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  2. ...for good night...https://forursmiles.tumblr.com/post/184907779704/lovelydeck-greglestrade-interesting-that-im ............the bird is all better.....
  3. Yes I love all of those moments !@Yongyoon Also some of my favourites: 1. When eric chased solar in the chestnut farm pretending to have a worm 2. THE proposal 3. When solar kissed Eric's cheek in the photobooth In solar's livestream today on youtube (check out her channel solarsido!), she said she a year she wanted to go back to the most was 2016. I also want to go back to 2016, solar!
  4. The child is so adorable, I loved him with the adoptive mother. The father is cold towards the child, I was watching an old episode on TV. The child calls her mom for the first time in a very beautiful scene. I almost cried
  5. Just finished rewatching episode 4. As I watch the final scene, I wonder if perchance Kim Dan's wings coming out might be an early warning signal that LYS is in danger and that is role changes to that of being a guardian angel. It could be that in general, he is human but when LYS is facing a life-threatening situation, Kim Dan is given some of his angelic powers back to protect her. This would be the Deity's way of making sure Kim Dan is capable of completing his assignment, I think I am babbling. I have semester final exams tomorrow and should be studying but I just had to take a quick break. I love the OST that is playing at the end of episode 4. I hope it gets released soon.
  6. Join this group. Subbed until ep 20. https://www.facebook.com/groups/272100067030207/
  7. https://storgram.com/post/BiHn1VhnnGQ .......But never give your smile a miss........
  8. What about the Kasautii Zindagii Kay I like this one. This is my best drama which started in 2018 September and now got high numbers.
  9. Hahahah everyone loves her but not everyone's love is same. I didn't say she's not beautiful in white, infact she looks good in white and red more. I just stated "if she wore this, ah it would have been awesome" you get it? It's same as a opinion giving to your friends,family etc. But that doesn't mean she was not beautiful in today's dress. Peace we all love her in a different way
  10. Both use the same clothes that I saw them using during filming. PMY used the same clothes in his scene with Eungi... I don't remember what clothes did she use during car filming with Ryan, but PMY walked past me during filming break, saying that she needed to change her clothes first...then she was back using this clothes. Ryan used the same suit during car filming though (iirc...cuz as usual, I was busy staring at Jaewook-nim's face lol) He smoke...but I was too far to see how much hahaha I'm afraid I can't say more than "You've worked hard to them.." I stood there for an hour or so, but actually, they only walked past me for like SECONDS, so I barely could say anything XDDDD I saw Ryan laughed during his car scene (gosh the car's lamp were so blinding, I BARELY see anything) filming. He dropped Deokmi off, talked to her a bit in the car, then drove off... Not too many NGs, cuz the director only said CUT to change camera angles... I think the filming went quite smoothly. PMY needed to change her clothes after her scene with Ryan, so I did not really see her interacting with Jaewook. Probably she did monitor the result after that, but as I said, I couldn't see anything due to CAR LIGHTS grrrrrrrr Eungi and Deokmi's scenes looked a bit serious, though... She looked a bit gloomy(?) as she ascended the stairs toward her home and then Eungi called her to have a conversation. She's soooooo pretty... Her hair is so on point lol. But she has really, really thin legs..... T_T I'm lucky cuz they were filming around my house...so I can drop by several times a day to check if they have filming. Even so, I'm not always lucky to see them... I came over at night only, so I always missed their day filming (like the day KJW took pics for his Instagram...I was not there cuz it's during the day). Last night, I came at 10:30 after I finished my night class...I was so tired and my bag was heavy due to my laptop... I wanted to go straight home but decided to take a chance... Glad I made the decision...cuz they had filming last night T_T The first thing I checked was whether KJW van was there or not
  11. Apparently these are the two blurry photos @kur4p1k4 is talking about. CMIIW. All Photos credited Weibo's accounts And these are perhaps the additional deleted scenes Now I'm even more eager to see the completed uncut version.
  12. It seems Jenny is a common name in SBS morning dramas. Can't speak to Gangnam Scandal because I didn't watch but the two dramas prior to that one both had characters name Jenny or Jin Hee which is pronounced similarly. @Lmangla We are watching it but have not watched ep 5 yet. More when I do.
  13. aww.. she's so cute! I think PSJ can understand English very well, and he can speak well, but I guess not as fluent as PMY. I think he wants to learn how to speak English fluently (like Lee Byung hun or Rain). To maybe widen his opportunities as an actor.
  14. I think it's the same director as HCTM ( he did all the My Skyy's) so yeah he understands the concept of adaptation which really means he has a lot of latitude. I read the book and there were places it bogged down so hopefully he skips over them...LOL One can not live on fluff alone...sometimes you need something to chew ! LOL I think it's going to be fun...
  15. for some reason i find it really cute that she managed to caught his attention when she wasn't at the peak of her career or beauty ( as in kim miso like beautiful). i also heard she was amongst the supporting character in high kick yet she caught psj's attention & left a good impression on him. so it can be said that he unconciously developed a silly crush on her now i can't help but imagine what was his reaction when he meet her for the first time & how did things went on from there also the way she got embarassed when psj mentioned that he watched high kick isn't that the way we are in front of our crush? always making sure that they don't find any embarassing things about us
  16. Because of Haechi , I finaly watched Jang Ok Jung. Dong Yi I watched several times , it is an all-time Favorite They are not written as a trilogy, but together they make very clear what really happened . King Yeongjo in Haechi talks a lot about his mother , who is Dong Yi / Choi Sook-Bin. And her low background in his roots, which he is not ashamed of. In the Dong yi-drama , she is praised as a friendly lovely person to all people , high or low ranks. King Sukjong , King Yeongjo 's father, loves her a lot. Also in articles on the net this is explained. In the Jang Ok Jung-drama , she is a calculating, shrewd and cold concubinne. How acurate are any of these drama's ?
  17. Another filming location Inju restaurant https://m.blog.naver.com/anjoooooya/221533580338 TaMi couple's scene from episode 10
  18. So KNJ is back to being crazy and obsessed with Aura group again is he for real he’s about to die and he still wants Aura Cho Aera was right to try and take him to US to get surgery instead of focusing on Aura and letting her son die once again... honestly when will KNJ stop being crazy he finally has someone who loves him aka his mum but nooo he’d rather die and fight for Aura PSH is amazing made me so happy he saved Cho Aera a person who tried to ruin his life, killed his mum and abandoned him when he was a baby that just shows how much compassion he has some people need to learn from him cough KNJ cough cough Cho Aera HY dad is an action psychopath can’t believe he is using his daughters like that and more than likely killed his previous wife’s just to become more powerful ! He will start coming for PSH now since he stopped his evil plan to kill Cho Aera gosh hate him he better not touch PSH as he deserves to finally be happy there’s not many episodes left like c’mon let him finally be happy with his family!!! I really hope that Cho Aera ends up giving her shares to Park family and flies to US with KNJ or something, but I think in this episode Aera seeing OSH family in the hospital foreshadows that KNJ will be helping OSH dad get his sight back
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