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  2. Vedivero event today! After many moons that Kyo is doing a brand endorsement event in Seoul. dispatch’s captions call her the goddess of spring, praise her real life looks and amazed by her beauty. Today she is
  3. Hi.He has actually expressed his wish to work with Ha Ji Won last year: https://www.soompi.com/article/1201147wpp/lee-joon-gi-talks-past-works-wanting-work-ha-ji-won Did you know he was almost paired with Han Ji Min twice?They worked together before way back for a fashion show but after that they received drama casting offers for "angel eyes" which they both declined and "hero" which they actually started filming and then Han Ji Min dropped out for personal reasons.But JG has said many times that he would love to work with Han Ji Min. http://www.dramabeans.com/2014/01/han-ji-min-to-potentially-conquer-blindness-in-angel-eyes/ Its been a while and I missed you guys so here are some weekend gifs to colour the thread
  4. @Ameera Ali You summed up everything in that pic lol. Today was too dark. I'm gonna watch 19 and 20 together so that I can see scar face beaten up lol. I want my Shepherd back to normal.
  5. LOL... felt like he was making up for it as in their last drama "bright girl's success" they had a very innocent kiss. actually jang nara was like 19 or 20 at the time and it was her first drama and she didn't want to kiss. so she cried and PD got annoyed and so basically they did the camera trick where he leans in and then there is zoom out. so no actual lip touching. in fated to love you, we laughed that he made up for that lack of kiss .... kekekke... did she like it? the first half was actually well-written, fast paced and very addictive. then the second half goes mad where they add nonsensical fillers but the best part of the show was that it was obvious the actors were not taking it too seriously and were having fun even during then. so it became actually funny. and we had a feel they kept an eye on the fan forums and comments. so with one arc, I complained part annoyed and laughing that he was acting like a stalker. then a week later, the lead said "but I am not a stalker!" -- the entire forum was rolling in laughter and tagging me saying "they heard your complaint LOL" 592
  6. Thun is really honest in this ep., he stopped beat around the bush
  7. 1919-2019 기억록 27회, 손정도X김동완 (기억하여 기록하다). Broadcast on Monday. Link: http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/culture/memory100/register/ Pic. alternate link: https://m.blog.naver.com/centaro71/221517871440
  8. I noticed it too the first time I watched. WJ doesn't mind the kiss I think all the older versions have this part too. But I like this version the most because the lip stick mark is very light. IIRC the 2009 version used a bigger cup and the mark was so intense it's look kind of gross.
  9. 594 @Lmangla Did I tell you?? Bepennah was on one of these local channels in our local language and my mom watched it. But suddenly the channel stopped airing it Midway, but my mom is not the one to relent, so she took to the internet installed the voot app in her tab and watched the rest of the show. hahaha.
  10. Lol seems everyone is busy here anyway gonna update n share my thoughts while I got some free time. For ji won drama update a fan opened an account on IG yoon kye sang is an amazing actor specially in portraying melodramatic characters "beyond the cloud" is my fav drama of him.All the best to the whole team fighting! It's good that Roka has now allowed soldiers to use mobiles,at least they won't feel aloof n can be in contact with their loved one's.I miss minhyuk literally a lot n with the recent situation I don't think we will get any update even though in the past there wasn't a lot but congratulations to minhyuk noona for getting married,her smile is so similar to minhyuk she looked really beautiful
  11. Watch: Park Min Young And Kim Jae Wook Make Hearts Flutters In “Her Private Life” Making Video by L. Kim tvN’s “Her Private Life” has shared a new making video! The romantic comedy tells the story of Sung Duk Mi (played by Park Min Young), a professional curator at an art gallery, and her prickly boss Ryan Gold (played by Kim Jae Wook). The video first follows Park Min Young and Kim Jae Wook on their date to the amusement park. They immerse into their characters and film the scene where they take pictures with a lion statue. Park Min Young commands Kim Jae Wook to smile instead of frown, and Kim Jae Wook smiles awkwardly as he poses with a “V” sign. Then he takes photos for her and dryly comments, “You look pretty. Yes, you’re pretty.” Then, the two lead actors share cotton candy together and can’t stop fooling around with the sweet pink treat. Park Min Young scolds Kim Jae Wook for eating the cotton candy directly with his mouth, and he suggests they split it in half. Despite their quarreling, they enjoy the cotton candy even during their break. When they go on the merry-go-round, Park Min Young starts making up lines that weren’t in the script. She takes pictures of Kim Jae Wook and asks, “Can’t you ride [the horse] more coolly? Haven’t you watched historical dramas before? Do you not watch them in America?” Once cameras stop rolling, Kim Jae Wook praises her for her clever comments. more https://www.soompi.com/article/1318933wpp/watch-park-min-young-and-kim-jae-wook-make-hearts-flutters-in-her-private-life-making-video
  12. Sorry for bumping, I have watched this drama again for the last three days and the chemistry between these two still impresses me like the first time I watched more than a year ago. After watching the drama again and all the BTS I could find on Youtube, I just wanna say "God bless you two, just DATE!!!". They even have more chemistry in those BTS videos than in the actual drama, WOW
