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  1. I was actually tempted to watch IRIS but what's holding me back (still) are the main leads, Lee Byung Hun and Kim Tae Hee! Hahaha. They don't appeal to me...

    I understand. I didn't care much for the leads before (thus the series didn't initially appeal to me as well, but I was pulled in within the first 5 minutes). However (and it doesn't happen often), LBH turned me into a fan of his after watching Iris... :D

  2. @Gackstan34: I first noticed Kim Seung Woo in Hotelier. I really like his acting. :) As for the kidnapper, he first reminded me of Kim Nam Gil (Bad Guy), but I was wrong and couldn't find out who that guy is as well...

    @Naddification, when you have a chance, I encourage you to watch Iris. Be warned, though: it could be addictive. Once I started (lucky for me it was during the holiday break), I could hardly stop watching the series until I reached the end...


    The two stories however (Iris and Athena) are indepedent (so far). Watching one doesn't necessarily helps you understand the other in my opinion.

  3. Is Dramax a Korean cable channel?

    Yup it is. http://dramax.cu-media.co.kr/index.htm So I guess it's Korea time...

    Like your siggy by the way. It's funny! :D

    Goods News for ATHENA's fans: apparently the ratings are going up. Read about here:



    PS: what is the html code (here) to insert a link? Thanks in advance.

  4. Just came across the following info, which I think will make some happy: apparently SBS will rerun episode 10 (when? Does anyone know?) and at that time the bed scenes of both couples will be longer. The article says "unedited" but the final product is always (needs to be) edited, isn't it? O_O

    Anyway, read about it here: :)


    @Naddification: Thanks for clarifying. Maybe they left the tattoo because they thought it makes him look more, I don't know... something? (wow, I'm actually at loss for words, lol).

    JH gave it a puzzled look at the end of their scene...

  5. @Naddification: Thanks for the preview, and ditto I-can't-wait-for-Monday-Tuesday! :D

    Regarding SH potential shot at redemption, if it were to ever happen, this is what I imagine:

    I sincerely don't think that SH is the head at Athena. I think he does, at some point, take orders from someone else. Can't remember if that is clear in the first episode or not, when several members of Athena seem "activated" (and are sent killing). I would, in this sense, compare Athena to IRIS, in that its structure and chain of command aren't that transparent. If it's really the case, then I could see at some point SH torn between what a life (as in something new, reinvigorating, positive, shot at new beginning, shot at life, really) with JH has to offer (imagine them working side by side for the same cause. How bad-richard simmons would that be? They would totally be a winning team, one that is rational, smart and sexy)--So SH torn and tempted to follow good instead of evil, to give a shot at being "noble" and turning against Athena (maybe when they make him understand that he, too, is dispensable) hopefully realizing that Athena only destroys him from the inside more and more, and keeps him a prisoner of past wounds he can't put behind.

    Well, a girl can dream... :D

    I've been thinking that the show's performance (ie editing, plotting, etc...) is so uneven maybe because the production team, especially the writers, didn't have much time to prepare. I'm curious to know how long it took to give birth to IRIS, and how much time they had for ATHENA... It feels as if a network didn't want to wait too long to take advantage of the enthusiasm and emptiness left by IRIS (one of the few shows I give a five star out of five) and they rushed into this one. Of course this is just pure speculation.

    Regarding SH's "Rachel tattoo"

    I've been wondering if it's not related to HI, because they seem to have such a weird, twisted relationship, and because HI seems to be the only person (so far) he's shown some kind of attachment for, for a very long time (I like how she keeps all his gifts in their boxes, and hidden in a closet, like she keeps him hidden in a closet in real life, and as if she doesn't allow any romantic feelings to come out of... that closet. She seems to be the only one he's allowed so close to him all that time. All the others have relationship clearly based more on subordination with him, even Randy (Sean Richards). So, given that HI grew up in America, I'm wondering if Rachel isn't her English name. It's a stretch to think of it, but you never know. I'm not sure something intimate ever happened between these two, and if my theory were true, I'm wondering if HI's ever seen the tattoo (and his pecs! lol, kidding here. Had to throw it out there, though. Seriously, was the mirror scene (bed scene ep 10) really necessary? We already know CSW is hawt!


