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  2. She is always enthusiastic when being a fangirling So is she when falling in love with her Ryan. The way Ryan shows his understanding to her fangirling is so sweet
  3. She did lol. Look at her face when he started to lay down the cards. It was priceless. Girl was waiting for some sexy times but Lion ruined it ROFL.The funniest part is the fact that he got his revenge from last time . She probably regretted teaching him that Go game lol. DM is something lol. Asking her boyfriend's cover magazine as a birthday gift. We all need it too lol.
  4. Yes, he already told lji that he has a son. And lji also told him that he has a boyfriend that she intends to marry. It will be awkward and also, lji might be the center of their competition once bf knows that his gf is falling with someone who has a son. Yeah i agree. Lji should come clean before she starts something with yjh
  5. I don't know why but I actually LOVE Yeonseo in this scene. She's so natural here like making herself so comfy in bed! She needs to hold a handkerchief to sleep, that sense of insecurity.
  6. Jang Ki Yong On Why He Immediately Liked “WWW” And How He’s Similar To His Character by R. Jun Jang Ki Yong talked about his character in the upcoming tvN drama “WWW” and what drew him to the role. In the drama, which is about career women who work at search engine companies (played by Im Soo Jung, Lee Da Hee, and Jeon Hye Jin) and their real romances with men, Jang Ki Yong takes on the role of Park Mo Gun, a genius composer and CEO of a company that writes music for games. “Park Mo Gun has a charm that’s completely different from other male leads in romance dramas,” said Jang Ki Yong. This unique character, as well as the writing for the drama, was what drew him to the project. He said, “From the moment I first saw the script, it was a page-turner. More than anything, Park Mo Gun’s lines were fun and charming, and I remember laughing a lot. I liked that the character was assertive when it came to love while having some off-the-wall qualities.” Jang Ki Yong said he wanted to do a romance drama after playing some intense characters in previous works, like OCN’s “Kill It.” On the search engine company setting of “WWW,” he said, “I was interested even before I saw the script. It’s fresh and trendy, but at the same time, the story is close enough to reality to draw the interest of viewers, so I felt that the drama was special.” more https://www.soompi.com/article/1326617wpp/jang-ki-yong-on-why-he-immediately-liked-www-and-how-hes-similar-to-his-character ****
  7. 692 Actually you were guessing all right about the fgtd plot. You have a good skill. I think we were stress so much cos we want happy ending for uri Baek Jin Sang ssi. And actually @ktcjdrama first time knew her in that fgtd thread too. Lol. I remember she said, she will ignore the romance hahaha... So wise. I cant I was one of anxious shipper Btw @triplem your kim seun ho also in the strongest delivery man? Some of his portion with go woon hee look funny. But is he lead? Seems drama not popular... Ok actually i have so many dramas.. havent keeping out my promise to miss sushii too to watch voice 3 @sushilicious
  8. Watched & I’m crazy in love with Lee Yeon-Seo. Once upon a time, there’s Yeon-Tae, Jianny, Seo-Ri & now, Lee Yeon-Seo! Is there a character Hae Sun can’t nail?! Like seriously!! It may end up being one of her best characters yet! I’m so confident for her future scenes ... it’s only the first episode but let me ask ... where’s that Award of hers at the end of this year?! I really didn’t fall for OST when their aired in the Promo But the moment “You are my Angel” OST came, I literally had goosebumps! It’s a sweet yet powerful score! I was was really impressed with L! To be honest, I have never been a fan nor I liked his characters in the past! But he is really making me fall for him! He has improved a lot as an actor and those dimples!! Both of of them are really suiting each other! I already liked the secretary! I enjoy watching her in shoes and of course DJW is doing an excellent job playing the evil! LDG will keep on irritating me for obvious reasons ... Thank God, he wasn’t shown much for now! The fact that YS could sense Dan ... I’m really intrigued! How & why?! Sometimes I felt she can actually see him and maybe hear him after their first encounter but not letting it show. Part of the twist? Speaking of Twists, it was a good surprise that she was blind from the beginning and not cause by the accident shown in Promos. I loved the bedroom scene and that specific moment I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about ... can we have more bedroom scenes in the future?! And HOW GORGEOUS HAE SUN IS LOOKING ALL THE TIME!! I really want live streaming for tomorrow! I hope so that’s the case! Usually it doesn’t matter ... the video can still work and folks can work on subs I think. I hope they didn’t pull it off!
