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  1. Ok then S it is! hahahah oooops! I'm sorry Then just think that it was all of us here meeting with you, that sounds better? 558 edited
  2. I couldn't agree more. I seriously want to know WHY DID YSR's MOM LEFT HER THERE? WHAT'S THE REASON? & here I thought that they will show us the reason in episode 12 but only YSR's side. I just hope they will reveal it soon in the next episode, but I got the feeling that it will all be revealed in episode 14 because of that spoiler from Netflix US synopsis. sigh. So here's some beautiful gifs I wanna share again This scene is so calm & serene & I love that when the background started to fade out & brought them back to Switzerland, they found solace with each other IS IT SATURDAY YET??? source: kdramanewbie
  3. ohhh, that's good to know, thank you for that! & yup, I agree with you on that me toooooo! I really want the drama to extend, I feel that it's still not enough to wrap with 4 episodes remaining 562
  4. Hahahah! well, what suits you best, that's fine so can I call you S then? or what do you prefer? & you should focus to your meeting! or you'll be busted! 564
  5. I'm like you when I first started here in Soompi few years ago..so to everyone who is still struggling uploading images, kindly check & follow these instructions posted by someone: How to post images. You can also check these forums here: rules, news, & feedback for more rules & instructions that can help you. & lastly, let us all follow Soompi Forum Rules & this is the synopsis for eps 13 & 14 that was uploaded by Netflix US. So to everyone who don't want to spoil, don't open this one or otherwise I'll delete this later or the great mods will delete it Can Saturday come faster?? It feels like forever every time I wait & look at the time & yup I just posted earlier & it really feels like forever. LOL. I should be really working now..jeeez! source: letsflytoasiarenata
  6. It's FRIDAY!!! One more day & it's CLOY's day! While TVN didn't release new stills, I just wanna share this beautiful gifs I found & I just finished watching ep 12 last night & this is one of my best scenes I'm not that good at giving any analysis though so I'm just sharing these gifs to ease our pain of waiting for the next episode. Have a good day everyone!!
  7. Well...I love KathNiel & I share what I love & it's up to people if they want to watch their movies/dramas or not & that's ok, I respect that. After all, we all have different tastes, likes, etc., right? I also like the tandem of Bea-John (Go, Popoy and Basha indeed! ) but like I said, I'm biased with KathNiel me too After I got home from work, I stayed all night watching CLOY until 2am. LOL, now I got a slight swollen eyes thankfully, only a few supervisors are present at my work, so they didn't suspect me anything suspicious LOL. & you can call me either of the two or just Jan, that's my nickname oh, hello & nice to meet you here, kababayan!! & wow, that's one of my bucket list to go to, I bet it's pretty cold there now? & that's ok, I'm only biased to KathNiel, no other LT from our country can take that so I respect you & @thanie..Like I said, we all have different tastes, likes, etc. & I don't want to persuade people to like what I love since we all have choices to make. I'm just happy if you like/love what I love, that's all that matters 568 edited
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