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  1. 9 hours ago, Gretule said:

    What  perfect poll especially after that Big Mouth ending

    So timely! :lol:


    @partyon Was the writer tired? I don't know what to say.
    Superb acting from our two leads, though. Especially from Lee Jong-Suk. As much as I was disappointed by the ending, I wasn't by his acting. Would watch a season 2 if he carries the same intensity, continues to seamlessly switch from innocence to forceful determination. 


    In the end, he did kill someone, though... So regardless of his reason/his grief over his wife's death, he did switch over to the dark side. In that sense, it is like the cycle continues. The first Big Mouse became so because his daughter was killed by the NFR, like Mi-Ho was.


    Also, this is haaaaard: when a drama ending has hurt my heart and brain, I tend to burry it in Forgotten Land so I quickly recover from the trauma. So how will I remember the endings that confused/disappointed me? Wait. Maybe this poll is not so hard after all. If I recognize the title, remember the story, but can't remember the ending... then :lol:

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  2. 1 - Episode 4 has been hurting my heart left and right... :tears:

    2 - Yay for Great Aunt saving the day (finally) 
    3 - I understand that she is dealing with a serious illness, but In Hye's mindset is soooo daaaark and defeated, it keeps bringing all the moods down the moment there's a glimmer of hope. Not sure how much longer i can watch the show: It's becoming too dickinsonian for me...


    4- Me:facepalm: 
    Why? See below.
    In Joo to In Kyung (fake dialog, this is my summary): I've seen people I know die for being around the wrong people, and doing what I am about to do. I will go ahead and do something not really legal involving those bad people, then I will live a happy life, and buy everything I want...
    Me to In Joo: but... wasn't your best friend just killed for trying to deal with that thing?? :blink:

    shirt laundry GIF



    In Joo: If you can't keep 2 billion won safe (and you lost them so easily), how are you also not going to lose the 4 ledgers and the 70 billion?


    5 - In Joo has a sweet, innocent smile and face. She looks naive, but I bet she is not. I hope we start seeing her think two steps ahead, now that she has a better picture of who's who and of what is going on.


    6- Could the ships start sailing, pleaaase? :issohappy:

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  3. 2 hours ago, backstreetboysfan said:

    They sisters need to be a team, they need each other, omg the younger one wow.

    Thank you. I've been struggling in my feelings with that dynamic, too. With all they're already dealing with with their mom, plus work/life challenges, loyalty and trust in each other is so important... I understand they each have their life  principles too, and it is to their honor, but sometimes it came across as pride in the episodes.
    I think they will eventually come together as one, and genuinely cannot wait for that day to come. It will be terrifying (and satisfying for us) for all the bad people involved. 

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  4. Episode 14 was so anti-climatic for me! 


    Kang: how and why are you alone with a proven killer, who not just admitted to murder on camera (didn't know he was filmed but still), but also to faking his identity. What made you think you could still trust him and that your were safe? How do you build such an empire, have a president at your beck and call, and can't foresee this??? 
    I was disappointed.

    - Miho is stubborn and doesn't really listen to anyone in the end. She is impulsive, which is not a quality when considering who they are up against.
    - Jerry says he joined the organization recently, but still convinced he has a bigger role than what he shared.
    - Choi Doha's wife doesn't make any sense, nor do her tears. She is smart. There is no way she never picked up on the killings that took place around, on the fact that her dad, brother could go to such length. Her reaction to CD's murder confession does not make sense to me either.
    - The Kang group is made of psychopaths: the 1st son (artiste in the US), the one in Korea, the son-in law (the worse), the dad who condones it all, when he is not flat out the one giving kill orders. Gah!

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  5. It's impressive how we still don't have clear clues as to who BM is, despite each passing episode and the story "progressing..." Jerry is still the most likely to be Big Mouse, for me, but I'm frustrated about not knowing more about his past life.
    Also, how big, exactly is the BM organization? Obviously, there are plenty of non-tattooed people who are a part of it, too...

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  6. 1 hour ago, K-dramafan22 said:

    Then when Sun appeared....I realised the level of sicko-ness in these 2 characters.  She was unreasonably violent.  The actress has probably acted beyond and I don't think I can ever watch her in this drama or any other drama ever..  It's just too sickly violent that a repulsive feeling just built up.   What is the value of portraying a character like that?  


    I would watch the drama until the end for Ji Sung's sake but I will DEFINITELY skip the "Sun" parts....the writer has really made a super sick character in this drama that I would not spend another second watching her.

    You said everything I have been experiencing. I can't watch her scenes and have to fast forward for my mental well being.

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  7. 1 hour ago, partyon said:


    Let's vote chingus! How much did you love the ending?


    Do you think it will be Mu Deok/Bu Yeon or will it be Naksu who will be back in Naksu's original body in season 2?


    - I fast-forwarded through some parts, because I thought it was dragging again. They could have wrapped it up in 16 episodes, 18 max if they thought they really needed extra time.

    - Maidservant Kim's love issues are still going nowhere, which at this point, despite the humor, is also frustrating because it is like going in circles without any resolution.

    - Why is no one able to catch Jin Mu? Shouldn't all resources have been mobilized to make it happen? Didn't they all know already he was the prince's master, and no one thought of keeping a closer eye on the prince's movements or sentiments to know how he felt about everything that just unfolded? By no one, I am talking about those knowing the truth about the King's Star, while witnessing the prince get praised.

