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  1. Episode 15: I'm waiting for Ga On that he can think steps ahead of his opponents, like Yo Han. I'm at 4/5 into the episode, and it looks like GO will be on his own. Please, stop being so easily swayed and manipulated, and once you pick a side or commit to loving people, stick with it and see it through. Either you trust or you don't. I still want to support your story arch before this show is over...

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  2. @ferily I agree with you, Soo Hyun does love Ga On, both romantically and as a friend who really cares. I said she didn't because i felt a bit frustrated by her reactions and the silence about their feelings... I know this is just a TV show, but in real life i feel like life is so short, you have no guarantee that the people you care about will be there tomorrow. This is just a personal feeling...
    I think she almost lost him several times (he's had reckless behaviors before due to his parents' death, such as when his professor helped him when he was arrested by the police), and she is really afraid of something happening to him, not just being hurt but maybe death, which is why she keeps insisting Ga On stops working with Judge Kang (too much danger around him)... which is why, I think, she brings up how important his safety is to her even after he confesses his feelings.


    They've known each other since Kindergarten. She said so, explaining that it was the first time she proposed to him (she added that every time she saw him break down, she didn't know how to comfort him and she would spontaneously take him in her arms without thinking and propose...). She was talking to Judge Kang's niece...


    Edited to add a side note: I am now 53 minutes into episode 13. Am I dreaming, or is this the first time we see all judges with the exact same robe? I think that before, when the show was being filmed, Judge Kang always had addition garments with his Black robe, something crimson and gold if I remember well. Here he is all in simple black like the other judges. I think this is symbolic of all of them, now that they have joined his fight, being on equal footing. Maybe it means that he doesn't consider himself below him anymore, but real collaborators. I'm not using the word "partners" because in the end I think he still has some authority over them.

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  3. Lessons from the Devil Judge, 1/2 through episode 13:
    - In a dystopian Korea, no healthy, mature romantic relationships exist. 

    - Childhood friends who are in love with each other, are their early 30s(?), appear to have never dated, don't know how to confess their love for each other...

    - At this point i'm thinking that Soo-Hyun is not in love with Ga On despite her repeated, understated show of love or proposals (that they pretend are not to be taken seriously), but she is suffering from a savior complex.


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  4. Reaction from episode 16:

    Oh my!


    - Dinner with the 3 ladies, and Mr Seo looks like he's ready to kiss 50s wife just right there!! It's that chemistry that made us ship them in the first place. Even BHR noticed how he looked at her! :lol: 

    - SB turning down BHR was priceless! :lol:
    - 40s wife calling the ex' girlfriend to pick him up after drinking... :lol:

    (Good acting!)


    Now about that final scene: as i expected, the ending didn't make sense, as once again it seems the writer only went for  the shock value with disregard to any logic. If the ending is a dream sequence, we don't know whose dreams those are. If it's not, still doesn't make sense.
    Either way it feels idiotic.


    No season 3 for me, though this train wreck of a series started being addictive (tuning in to see how bad it would be each week) and this whole watching saga was only fun because i got to "meet" and speak with all of you. 

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  5. 35 minutes ago, africandramalover said:

    50s wife will definitely end up with Seo Ban, tho I prefer a young hot guy for her to dent mattresses and break headboards with. The competition between 30s and 40s wife is a plot point to let them end up embarrassed at their belief that 50s wife isn't worthy of him and will force Seo Ban to make his stand clear by officially choosing 50s wife. It may push 40s wife back to hubby. Seo Ban is what's making 40s hubby orbit his wife, so they'll have to talk at some point.



    Your reasoning makes more sense than the writing of the script has done for me, so far... Which is why i'm ready to be dumbfounded by the finale...

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  6. Just finished episode 15. Writer-nim, you can't tease us with the premise of a dinner with Seo and the 3 ladies, and not let us know how it went.
    I don't like the preview, w/ Seo coming out of a car looking like a groom. He better not be marrying Hye-Ryung, that would be one of my biggest disappointments. :thumbsdown:
    I command Lee Tae Kon for his portrayal of the annoyed Yu Shin living with two unpredictable women. My laugh out loud in this episode were A Mi and Dong Mi battles, paired with YS holding his head in despair! Is he the one paying the biggest price out of all 3 cheating men?

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  7. Reactions from halfway through episode 15:
    - Loved the smile of 40s wife, when she is driving to work after the talk with her ex-husband, watching him wriggle in jealousy in front of her, and demonstrating to him how his self-righteousness and accusation were so misplaced...

    - I think she genuinely is interested in Mr. Seo... Staying up late to make thin pancakes was kinda cute imho...

    - In this drama i noticed that I prefer classy reactions when faced of trashy humiliation from cheating husband. It felt good when we thought 30s wife was genuine in treating her in-laws and ex-husband well after accepting to divorce, but I also understand her wanting to take revenge. In that same vein, i admired 40s wife for offering a cup of coffee to A Mi, but still not pretending to be cool with the situation or be friends with her.

