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  1. The past years have been very tough: we have had a lot to deal with in our lives, and in our countries, and societies (I won't list all the problems and traumas we have had to go through with), so I would like to thank the Hong sisters for giving us, deserving AoS fans, a much deserved happy ending. Thank you for not ripping our heart out, and not killing any of the characters we had so grown attached to.

    This is fiction, but it feels good to the heart. 

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  2. @Bojun I think you are right, many people were probably busy partying... :)

    I'm still processing this episode. While I enjoy the chemistry of the leads, I am starting to miss the fierce side of Naksu, when we saw her fight the mages in episode 1 of part 1. I hope we get a balance of both the romance, and the couple fighting side by side (not against each other)... At least to contain the phoenix or something. Given the set up, something is bound to happen with that creature, I think. Other mages or humans or soul shifters seem to be no match for JU and Naksu (once she regains her powers and memory), so I'm guessing the biggest danger will be supernatural...

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  3. I'm enjoying the show, but also being a bit confused: DJ started going after his (reborn) family's business empire, because he was trying to figure who ordered the hit on his previous life. Now this seems to have taken a back burner (I don't understand why), as he is taking turns protecting the company's interests (for his grandpa's sake) or sinking it. It's episode 14, and still no clue about who ordered his death (I think it's his cousin, but not sure)...

    Any thoughts?

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  4. 13 hours ago, UnniSarah said:

    I too agree that Naksu and Bu Yeon are still in the same body.

    It is so cute they are falling for him all over again. 

    Oh my! I love your theory too... This is getting to be such a complicated love story... two women falling for the same man, but only one body is available, and he doesn't know who he's looking for, and talking to, and asking to undress... and two other men (king and Seo Yul) in love with an assassin who was not in her body when they met her, is still not but that body is starting to look like her, but now she is also amnesic! This isn't even a triangle love story. What do we call it? :lol:

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  5. 1 hour ago, LeftCoastOppa said:


    I wouldn't count on Bu Yeon's demise just yet -

    I think the same, also because in season 1 Naksu and Buyeon's souls had a special relationship unlike what normally happens when soul shifting happens (meaning a soul takes over a body, and the original soul of that body is gone forever or dies), in that at times, Naksu and Buyeon saw each other, and kind of communicated, and buyeon's soul saved Naksu, even though it was Naksu that had taken over Buyeon's body. Them communicating or seeing each other always happened when Buyeon's body was thrown in that lake... Buyeon's soul has a link to that lake... I would not be surprised if, during all of season 2, even if we don't see her on screen, there isn't a part of Buyeon that manifests in some ways, at least briefly...


    What i said was awfully complicated (blame the writers, not me, lol!), but i hope it makes sense. :lol:

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  6. 15 minutes ago, partyon said:


    Chingu, did you manage to watch it in one go?

    I briefly paused twice (I think), because at times it was getting too intense for me, and also some scenes were really beautiful. Watched the end of the first fight scene twice... :ph34r: Loved the setting of the ending, when the boat approaches slowly and JU is standing on the shore, watching Naksu arrive. The way she jumped in his arms reminded me of those cute mangas i watched when i was a teenager: it was the same silliness / light mood. 
    I think the writers did a good job at balancing dramatic moments and funny ones.
    Master Park and his pickles... Season 1 Lol GIF by NBC

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  7. Q 1-5: big fat zero... Apparently, just the idea of a spooky drama scares me so much I can't bring myself to watch it, so couldn't' recognize any of the images... :sweatingbullets:


    The food though... got everything right!
    Ad-Rock Reaction GIF by Beastie Boys

    Q-9: fail.
    Q-10 was too easy... unforgettable legs, I meant tattoos! :sweatingbullets:
    Q-11: guessed by the jawline, not the tattoo... 
    What I learned: didn't realized i paid so much attention to Korean actors bodies... Weird, lol!


    K-Pop: epic fail!


    Spooky characters: fail...

    Spooky crime scenes: so scary...Fail!


