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  1. Just finished the first 4 episodes. Actually, it wasn't that bad apart from some bloody brutal scenes. Why do I feel like I'm watching "the incredible hulk" in Wang Shik. I hope JNR will take on a different kind of role in her next drama.
  2. Did Mr Jang say that LSY was in wheelchair for the last 11 years and that he only learned to walk freely over the past one year? Does that mean the pic where LSY blocked the car from hitting HYR, the first encounter at the noodle place etc.. all happened within the past one year?
  3. Yes, I too dislike MS. I must say HS raised his kids well and much better than MY. I don’t care for MS’s insecurity, he’s being too self-centered, just wanting MY for himself and I'm sure there's a story behind why MY divorced his dad. I guess HS will tell the truth in tonight’s episode, he knows exactly what personality MS is and even try to threaten him with his children’s future. MS should be thought a lesson, better still let him go back to his real mother who abandon him. On a brighter note, I love watching the love blossom between JH and DY and also ET and YH. Sorry to say, SH’s love story with her “hard to digest” future mom-in-law is a little too boring. I really hope they can push fast on HS and MY’s marriage so we can enjoy how they both live together and deal with the rest of their children. Like everyone here, I love little ES, she’s too adorable.
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