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  1. A few things that have been on my heart that I haven't shared before:
    - I love the soundtrack at the end of each episode or during dramatic moments, with the electric guitar...

    - I'm pretty sure the mayor is no saint, could actually be ruthless, and I am thinking that because he seems to want to do anything in his power to beat Jun Ho at his own game and to win favor with the elder. That said, am I the only one thinking that he is good looking? :ph34r:


    I was less frustrated this week with episode 5 and 6, I think because we are starting to learn more about each character. I am still confused by PCH, though: for a lawyer who was so bad he only had a 10% success rate, he seems too good at faking being Big Mouse, as if he actually could really be Big Mouse. That would be the easiest way to explain how Big Mouse's ledger, money etc. was hidden in that office.

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  2. 11 hours ago, partyon said:


    I also didn't like:

    • The communication breakdown between Young Woo and Jun Ho. She should have been honest with him why she wanted to break up. Him ending up blaming himself for the breakup wasn't a cool thing to do.
      It was quite expected that they would hit a bump on the road, but I was disappointed about the communication

    I agree with you, about the holding back telling everything. It is interesting how she blurts out the whole truth when she speaks about the lives of others, such as when she first met the wife of her boss and gave the whole history of their marriage, but didn't tell Jun Ho when she told her dad, that he made her happy etc. but she thought she couldn't make him happy. I do not know what is like to have autism on that spectrum, but wonder if there is a way where she could learn to trust that Jun Ho is an adult enough to make his own decision, as opposed to listening to his friends and sisters.

    I feel a bit hurt for him because except his colleagues, who spend much time with Young Woo, no one else understand his romantic relationship with her, and none of his friends, and now family, is supportive of it. I want to know what got him to volunteer with people with disability. I am sure there is a story there, which explain how he could click so organically with Attorney Woo from the start, and how he knew how to react when she was in distress. Maybe his parents are like him, too? Maybe his sister did not want him to talk about YW because they had/lost a sibling who had a similar condition?

    @K-dramafan22 I understand SY is probably in a vulnerable state, romantically speaking. It is obvious that she is looking for love, but she keeps being disappointed (remember the past failed dating experiences). She also seems to trust quickly and easily, which explains that she is always in danger of being taken advantage of by a future love partner. To answer your question, I think it is possible to be attracted and maybe even fall in love with someone who first showed you they were not trustworthy, then started acting nice. Staying married or living with them forever, though? I can't answer that. If they were just pretending, then the mask will fall off and the bad habits will be there again, the other partner will be hurt and might decide it is not worth to endure and not being able to trust...

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  3. 12 hours ago, partyon said:

    Now we all know that Jerry ALWAYS outsmarts Tom...And actually is a genius mouse. Tom is endlessly trying to pursue Jerry, but never succeeds.
    Do you think it was just a coincidence that Jerry chose this name, or is it possible that he is a lot smarter than he appears, and might even be Big Mouse himself?

    Your analysis is really enlightening, thank you so much for sharing! You made a very convincing argument about Jerry... And what are the odds that PCH would end up in the jail and ward? And with what you said about Jerry (who appears weaker than Tom and pretty much anyone else, but outsmart them while looking innocent), I am now convinced that he might be Big Mouse, too, but also that BM might have a little crew, no matter how small.


    On the 3rd person who had a wish, I hope they will circle back to it, because it is one of the multiple unfinished storylines within the big story that could/should be coming full circle within the same episode... 


    Almost everyone except PCH people (apparently) seem to have a double life or secret agenda: the mayor, his wife, the prison manager, many of the prisoners, the VIPs, the nurses at the cancer treatment facility, the prosecution... It's piling up more at every episode. We need to start knowing more about people's past, not just about PCH's love story of 16 years...

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  4. @partyon 

    1 hour ago, Photo Photo said:

     Also, judging based on the writer's previous dramas we know the type of writing we are getting.

