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  2. In the future if you guys ever create a group chat to discuss about this drama. Please please let me know I don’t know if you guys have already discussed about this, I only read back few pages. But I wonder when did WJ start falling for her. I know he kind of have the look of wow, she’s pretty when he first saw her dressing like a lady. Then I think somehow he likes their banter and how she keeps teasing him.
  3. The good guys. They sure never heard of multi tasking Why cant SH & her team go rescue chairman and his wife while team SoHo busied themselves with that painting business. Since the painting is AR's wonder if on top of embezzlement, team SoHo gonna be charged with artnapping as well. Well well Esther is the mvp in this episode. Her stupidity has some use after all. I guess her road to redemption has started. @nohamahamoud2002 Plot twist : NJ is the avenger of his father's death. The end game his faking his allegiant with bad mommy to destroy her once and for all.
  4. @pad-hari Hugz that's my activity after wake up and before sleep checking and refreshing weibo and IG i'm not sure abt that,maybe start filming on 29th april till august ,but he must start filming for Last Prince on june right? Btw see this on weibo another event Another Fanpics Fancams https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4364972748944601 Sr.Weibo
  5. Choi Jong Hoon is no longer allowed to leave the country as investigations continue into various allegations. YTN reported that the police had recently requested a prohibition of departure against Choi Jong Hoon, and their request was accepted on April 25. According to the reporting, all participants of the controversial group chatroom that is being […] The post Choi Jong Hoon Banned From Leaving Country + To Be Called In For Questioning On Sexual Assault Charges appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  6. Thank you so much for the translation. Both WJ and MM are heartbroken. Oh..my. I'm too into the fanfic. I need the part 4 now!
  7. Yes there is part 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 currently And The author is currently in the process of writing Part 8 but she numbered it differently, example our Part 8 - is actually her part 10 The reason why i number myself is so that there is no confusion, because right now i am only translating Grassland reunion portion. I guess there are some parts that she wrote for stuffs in between the Drama , before the Grassland reunion but i can't find them yet.
  8. Can you get Viki? It's available on Viki What country are you in? In California (U.S.) it is available on Netflix. I see it listed. It's also available on Hulu.
  9. I agree with you that RYW should not be killed. I have so many plot point from the last 4 eps that I have questions about, better not start it again, I think my blood pressure will go up just thinking about it. I wish they have something like Game of Thrones this last season. At the end of the episodes where the creators come out and explain why they shoot a scene a certain way, that would be so good. I mean I might still disagree with their explanation but at least I know where they're coming from.
  10. Yes Kim Ban-di also wrote the excellent Angry Mom, which IMO is a lot darker than Awl (and probably Special Labour Inspector). In fact I'm watching SLI only because I love Angry Mom and think Kim Ban-di is one of the best K-drama writers working at the moment. She did not write Missing 9, though. The person that Angry Mom and Missing 9 have in common is the director Choi Byung-gil, not the writer.
  11. OMG 2 more days to go!!! Old is Gold Lmao lets turn the lights on Aww the way she smiles at him Ctto
  12. And now they eating each other, Friendship in YG world. I bet Wookie also aware of this clans, better run away as far as possible. https://pann-choa.blogspot.com/2019/04/naver-seungris-prostitution-suspicions.html?m=1 @dolleyWe need to pay extra attention on this suddenly florist and stylist. Both know so well the history of Donghey. Even that wedding planner, said, how lovely Donghey were, so full of love, that makes her posted pic from 5 years ago. @bogs_0712I saw Incheon airport service commented in DH's IG. Everytime he posted a comment, DH always oversea honeymoon or vacation.
  13. 190423 KBS Drama / Dongwan's VLIVE update. https://www.vlive.tv/video/125098
  14. I felt so bad for the poor kid. Still can't make out whether LSK's role is small or substantial. Changing topic, have you been able to find a way to watch PMC and Bad Police yet?
  15. I thought MYR mentioned about protecting the hospital with her daughter? It's not about the inheritance after all or have I misread the subtitles or the intention? I'm was cracking up in the latest episode when Prosecutor Jung mentioned to Director Seon about the doctors running around with their syringes when they want to find out something.... which was exactly my sentiment of the show! Lol If Prosecutor Jung is going to be Miner of the Year, the syringes is going to be weapon of the year!
  16. It seems the FL, is a gymnast. Wow!! There is a video uploaded on weibo of her various performances. She is excellent!!!! Omg!!! The next week preview is lovely!!! My heart is going dugun dugun after watching it. This couple is so sweet!!!!! Cr: as tagged BTS. Certain: as tagged
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