  9. THIS!! MY FRIEND!! I couldn’t agree more. This is exactly what i’ve been thinking. I feel like i already got more than enough “assurance” from the relationship between DM & RG. From the way they interact with each other, from how they flirt with each other, from how they look into each other’s eyes, i really feel like i’m already full enough with their sweet interactions so far (but, i absolutely won’t complain if there is indeed a bed scene tho’ ). My point is, as much as i also want another hot scene from them, i also agree that maybe a bed scene won’t be that necessary because in my eyes, they’re already showed that they really adore and love each other from their eyes and their interactions only. But maybe, i really want this jumping time scene where we can see RG & DM are living together happily as husband and wife with maybe one or two kids, i bet it’ll be really cute and i’m sure by then i’ll be reading this forum with a big smile on my face from my grave, i’ll be dying from containing too much happiness. Lol. This drama really took over my life like crazy.
  10. I thought at first that her younger sister is her bff lol. Lji and her eonnie seems to get very well but all three have a good relationship as sisters. Some thoughts on the 1st episode. -i feel like they already have felt the attraction since yjh and lji met. Lji already lied to her long time bf when asked who she texted regarding the account number. I don't think she needs to lie as it is only about the money she owed the pharmacist if she sees him not as someone she is curious with. -it also seems to me that her relationship with her current bf is an arranged one since her father is the principal and gi seok's father is the chairman of the foundation. The problem is the father does not like lji. And ofcourse he sees her family not a good fit to his son. -i felt like the pacing of the story is fast, not that i am complaining but i hope the writer has a tightly knit story for whole of 32 episodes. We are only on episode 3 and 4 and lji already knows that yjh has a son out of wedlock. I hope episode 2 is much better and i will watch episode 1 again later. Thank you netflix for the subtitles lol
  11. Comparison is inevitable when there is a "predecessor" to a drama... be it a version from another country, a sequel, webtoon, novel.... I think the only drama I've watched that have 2 version is Nodame Cantabile.... I've watched the J-version first, then the K-version. The J-version is definitely much better, but I can enjoy K-version too. I just have to detach them and take them as separate story. Let me rake my brain again whether there is any more drama with multiple version that I've also watched.... 690
  12. Imho, yes it's very good, even though the front half could be a slog in some part. It also suffered overused of slow-mo in earlier episodes. If you don't know anything about HSDS I would recommend you watch from the beginning, especially now that the english sub is available in YT. It is a very good adaptation of a classix wuxia novel. If by episode 24 you still don't like it then you can drop it, I know it seems like a ridiculous request to ask a person to watch until halfway, but that's when one of the most important character show up. Cheers, hope it helps
  13. No, like Lilac, I'm not so much into romance. Besides, both KWB and Fukuda are not so attractive for me. I prefer Hiroshi's screen-time than theirs. He's a mysterious character ! KWB is typical hero in dramaland: good at fighting, charm his way around, bold (and reckless), which is nothing new to me. On the other hand, Fukuda is typical 2nd lead: everyone's ideal type except the female lead's. He's kinda weak in past eps. I hope he grows stronger and more determined in the rest of the drama. Probably, because I had high expectation for DD from the beginning (spy/detective genre is my most fav cup of tea), DD so far is not very satisfying for me. Except the twist LYJ as bluebird, I haven't seen many surprises. I hope this drama won't go straight as historically heroic drama.
  14. Haha! Same! It's so frustrating because this is such a great concept and the leads are great but the writing and poor narrative choices ...so many missed opportunities...When I think how fantastic this drama could be in the hands of a more talented and competent writer *sighs* Agreed I don't understand Seo's motives yet either. There's definitely no love lost between them so why help YC? Another thing is from the meeting with Shady Seo's (adopted?) father it seems like he might know something about YC's crimes.
  15. I think DeokMi did expected more than playing card that night hearing she said "mwonde" with that voice. Sorry couldnt insert pic or gif Editor Nam, I want a copy of RG magz too, with A & B cut juseyo
  16. When WWWSK was airing she said the drama story was cliche. She did not fangirl PPC at all. She was avid shipper of SeoWon in FFMW. She was excited about HPL fangirling storyline but silent about it now. I wonder what is her comment now when story has become the same story with WWWSK that she did not like (childhood trauma, long lost childhood friends)
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