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  2. While you guys are going all psycho... I'm freaking out at how yucky it is when DKW tried to put a bandage on KJ's wound. Like eww? Wash and clean the wound please? #ocd
  3. 936 @Sejabin LDG i like him on When at Night, old drama with Kim Sam Soon lady... Let's see angel or human will be the winner haha...
  4. 5 episodes left guys!! Jo Aera has given up on taking over Aura group but Namjoon is so stubborn. He didn’t want to go to the US to do a surgery either which is a sign of him going to die in the end. He already signed the contract with Chairman Oh about the wedding with Hayeong which is another sign of him being killed by Chairman Oh or his thug, I guess. Please don’t tell me, Sanha’s mother will donate her cornea to her husband after she went to the restroom and didn’t see her after. I want a happy ending of this family. They went through so much. I am so cringe with Chairman Oh. I used to see him having a role as a good guy but when I see him playing a bad guy is making me felt uncomfortable and annoyed by his gray hair.
  5. It's alright, I can't wait for the whole OST to release too. I want the opening song and especially the Wolf song, lol. As good as this drama has been its surprising me how much I love the soundtrack. Almost every song is on point, either catchy and fun, or mellow and tugs the heartstrings just right.
  6. 934 @Lawyerh @Ameera Ali @ktcjdrama I found a reason to stay in angel wkwkwkwkkw.. of course the storyline is really good but you know I will stay if there’s a mature namja. Hua Ha Ha Ha Ha .. I found Lee Dong Gun there KWWKWKKWKWKWWKKW ok I am officially will continue to watch angel lol. And about mister gold. I hate his tender gaze to PMY/SDM too watch his eyes for her. After a wild long wet kiss at the end he will stares at her tenderly. I hate him
  7. 934. @ktcjdrama not watching One Spring Night? I'm trying it now. Look a bit depressing. Haha... But JHI & HJM cute together i think.
  8. @kimdaehwi The scenes of Jo Aera's father killing Namjun's father are not aired. He killed Namjun's father because he wanted Jo Aera raise her son, which upsets her marriage to the rich Parks. Yes I also noticed that JTH deleted photos, it seems people are attacking him severely, they may even use abusive language I made another parts of the blog, I might send again after some hours, I am trying to finish before the end of the week part 10 https://my-favourite-korean-drama-reviews.blogspot.com/2019/05/part-10.html part 11 https://my-favourite-korean-drama-reviews.blogspot.com/2019/05/part-11.html
  9. @dolley, yes after 1 week, none of DH loving C-fans following them. I thought they love the clan so much. Waiting for another move from DH in helping her clans to get into public outside of Korea. I'm just curious, why don't use another NAME to promote DH, why using 13 years MY GIRL glory, which of course 100000% related to Wookie too.
  10. Tbh I discovered this drama since ep 50 when Suho regained his memories and I thought that was the end of the drama but no. I looked up asianwiki and saw it has 100 episodes back then. Sadly, the episodes that KBS world have posted aren’t available in my country. I think I missed the scenes when Jo Aera’s father killed Namjoon’s father. Can you tell what happened back then? What is the reason why he kill Namjoon’s father? When I read your blog, I thought to myself of how much I come through today episode after how frustrating and dragged the drama is especially when we had to deal with Namjoon smirking, Esther eottokhe face and Jo Aera’s plans to make Dogyeong a CEO. Lol. I used to hate Namjoon too but as the story progressed I kind of pity him and know what the character wants and how much he went through to get his mother recognition. I saw he deleted many recent pictures in his Instagram that is related to this drama. Is he exhausted of all the hatred towards him?
  11. Of course... no more lion to kiss... unless they continue on kissing outside of cameras Which friend is this? I will take a peek at the shippers thread later to see the various kind of salt Yeah, I'm never on board any of her ship as well. My ships are: - IU Lee Joon Gi (Scarlet Heart Ryeo) - Yoo Seung Ho Kim So Hyun (Ruler Master of the Mask) - HJH Yoona (The King Loves) - LDW YIN (Touch Your Heart) @sushilicious I am watching V3 ep.5 now... Will have double dose of Voice today Aren't I brave? Give me a cookie.... 932
  12. Preview next episode TJ reveal his identity.i think its bcz his father force him to come back in company after his father knows his resign. Chairman threatening tj,if he doesnt want come back as the son of chairman then he will make miri ostrazice in bussiness world.
  13. Yup, that’s my theory as well. Sadly the mystery isn’t great/being overused/over hinting. I skipped most of it and still know what they are trying to say lol (too many repeat flashbacks)
  14. I saw the preview and OMG. They will all know who Tae Ju really is. Mi Ri will feel terrible and betrayed. I'm sad for them, but excited for new episodes.
  15. Oh you're right "Oppa" (?) I mistaken the song. Anw I was singing while reading your reply lol
  16. credit to Yoon Eun Hye weibo https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4376256638295759 Did you guys have a good weekend? Hope this coming week will bring you greater j……(想看更多精彩内容,查看网页链接)
  17. Srry lovelies, I was so busy all the day today! Only now got the time for logging in to my fav site! So true... He respect women so much , specially who are older than him like Jang Na Ra there! I think it's because he lost his mom at 4! He feel responsible & respectable for women, regardless of their age! And this is another quality of him that I respect him so much!!! I believe that a decent guy like him can do no wrong.... And can't really wait to see his real life lady love!!!! She must be so lucky to have a well mannered, decent & of course handsome guy like him! And speaking of his lady love, suddenly something came up in my mind!!! This is the most perfect pair ever!!! He needs a nice, pretty & innocent lady who can give him happiness, just like Park Eun Bin!! Rude ladies don't count for him.... What do you say, friends..???! This frame is picture perfect!!!!!
  18. Nah, that's the ending song. The opening song hasn't been revealed yet I think ("I wanna be all day... your precious little girl").
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