    I liked Empress Ki (I don't usually engage in long dramas either, but I made an exception that one and for Jumong), and also actually really liked Vagabond. I thought it ended awkwardly because they were setting it up for a season 2, then COVID happened and it seemed it wasn't ideal to make it anymore (they were filming outside of South Korea and travels were shut down for a while, if you remember). So based on the last two shows you mentioned that the writers made, I am trusting them with this one, but I need their help in keeping me sane and engaged more. It is distracting to continually question characters' motives because there is so much we don't know about their past or backstory... And we end up not being sure of who is really who...

    I thank you both for the input, it's very enlightening! Exited to watch episode 4 soon! :1646639759_ezgif.com-gif-maker(1):

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  5. I get more confused with each episode, which makes it challenging to go along with the storyline: too many of them without clear protagonists, and lost of unresolved threads. => This episode brought more questions/issues, without providing a single answer by the end, which is frustrating to me:
    - Why make a promise as ridiculously broad as, "I will grant any wish." Like the prisoners not taking him seriously, it was hard for me to take him seriously, too. The man is a lawyer more known for losing cases than winning, and in debt. How does intent to grant these people wishes? Via his connection with the mayor?

    - The mayor and him started something, Big Mouth messed up and ended up in jail. Since there has been zero interactions with them. The mayor following his wife... I guess he is trying to see he will discover something by observing her, which would confirm that Big Mouth is Big Mouse, but I don't see the point since it is not moving the story in any direction, in my opinion: his reaction when he sees her cry, I can't understand what we are supposed to think when seeing that.
    - Unresolved in this episode, things that start new storylines: Will he try to find that man's daughter? How? With what resources? Will he try to help that man's mom? (maybe not anymore after what happened in episode 3) How? With what Resources?

    I got lots of questions and no answers, just more questions after each episode...

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  6. 17 minutes ago, partyon said:

    What would be cool, though, is if Big Mouse were a woman! :love: It is very rare for the main bad guy to be female, and that would be a cool twist.


    Totally agree! Which reminds me, didn't we have a Soompi game event about our favorite woman villains in KDrama? If not yet, that would be a good thing to vote on... :)

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  7. @Gretule, I am intrigued by your theory and like you, I think that there is also a strong possibility that the ML has a split personality. If that is the case, that would remind me of the drama Bad & Crazy, where one of the personalities was dominating the other by creating all types of dangerous events. That said, I think his wife would have known if he had a split personality, due to possible unexplainable disappearances at work or at night...

    @partyon, I felt the pace was uneven too at times, and also became predictive once he started provoking people in jail...

    I'm still lost concerning  who Big Mouse is. I don't think I have enough information yet to make an accurate guess.

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  8. Finished episode 2. At this point I'm thinking that Changho's lawyer friend is Big Mouse: he knows him well enough to have planted all that evidence in CH's office in case he one day needed a clueless fall guy. He also knew the wife of one of the murderer had the video of the crime, so maybe could have arranged to try and still it from her (re: her assault)? Just a thought... Or knowing CH was going to get killed since the first attempt failed (car accident), he framed him as Big Mouse to save his life? To force the bad guys to keep him alive? Scratching my head here.

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  9. Hello, hello, happy to join this thread! I'm halfway through the first episode, and already think it will be hard to wait for the next two episodes every week! :sweatingbullets: Really liking the drama so far!


    Am I the only who thinks the mayor might be involved in the accident? Might be the last, mysterious accomplice? I am wondering because:
    - The real reason he hired the lawyer is to get rid of his (former) sponsors/acquaintances, and he obviously wants to find the hidden proof about the case, so he has the upper hand over them, I think...
    - He was the only one who was told by Big Mouth who had the dash cam recording about the accident, so he could have hired someone to get it (for him), while at the same time silencing her?
    - The friend's wife, who got attacked, jumped in fear when she saw him (the mayor), which again makes me think he is not such a good guy...