    I'm so good! Only food and actors bodies saved me! :lol:

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  8. Good morning everyone!
    Quick thoughts on this drama: I'm puzzled by the storyline... The mom and daughter do due diligence and keep tabs on the trouble makers... but why not tell the son the truth about the person he is dating? And if someone, who has stabbed you in the back more than once and shows no signs of backing down, gives you a USB Drive to "store your data", why don't you have it analyzed first? Why even use it??
    A beautiful twist would be if the FL had anticipated something fishy, and spread misinformation in her computer etc. But it doesn't seem to be the direction the writers are going.

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  9. @LeftCoastOppa Oh my! I looove Japchae!!! 

    Treat Yourself Ice Cream GIF by Food52


    @partyon There are various ways to make a quick broth for your ramyun, it mainly has to do with what I throw in the water, so it boils together and gives it flavor: crushed garlic (just a bit), diced onion (as much as you want), 1 clove, crushed carrot if you have any (just a bit, for the juice, needs to be crushed not diced, because it takes less than 3 minutes for the water to boil, so you want ingredients that will be quickly incorporated in the water), 1/2 a tea spoon of fresh ginger paste if you have any (I always have a glass can in my fridge), salt and pepper. Optional: additional spices like turmeric. Once the water boils, add the instant noodles (organic if you have access to it, but not necessary). I then usually add in freshly diced onion, carrot peels, green onion, and diced meat (canned or not) if I have any. A friend showed me a trick, and added diced cheese (Swiss or Emmental) once it was in the bowl ready to eat, or right before you put in the microwave if you have an instant, msg-free one.
    If you don't have these ingredients handy, but have a msg-free bouillon (whether in cube or in liquid form), you can use that instead of following of the steps described above. :)
    Some msg-free noodles brand:






    A 5-minute broth recipe, beside the one I used: https://reformedhealth.net/5-minute-garlic-broth-or-stock-recipe-replaces-chicken-stock-or-vegetable-stock-vegan-and-organic/


    I hope this helps! :wub:

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  10. 7 minutes ago, partyon said:

    Bibimbap is actually one of my favorites too! Ramyeon is a bit overrated in my opinion, and I do prefer non-MSG food anyway. :sweatingbullets:

    Me too! If I can, i get non-msg ramen (or organic), though they're usually more expensive. If I don't have any, I don't use the spices in the generic one, but cook my ramen in homemade broth (quick to do yourself). It's also less salt content that way... 
    Also, pickled veggies!!

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  11. @Sleepy Owl @confusedheart @agenth @partyon Thank you so much for this delicious event and thread! Tasting food is an interesting way to appreciate a culture!

    I always get curious about the food when I see spreads like the one below, in Korean dramas: everything looks so good, but also intriguing, since there are many foods I don't recognize.




    I'm lucky to have a Korean grocery store in my town, but also Korean friends who sometimes gift me with homemade kimchi. My town also has a few Korean restaurants, some specializing in Ramyun, but my favorite one being the Korean BBQ. I tried to make Korean pancakes and Jjajangmyeon in the past. I created a big mess in my kitchen, lol!

    Some of my favorite Korean food? :P


    In no particular order:

    - Korean pancakes




    - Korean BBQ (especially the lettuce wrap! Yum! It's light and healthy!)

    Pork Belly Korean GIF

    - The various ways to eat an egg! 
    food porn egg GIF  Animated GIF 



    korean food im so hungry GIFspacer.png


    - Any Mixed Bowl Dishes (Bibimbap being one of them)




    Some dramas i enjoyed where food was the star: Wok of Love (jjajangmyeon), Kim Sam Soon (2005), Link: Eat, Love, Die (though a bit intense on the suspense/thriller side!), Nevertheless (the story is about moody young love, but nevertheless the 2nd lead is a chef!), My Dangerous Wife (the husband is a chef)...


    I love cooking too (a lot). My specialties are French and African foods (learned from chefs and in school, in Europe), but friends also taught me Chinese and Indian food, Japanese curry dishes; I taught myself how to make some Thai dishes...
    Looking forward to chingus' favorite foods! 

    Hungry Korean Drama GIF by The Swoon

    PS: Have we mentioned porridge yet? Or the hangover soup Haejang-guk? And thanks, mods, for adding spoiler tags in my pictures. Had forgotten the 5 pix rules! :wub:

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