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  1. lols you had me laughing at your comment! I'd rather like the notion of KTW working with the Bullet Chicken or as a doctor! Haeri with an evil twin? Why not!
  2. Still not done watching this week's episode, been kinda busy with the holidays but started with episode 9, barely, just up till the DO and DH keep stuffing food on Haru. It was so funny but I was kind of elated that what I wrote last week was what exactly Do Hwa had in mind... DO in Haru's subconscious! yay! Ok let me go back to sleep... I just woke up and checked if the other drama I was following finally showed up but even on Netflix it did not, again I must say I hate Korea's love for baseball!
  3. Helloes! Just dropping by... I had been waiting till morning refreshing Netflix and went here to confirm my suspicion... so it's that %&*()_^ baseball again! I was hoping it will resume with airing on Netflix (vain hope). So while looking for the reason why it did air, I was able to read some great insights here, as expected of Soompiers. I wanted to share my two cents. 1. I hate baseball! 2. If there is a season 2, I hope the main lead would be KTW... he's got all the right background and circumstances. Chingu @katakwasabi would be happy with that alongside with me. 3. I am suspicious of Edward Park from the start, tho he did mentioned that it makes a difference when things are a matter of the motherland. 4. I think the president is not entirely privy of the actions Yun is doing on this slush fund matter but he is far from innocent as he is a cunning, sly fox. 5. Tbh, Lily had become a joke for me. Well, I just love Cha Dalgeon, gosh I love how he could make me cry with him. Just a tidbit of info, here in the Philippines, there has been an on-going joke that CDG is like the male lead of a local primetime action police drama where the main lead always gets out any situation alive, the difference is that Vagabond is only 16 eps while that drama had been running for more than 3 years now. (Imagine that!) Thanks everyone for the good read! waves @bebebisous33 and all chingus here.
  4. Hello to my dear Extras! Sorry my internet connection is close to none so I canl't live cap the show. Looking forward to watching tonight's episode and backreading from page 68! Thank you so much for all the updates and Captain @Jillia for all the awesome gifsets you posted.
  5. Haru at the locker, gets his racket, BK challenges him. They played and oh boy, it was an intense game. BK lost and runs up to Haru and confronted him. JM looks at them at the benches. Haru asked BK if he likes DO and told him he liked her. BK was not able to respond, scene changed to the sanctuary at the library, black hole opening again and showed BK and Haru in sageuk, in confrontation over DO and this time JM in sageuk suit watching the two from afar. LIghts at the library went out as this happened. Preview Thank you dongsaeng @jeonghyang for heading my request and coming over! Mwuah! @Jillia Me too at this! @Mau_Cherry hello chingu! ------------------ And what's with the constant heart attack we saw in the preview?! Can this be the effect on DO of HR's new awareness?
  6. Next stage, DO inside the classroom, taking her meds and coughing then a container of water appears in front of her and it's BK. She says she is gonna be ok because of him. Shadow, DO suddenly stood up and look back and saw Haru and rushes to him. BK looks on sadly and hurt. BK went to see JM, i think he is looking for the book. JM rushes to check where he burnt the Trumpet Creeper book. JM seems worried and baffled as well as he checks back at the library. He looked for Haru looking over at his usual spot at the flowers.
  7. SM went inside the classroom and it's filled with balloons and a banner of JD and NJ. Mean trio arrived and they ruined all the decors. JD went to the lab, mean trio and SM appeared and bullied JD. She screamed and threw her sneaker at the door. DH heard her scream and told NJ about it, told him to go but NJ did not find him instead DH arrived at the seen but when the stage came back NJ found her. BK and DO walking together as he checks her phone. DO complaining to BK, suddenly they're back on stage, DO fainted and BK piggybacks him, She woke up at the hospital. BK is sorry towards DO's dad but he told BK that it is not because of him. BK dad talking to DO dad. At the lobby BK met step mom and brother, they have a ruckus again, dad hits BK and bro covers BK
  8. SM fuming over NJ and YJD having lunch together. She is sitting with BK, DO and another male classmate sorry I forgot his name. BK told SM about the stage and DO glares at him. BK asked DO about Haru. After a while Haru sits beside DO and had BK talking at them angrily.
  9. Haru and DO washing hands, DO is super happy... awwww girl! Haru got some "moment" he "recalled" him and DO on a river side and they are playing with water, she splashes some water on him and just like in the "now" DO splashes him water where he did the same to her tho kinda ott and she was almost soaked. DO said something to him which triggers another "moment" where DO seems to have said the same thing to him in the "sageuk" scene. DO standing just outside of the classroom, happily looking at their photos when suddently her heart races again and she seems sick again. Haru walking with some classmates meets with BK, he throws the racket to Bk then left leaving BK wondering. Bk follows him at the locker and slams the locker door. Haru said some words to BK and left.
  10. Music class some students seems to be planning something that involves SM, NJ looks back at them. DO talking to Haru, he then took DO's hands and they run out of class, stands at the bridge. Funny how DO is standing on a small platform and is slightly taller than Haru. They went to some souvenir and went inside to look some item. Haru got some "preview" of the storyboard while DO is holding a small box, sort of jewelry box, and it's almost the same scene on the preview he saw. lols now they're doing PPL for Samsung showing the feature of the phone where DO uses the S-pen and it's hands-off feature to take a selfie with Haru They're back at school and DO checks his palm, the scar isn't there anymore and she asked him about it, told her about what happened at the library. Both walking side by side, hands almost touching, (did not see clearly the last part) seems DO holding Haru's hands @jeonghyang hello dear!
  11. DO is back to this lovestruck self... looks at Haru while standing just outside of their room, looking at him dreamily. SM confronts her about kiss as she imagines Haru up close. SM thought she wants to kiss BK and she denies it.
  12. OMG, I am soooo happy to see the Extra Squad back in full force! DH is so awesome blown by Haru being back to the aware Haru and just how cute DO and DH being so super attentive to Haru and so funny looking at DO stuffing at the now full mouth of Haru
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