went from being principled in high school to taking bribes as a journalist in need of money to send abroad for her daughter's sake. Joon-Seo and his wife lost their daughter: Joon-Seo put his life on the line to seek justice and expose Jong-Soo and the gang, while Ji-Yeon succumbed to having an affair with Tae-Jin. The list can go on. The drama offered deep reflection on human nature, and a glimpse at what healthy friendships can look like or the values they can be built on.

    Last but not least, I really enjoyed the mentoring and looking after the younger one and his grandma. Young people need role models and mentors. I thought that was an important and powerful message.

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  7. 3 hours ago, S00mp1an said:


    Yes, it was Tae-Jin who set the birth date of Joon Soo's wife as his half of the password.  Does that mean his feelings for her was sincere?


    Ha! That's the piece I was confused about: because it was Joon Soo's wife, in the end I thought it was JS who has set up that birthday. Thank you for the reminder. :)


    @lebeaucouple, your analysis of the life lessons of the drama is beautiful and uplifting, thank you! 😊

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  8. Am I the only one thinking that Do Yoon and Wan Soo did sleep together? 


    I am thinking so because when he left she was in her night clothes (not the same ones she had when entering the room), and that was sexy looking and because her bed was undone, as if it had been used. In a hotel of that standing, with VIP guests, they do the bed every day, systematically. For it to be undone in the evening means that it was used recently (maybe before she went to the party, one could argue, but that wouldn't explain why the camera zoomed on it). Additionally, the way they looked at each other was really awkward the next morning. 


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  9. I enjoyed the drama, though I was a bit disappointed by the finale, more specifically (last episode's spoilers)


    the fact the all the mysteries are solved, in the end, by the confessions of the culprit. What I mean is that it would have been nice for our great detective to figure out the important answers thanks to his investigating skills (not denying that he is a great interviewer), as opposed to a systematic confession from everyone involved.


    I don't understand why Tae Jin, who had 1/2 of the password, didn't figure out that the other half was Ju Seon's wife birthday. Wouldn't he have tried it first? Even if he didn't know it, he could easily know her birthday, given their relationship... Or maybe I missed a detail.


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  10. Thank you for the articles! Great first two episodes. I wonder why 


    he didn't reveal that he had recovered the laptop from the fire, and how he intents to use.

    I am also curious about the younger woman team member 


    and her connection with the VP.

    Is she mole? Does she know about the corruption that is going, and is helping cover it up, or is she really as upright and ethical as she appears to be?

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  11. On 4/16/2023 at 9:13 PM, Sleepy Owl said:



    6. Changmin (TVXQ)

      Hide contents





    Anyone else thought of Yu-Gi-Oh when seeing this? :D :wub:


    - 21 => Tintin? :ph34r:

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  12. On 3/27/2023 at 10:30 AM, partyon said:


    Me!  Thoughts about ep 3-5? Are you excited about the body swap?


    - As the first time I saw it, it came a bit out of nowhere for me. For several episodes there was nothing that hinted at anything supernatural, that hinted at the show becoming more unrealistic than it already is, except for that painting of the house in the woods,


    and the lights turning on when no one is watching, and Joo Won wondering if he saw correctly...

    - One of the real stars in this episode segment were the bottles of wine. Couldn't stop from staring, because they looked so pretty with the fruits and flowers inside. It looked like flavorful, delicious sweet tea, and now I really wonder if it exists and now I want a taste of it. Guess I have to go to South Korea on a Secret Garden tour! :ph34r:
    - The problem with re-watching the show this year is that I have seen sooooo many body swaps stories since the Secret Garden came, so the excitement wasn't as strong, but it is still hilarious years later. It is well written, and the actors are so great in their role! 


    This is me when the swap first happened, and Joo Won too:


    Confused What Happened GIF by Google

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  13. Ra Im meekness: It seems that the actress or actresses she is a double for look down and speak down to her. I think in general she has had a hard time getting along with other women, except with her friend, because these other women don't respect her but treat her like a pariah, maybe in part because she has a tomboyish side. And it's a vicious circle, because I think her tomboy side is just a protection. She is trying to look tough so it doesn't show when she is hurt by people's words, etc.

    Just a though... :)

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  14. I saw this drama when it first came out, but genuinely could't remember what the story was about. 


    I remember there was an element of magic, and thought vaguely it was about an alien falling in love with an earthling (FL)... so the love story was not what made the biggest impression on me when watching it --am also not the biggest romantic on the planet, which is why in prefer action drama... :lol:

    But I remembered what I did love about this drama, and that is still the same upon watching it a second time:
    - I'm fascinated by the house, and the contradiction between the plain, countryside design, and the fancy interior design
    - the ML glittery tracksuits 

    The actors are obviously good and are worldwide stars for a reason. It is interesting to see how their two worlds clash, given that, on the surface, they do not seem compatible; so a love story looks like it wouldn't work, but they are people who sees the heart of the other first, and not just the circumstances, though Ha Jiwon misjudged Hyun Bin from the start... :)

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