  13. I thought about this scheme a lot, cause it's the only "logical" but it sucks! I prefer the stars wish!
  14. kekeke.... will be honest - I cheat! hahahaha... whether short or long, I tend to skip scenes when I get bored. in fact I have gotten so used to it that I now difficult to watch stuff on TV where I cannot press the forward button. bwahahahaha... 596
  15. I finished Fated to love you. Yes I really did. Ok ok I only read recaps for a couple of eps in the middle because of Gun becoming intolerable with his noble idiocy stint. This is one of those shows where you know, you really get involved in a character and wanted to know what happens to him no matter how much of a train wreck the plot itself is....If not for Jang Hyuk playing Lee gun with all his heart and soul, this one wouldn't have survived. From now on, he is my crazy Oppa. Haha. Honestly this could have been a better show. I didn't even mind the fact that they veered off so much from the original TW version, it only makes sense because the original does feel a bit outdated now. But still they didn't have to put us all through the genetic disease crap for like almost 7-8 eps, they pushed me to my last bit of patience when he still pushed her away after the 3 year time gap. They could've done something else. Gahhhh, idk. First half was a fluffy romcom and second half was a dramatic melo. I still love the TW version more, the second half especially where he was determined to win his wife back after they lost their child. Here all we got was self loathing Gun who gives mixed signals to his poor wife who only ever wants to be with him. Sighhhhh. At one point I totally wanted to reach into the screen and shake up Gun nicely till he comes back to senses. Arghhhh. Anyways, whatever, this is not a bad show. Just a lot frustrating. Amnesia, noble idiocy and debilitating diseases are not something new to kdramas. I just didn't expect to get these from this drama as the original had none of these....JH and JNR had an excellent chemistry. And boy, JH knows how to kiss. Like he devoured her face completely in that press conference kiss. Hahaha. -2
  16. https://mydramalist.com/people/20029-kim-ha-kyung ok, this is like her first official drama.. which she did make her first impression very successfully into us (the negative way) since, she irritates the hell out of most of us anyway hahaha so ya, we all remember Mi Hye more than Da Bin lololol 50 episodes is a long time, especially its going to stretch all the way until sep.. i cant imagine the last time i watched a family drama this long, was when it was already completed then i started it.. i usually follow ongoing dramas when they are less than 20 episodes total.. please help to pull me along so that i dun end up dropping out on it (i’ve already dropped a few like He is Psychometric, Big Issue recently) i like to kdrama binge a few long hours over weekends
  17. Honey Lee, Kim Sung Kyun, And Kim Nam Gil Say Heartfelt Goodbyes To “The Fiery Priest” TV/FILM Apr 20, 2019 by S. Park With one episode left, the cast of SBS’s “The Fiery Priest” shared their thoughts on the conclusion of their drama. Kim Nam Gil said in a statement, “More than anything, I thank viewers who gave us a lot of love. Thanks to them, we were able to successfully complete this journey. During this both long and short time, we were able to achieve good results because we worked passionately and empathized with one another. While figuring out what justice is and how to go towards the rightful path, they were rewarding moments as we worked through it in a lighthearted, fun way. I hope everyone who watched was able to feel healing with our courage and comfort until the end.” In a video shared by the network, the actor also said, “Hello viewers of SBS’s ‘The Fiery Priest.’ This is Kim Nam Gil who portrayed Kim Hae Il in ‘The Fiery Priest.’ It’s nice to see you. It feels like yesterday when I greeted you in the first episode, and we’re already headed towards the finale. I think we filmed for about six months, and you gave us more love than I expected so thank you. All of the staff and actors were great and tried their best in their individual roles with a sense of community. Thank you to the staff and actors. Thank you for loving us for how much we worked hard and how much we tried to communicate with viewers. I think we were repaid in that way. Even after ‘The Fiery Priest’ ends, I promise that our staff and actors will see you again as we do well in our own work.” He added with a laugh, “We’ll see you through season two of ‘The Fiery Priest.’ Please be healthy and happy until then. I’ve been Kim Hae Il.” Kim Sung Kyun commented, “Hello. It’s actor Kim Sung Kyun who played Goo Dae Young in ‘The Fiery Priest.’ The hectic time has passed and ‘The Fiery Priest’ is heading towards the end. The staff and actors who cried, laughed, and suffered together, you worked so, so hard. I think that we might all cry and hug when it ends because we got so attached to one another. Thank you. I did expect that the reactions to ‘The Fiery Priest’ would be good, but thank you to viewers who gave us even more love than we expected. It’s not the end yet, so I ask for your continuing love.” Honey Lee said, “Hello. It’s Park Kyung Sun from ‘The Fiery Priest.’ It’s nice to see you. The long run of six months has ended, and we’re now awaiting the broadcast of episodes 19 and 20. I feel a complicated mix of emotions. A part of me thinks, ‘I can rest now. It feels like a relief,’ and another part of me thinks, ‘Ah it’s so regretful. I now have to let Kyung Sun go. I can’t see my co-workers.’ I have mixed emotions, but I feel grateful the most. I met these good co-stars and you gave us so much love with viewership ratings over 20 percent. So even if we worked hard, it didn’t feel like we suffered at all and it gave us so much strength. Thank you viewers for supporting and loving us. Thank you.”
  18. tvN’s “Her Private Life” has shared a new making video! The romantic comedy tells the story of Sung Duk Mi (played by Park Min Young), a professional curator at an art gallery, and her prickly boss Ryan Gold (played by Kim Jae Wook). The video first follows Park Min Young and Kim Jae Wook on their date […] The post Watch: Park Min Young And Kim Jae Wook Make Hearts Flutters In “Her Private Life” Making Video appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  19. Dongwan spotted on Instagram. Alternate link: https://m.blog.naver.com/centaro71/221517865451
  20. That scene though It is something that dramas/movies can freely convey, the secrets of the world. With its physical size and population size, it is always possible that weird acts to exist. What if everything in TYH is 90% true?! Businesses nowadays are weird
  21. New stills Mi Ri ya! Mi Poong! http://sports.mk.co.kr/view.php?year=2019&no=246061 *** New episode today.
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