    Thoughts? :ph34r:

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  10. I think Yul will end up staying longer, because MD will be in danger soon, as Jin paused when she had the fabric covering her eyes. He might figure out that she (her body) is the blind girl he has been looking for, and try to get her to use her powers (remember she can open that magic gates that has all the relics... Thoughts?


    Also, I feel like I have been waiting for that fight #10 for an eternity, lol. I hope we will see all of it tomorrow. :)

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  11. On 7/21/2022 at 1:34 PM, philosophie said:

    I keep hearing this but does anyone have a side by side of the filter vs unfiltered actors face? I think I have seen the filtered so much I can’t even notice or tell there’s a filter.

    Re: Filter on the leads' face. I am so sorry, I wish I were tech savvy enough to show the side by side filter vs. unfiltered faces. Soompi's forum requires certain abilities that I struggle with, to share pix or screenshots... :tears: What i could add, about me being distracted by the overuse of filters on the lead actors' face (and mainly them), is that there is always this glow on their skin, and you never see the pores or other details but the mole on the FL. It gives an ethereal feel to them, almost a timeless feel, maybe to convey that the love the leads felt for each other defied time. This is just a thought... :sweatingbullets:

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  12. Spontaneous thoughts on the ending:


    - IRL, I think the paramedics would take the pills bottle, to show the medical team at the hospital, as it would be helpful in knowing how to best treat CTG...

    - Chairman Han Sung Beom was surprisingly hilarious, in the statement he gave while arriving to the court! 


    HSB: See, am an honest man cause I'm not in a wheel chair or pretending to be sick (am paraphrasing). Also, people, in life, make good friends!
    Me: Falling off my chair...


    - I don't understand why Gong Chan is in her class again... Aren't they in a relationship? Isn't it unethical for a professor to date his/her student? :ph34r:

    - Silly me: as the credits rolled, I still expected a preview for the next episode! Will miss the show, glad about the happy ending!

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  13. Hi, first time posting here. I, too, binge-watched the show, but was frustrated:

    - I have been too spoiled with smart characters in revenge drama, who take time to study their enemy, then come up with a plan, then execute it. It's more fun to watch. It didn't happen here, at least not for most of the drama

    - I understand the FL was grief stricken and still processing the shock of being cheated on then the husband dying in front of her, so shockingly, but I got annoyed at all the talking with no plans, the making of threats but not even having a plan in the beginning about how to catch the killer/liar, just lots of relying on luck in the beginning.

    - I enjoyed the acting, but thought the writing, plot + backstories, could have been stronger. The ending felt rushed.

    - No on-screen kiss between the leads was weird...


    In short, I was expecting stronger storyline, but the actors did well. :)



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  14. This was fun! And South Korea is first on my list! :lol:

    If this hasn't already happened, could we have a K-drama foods event, too? That will include either shows where the star is one single dish (there has been one on pasta, I think, a while back; jajangmyeon, instant ramen are always a staple). Ask us about the foods that keep showing up in k-dramas, fancy, foreign and regional, and what our favorites are! Please include pictures/screenshots. I'm especially fascinated by the fancy table spreads! Thank you!! :lol:

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  15. Hello, first time posting in this thread. I'm enjoying the show, but it's incredibly intense. In the beginning it all felt as if the lead was being tortured at least twice in every episode, losing teeth and else. Amazing how his skin is still smooth after all these events! :ph34r:

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  16. On 7/2/2022 at 12:00 AM, SJW said:

    so glad i am not the only one who feels the lack of chemistry between them. the kiss scenes are done for the sake of kiss scenes. why bother having this loveline; they look like siblings to me. i would prefer the drama be like LJG's again my life where only the lead dominates the drama, and SHJ can absolutely hold up this drama. 

    I agree with you, though I'm still happy we are given a love story in addition to the thriller/mystery. Would love to see more passion and connection, such as in the GC's body language and eyes, including during non romantic scenes... 

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