  6. Wow! I'm enjoying reading this thread so much! :D Thank you all for the recaps, screencaps, thoughts and humor.

    I gave up on the spy story ever making sense. Now I just smile or laugh, though I might cry in disbelief one of these days (jk). I watch the show in good fun. I'm also curious to see how the writers will handle the rest of the series. I confess that SH/JH keep me glued every time they're on screen. Their characters are flawed (thank goodness), but the actors make them so believable!

    I agree with all the comments about SH: yes, the guy is a total psycho, you never know what he's going to pull next. He seems cool and calm on surface, his eyes are generally icy, but there is a fire underneath, a raging though calculated anger that seems to have built-up over years of abuse, oppression, sadness and frustration. I'm profoundly enjoying how Cha Seung Won renders SH as such an intense and complex personality. He is a cold killer, but I think JH brings/awakens his human (close to normal) side, one that is not that suspicious of others, one that makes him let his guards down (hm, in appearance), one that smiles, one that cares, one that does not look down on others. Have you noticed in episode 10...

    ... how he obviously doesn't take advantage of JH when she is down and drinking. On the contrary he stops her from drinking too much. First he took the bottle of liquor away, and had her drink coffee. Secondly, at some point he took her glass of wine away. On that shot we see his glass still full. Regardless of how many glasses he'd had before, it seems clear that he drank much less than her, and we saw him drive earlier, so it is safe to assume that he remained sober (maybe to take her safely home later). Oh, and the way he looks at her when she has her head in her hands!


    Note also the conversation? The way he speaks to her is different from the way he speaks with any other people. He seems more relax. He doesn't act superior with her (he does in any other scenes, even with Director Kwon. Whenever he's around other high ranked male figures it reminds me of roosters in a barn ready to fight). In that regard, I feel as if he's showing her a respect he doesn't show others, not even HI (where it is again a dominant/dominé relationship). He more or less gives her advice...

    As for what he has to gain by flirting, playing her? I don't think he's in it fishing for information. He has HI and so many other people infiltrating, apparently with ease, any department, offices, etc... JH is a field agent, but it's not as if she has the highest level of clearance. I think she's different from others, she doesn't appear to be scared of him and she doesn't act naive either. Maybe he's intrigued? Takes it as a little distraction?

    Aaaaahhh, the bed scene. I'm joking here, but maybe the writers and director made it so short to spare us a heart attack? Ah ah! :D I liked the contrast of personality between SH/JH, and their interaction makes me hope, really hope, that there could be some redemption for SH, that whatever is left of him (his humanity) "could be saved." JH stands her ground with him (maybe it is what he finds appealing?). She can go head to head with him one day, and be totally feminine and hit on him the next. She owns her actions, maybe even what she feels in the moment, and so does he (he is so unapologetic).

    My heart totally melted when she held his arm. I found the close up on their hands so symbolic: his is the hand of a killer. You see the roughness and the veins. It reminded me of the first episode when he kills his target. JH's is smaller, appears in the scene more delicate. She holds his hand and, though the camera stays only briefly on it, she actually caresses it. That's when SH takes control and prevent her from touching or holding him any further (were his inner walls starting to crackle a bit?)

    Anyway, just my two cents. These two greatly save the show in my opinion. Love them! :D










    Hi All! They started broadcasting it in California this week. I am totaly hooked up with this drama. I find it smart and it gives you a lot to think about, the acting is evenly good. I also like the way it is filmed (photography, lightings etc...) and the pace of the story.






    It may end up having a larger audience outside Korea because of the networks where it is aring.






    I saw episode 3 tonight. Really good.






    Has any of you received their dvds yet? Here they advertise the release with English subs in Sept 10 or 11 instead of August 5...


















































































    so Chulin's son never died? I am just confused, I read somewhere else...



























    Would anyone care to share a brief summary of Eps 93?

    Why Li Kaigu is hostile toward DJY?






    What is the purpose of the fire torches carried by DJY's father & company?











    Here in Norcal we are only at episode 13 or 14, most of the action taking place in Bekje. Your second question, it could be because they both love (or loved)






    the same woman?






    I have a question (spoiler):






    I am trying to understand Chulin-DJY-Goguryo princess-Li Kaigu rectangle relationship. So they (DJY-Chulin) will fall in love though being "enemies", she will carry DJY's son but will have a miscarriage? And DJY will end up marrying that other princess from Goguryo because she will only marry the bravest man of the country. Do I have right so far or am I missing something?






    However in the latest episodes somehow DJY and Chulin reunite?











    Thank you!



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