    - We get way more screen time of 40s wife and SB than of 50s wife and SB, which makes me think the writer might be setting things up for 40s and Seo to end up together... Making peace with it... I'm still annoyed to not see 50s wife growth and healing from all that has happened. Every time she's on screen she is dealing with unpleasant news and is sad, which is depressing. Has there not been at least one moment where she started to feel like she was gaining some thing in return, no matter how small? Is there anything she has done for herself (beside buying new clothes) as an attempt to get over the hurt of the divorce and betrayal?

    - 30s husband being rewarded for his infidelity: I think the writer, here, makes a point about how men, even when they are in the wrong in cheating on their partner, seem not even being given a slap on the wrist. Society treat men and women differently in that regard, it seems. The man cheated, the mistress stole someone's else husband. How are the parents justify their kid keeping his job and becoming the star of the law firm by saying "the righteous always win"?!! *slap on the forehead.* That's delusional, yet it happens in real life, too.


    30s husband: "I don't feel an ounce of guilt toward Hye Ryung
    Me: I don't feel bad for the press conference she gave and how bad she made you all look.

    - Hey-Ryung manipulation tactics have no end in sight: just realized her "natural look" has more to do with imitating 40s wife than it is a reflection of her new self: she hasn't changed at all. I think she has noticed that SB and 40s wife have been spending more time together, has noticed how SB used to treat 50s wife too (who is also very "natural" style wise), so she might have figured she has a better chance at getting his attention looking like that... She is also clearly trying to play the victim and sympathy card. Reminder that she is an actress: I'm never sure that any emotion (tears) she shows in front of an audience is real...
    - Seeing 40s husband filled with regrets and drowning in flashbacks of happy times brings me enormous joy.

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  8. What I've enjoyed the most about the drama is the conversations on this thread, and how you made the most boring episode (was it #12? The one with just the 40s couple arguing for an hour long?) the funniest with your comments and analysis. Though we might all have different perspectives on the topic, i also appreciate how deep the conversation goes. In that sense, i think the writer succeeded in getting us engaged and invested in the drama. Much appreciation to you all.

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  9. 6 hours ago, CarolynH said:

    Oh! So we get 1 episode this week?  I thought the next 2 episodes were postponed to improve the quality of the drama.  I missed reading the posts and laughing about the ridiculous scenes.  What will the ghost do in ep 14?

    Do you all think we'll know the reason the writer created the ghost by the end of the drama?  

    Yes, only one episode this week, this Sunday. And i am convinced that the ghost wasn't just a filler (i don't think the writer is that lazy). I think, hope, things will come full circle with the ghost and his wife... Call it karma or divine punishment or else.

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  10. 34 minutes ago, K-dramafan22 said:

    Who freaked me out the most in Voice 4?  Not Circus Man actually.....as this 3-person personality disorder is somewhat not so common.   


    The female dentist who stalked the male teacher....  she freaked me out with her ways of getting into his apartment and the violence with her dentistry skills.... How about you?

    This is hard for me to answer, as even just the screech of a door that is opening spooks me out! I just bravely watch each episode til the end, because the writing and the actors are amazing! :sweatingbullets::lol:

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  11. @INJINFAN I so agree with you! I kind of gave up on the engineer and the 50s wife because we haven't seen them together in while now. I was hoping the three friends would invite him to drink with them, but also happy they had a chance to just be together and be very honest with each other about what was going on in their marriage. I hope the writer will give us nice surprises with the ending.

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  12. SPY & Seo Ban as a potential couple is strangely growing on me. I'm starting to enjoy how bluntly flirtatious SPY seems to always be with him, in his face just saying out loud what she wants him to know instead of dropping clues with the hope he'll guess (she might know he won't put in the effort). So now I'm appreciating that she challenges him outside of his comfort zone. They are both people who don't put up a front and don't seem to care about what others think of them.


    50s wife still has me a little worried, as i still don't see much character growth beyond trying to dress up... (she deserves better than that, writing-wise).


    I support the 30s wife asking for a house in the fancy, corporate district (which is also where the most eligible bachelors / CEOs live. She knows what she's doing...) and for money to "maintain the house and pay for the taxes." At the end of the day, her husband broke his marital vows and even if they divorce, he should do right by her...

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  13. 40's couple: the husband's perfection in his marriage (perfect words, perfect gifts, always saying the right thing, always polished...) always felt like an act to me. From season 1 I kept wondering, "is this real? He never has a bad day? He never lets his guards down? His feelings are always the same 24/7, a flatline, steady but never up or down?" Because of this i, too, wonder if A Mi was his first... The fact that he kept it going for so long, I can't understand... The length is why I understand his wife not buying his contrition and having trouble trusting him again. She is showing herself the respect she was not given. I respect that in her. She has reflected on how she treated her mom, I also respect that inner journey and emotional work.

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  14. Ga On has been a double agent from the start, reporting to Supreme Court Justice Min Jung Ho. I actually think he was placed next to Yo-Han on purpose, even though it is Yo-Han who made the final decision to pick him. They're not really hiding it. :) For me the bigger question is if Ga On will start making up his mind about Yo Han on purpose, and not just based on what MJH is feeding him in terms of suspicion. I think Ga On probably also accepted to work with YH because of some link with his parents' death?

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