    - The acting and designs are good. The ending feels forced, just to create a season 2... I feel disappointed, 


    though I am happy that both JU and Naksu/BY are alive.

    - The whole season didn't do BY justice: we still barely know her, we know people used her a lot, including her dad and especially her lying, cheating uncle (she can feel people's bad energy, but apparently not when it comes to her family), we know how she got lost, but we don't know her personality, what she liked, what her pet-peeves were, it seems she had no friends, since no one but her mom missed her, not even her sister (maybe she was too young when BY disappeared); we know she had the ice stone, but still not too clear what amount of power that gave her or her body, still unclear to me why she highjacked Naksu soul shifting and had her come into BY's body instead. Will season 2 do her justice and answer our questions?


    BY's body is partially petrified, due to going wild, but both ladies should be alive, no? We only saw the real Naksu in the promo, which I am happy about, but BY needs her story to be properly told and to come full circle. I hope they will, somehow, save her body, too.

    - The queen: Will she stay in Shaman Choi's body forever?


    Thanking all the chingus who made this thread so fun and lively, and thank you mods!! 

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  8. Episode 9:

    That line from MiHo to the mayor: "Once he (PCH) is cleared of the charges related to Big Mouse, we'll repay you for everything." Why does it sound like a veiled threat?

    She is smiling, but since meeting with the mayor's wife (her boss), I can tell she has figured something, am just not sure what. I think she knew the lab report was a fake due to the blood group/rhesus on the document, but again, I need confirmation...


    Episode 10:
    2 minutes in. I know who showed up, but still don't believe that person is Big Mouse...


    Edited to comment on the music: love the rock-vibe of the soundtrack! It's quite energetic!

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    1. Drama Character who would mysteriously suddenly show up, whenever you are in a crisis: Terius... :ph34r: korean drama GIF



    1. Celebrity most likely to become a rockstar: Any actor from the Hospital Playlist who was in the TV show's doctors music band...
    2. Celebrity who could backpack the world for 6 months alone, and survive: Namkoong Min. Thinking of the extensive training he underwent for the drama The Veil... 

    This isn't as easy as it looks, lol!

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  10. 47 minutes ago, partyon said:

    Pre-finale Poll


    I'm answering your poll questions here: :)
    - Voted for Park Jin by default, because I don't like any of the two other characters and wasn't sure how their position could benefit Naksu. The only disappointment with these voting options is that it means the end of Naksu/Jang Uk love story if these are the only bodies she could shift into... :tears: 

    - The other thing that is missing in the ship that should have sailed by now, is a resolution to whatever is going on between Maidservant Kim and either Master Lee or Jang Jin. But again we all know that right now the person she really is in love with is JJ. The thing is, though, that she used to have a crush for Jang Uk's dad. So what happens when he comes back? He never reciprocated her feelings after his wife died, and I can't imagine him doing so now. Bottom line, there is no point in dragging the desert that is her love life out: she is a beautiful and lovely lady who obviously would like to give and receive love, and I think she deserves it. I'm not confident that something will happen by the time we watch the finale, but I shared my two cents: Give us a resolution already! #TeamMaidservantKim all the way, lol!

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  11. 2 hours ago, partyon said:


    Sure, let me just catch up on last week's episodes first. :D

    They intense. The suspense is definitely ramping up, and the hilarious part is that as I am watching, I still find myself suspecting several people of being Big Mouse (it alternates depending on who is torturing Big Mouth, lol!)

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  12. 7 hours ago, partyon said:

    Are you European?

    Wanna join our Eurovision Song Contest Club?


    There is a Eurovision Contest Club?? :ph34r:
    I am, but I live in the States and have been a bit out of touch with European pop culture. You will need to catch me up, lol!

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  13. 2 hours ago, confusedheart said:

    Wow! You must be immensely talented/ Which languages do you know chingu?

    French, English, German. My Korean, Spanish and Mandarin are at poor levels, sadly... :coolshades:

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  14. The first half of the year was stressful, so now am watching too many kdrama to bring the stress level down. :ph34r:

    Currently watching: Alchemy of the Souls, Big Mouth, Cafe Minamdang (fast forwarding), Good Detective 2, Adamas, Exctraordinary Attorney Woo... 
    I run my own business, so set my own hours, but was burnt out in June and decided I needed to slow down a bit. Life is starting to get stressful again.
    Book: not reading currently, but translating...

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  15. 8 hours ago, partyon said:

    What do you think of the mayor btw? He's really start to ping me as being a person who is up to no good. I can't believe they are still trusting him.

    He always has a scary look when there is a new discovery, and he is always around when that happens, somehow:
    - he looked scary when he learned that Han Jeo's wife knew something that could help find Seo's killer, and somehow she was almost killed, and got scared when she saw him;

    - He knew about the witness who was going to show at the prosecution, and the person ended up dying...
    - He's gotta know about his wife fishy business, since he is good at uncovering other people's secrets, and maybe he invested money in that shady research project, to make money once they develop whatever vaccine/medication they are working on, once it goes on the market... Otherwise, why would he be interested in Seo's research?
    - He's obviously got secrets: I don't think he ever said he wants to get rid of his incarcerated "friends" (? I will need to double-check) because they are bad people, but I remember saying it's because they force him to do what they want? It's not exactly the same thing...

    What do you think he is up to? :ph34r:

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