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  3. Is it just me or his scar is getting more apparent than season 2? Hahaha Well, maybe because it's a close-up shot Does anyone knew if this season going to get licensed in Netflix? So we can get the subbed version after an hour airing in Korea like they did with tvN's Memories of Al-Hambra? Hahahahah.. *trying hard not to get my hope up*
  4. 190425 NCTsmtown_127 Twitter Update “NewJersey & NewYork You were amazing!! I Love You!!! -Jaehyun #NEOCITYinNJ #JAEHYUNinNJ #JAEHYUNinNY #WE_ARE_SUPERHUMAN #NCT127_SUPERHUMAN #SUPERHUMAN #NEOCITYinUSA #NCT127inUSA #NCT127 #NCT”
  5. Hey all!! I have been following the drama and this thread closely.Never posted before now though. I just wanted to say that even though I don't condone IW's abuse towards Mari,I found him to be the most fascinating character in the drama.There is a certain energy and vigour in his scenes.Be it in his interactions with JHR or with his dad.Even his OST,'Nightmare',is extremely powerful.Compared to that YMR and SJW kinda bored me. I tend to enjoy characters who are intelligent,compelling and who have more than one shade.It doesn't matter if they are black,white or grey.I guess this is the reason why I enjoyed IW's scenes.Even though he is a villain,he had multiple shades and most importantly he is extremely intelligent.He can see through lies and through people.Even when he went against his father,he made sure he had some leverage over him. Then we have YMR and SJW,our lovebirds who are supposed to be the tormented protagonists.But I can't just put up with their stupidity.What was SJW thinking when he locked horns with KIW? I know that was supposed to be his heroic moment but it only put Mari in a soup.And Mari knew that IW has her mom who is her Achilles heel.Also provoking IW wasn't exactly the wisest decision because it eventually blew up SJW's secret and affected his reputation. Due to this drama's comparisons with Let Me Introduce Her,I binge watched that drama and noticed the differences despite the similar plotlines.Both the doctor and the abused wife were sensible and smart and I enjoyed how they took down the abusive hubby. The husband over there was worse than KIW.But he ended up in therapy for his actions. This drama has more emotions but that one was more practical. Also something has been bugging me about SJW.He knew what kind of a woman his late wife WHK was.He knew she was cheating on him.Yet he never confronted her even once.Now what do I call this? Being a doormat or being spineless? Any individual with minimum self respect would confront his/her partner upon being cheated and try to discuss what went wrong and what further steps should be taken.But this guy did nothing.SJW and WHK had zero compatibility.He is more of an idealist poet and she was a shallow person.So the only plausible reason for him to fall for her was because he was smitten by her pretty face.I believe she married him because he was well to do and could provide her a secure life while she went around cheating on him. IW's obsession with his mom's face has been pointed out many times in the drama but SJW's obsession with his wife's face was never discussed much.He went ahead and recreated his wife's face on another woman. IW himself pointed that out on SJW's face when he discovered the truth. In YMR's case I understand why she got so attached to SJW.It is because he was the first person to show kindness and affection to her after years of abuse. As someone mentioned above the most convincing ending would be for both IW and SJW to get into therapy. YMR needs to get away from both the men and rediscover her individuality. Anyways lets see how the drama concludes.I don't want IW to die though.
  6. Yes!!!! So true! With Daniel's cameo, I am suddenly missing Daniel & Eun Bin so much now!!!!! They must cast as the lead couple in a rom-com! I think fans are more interested seeing Daniel with Park Eun Bin rather than Baek Jin Hee!! Please be with her again, Daniel!!! Be with Park Eun Bin again! She is the perfect lady for you!!! And I miss you too, dear @Heidi Seow chingu!!!!
  7. I haven't watch yet because I was waiting for the sub. But even Subscene (usual site I got the subtitle) haven't release the sub from Netflix yet. Duh, am too lazy to reconnect my Netflix's subscription. LOL! I might as well watch it raw now. Seems like the sub still need some waiting. I am too curious to wait
  8. I gain 5 kilograms in 3 months okay.. no wonder backpain attack me these days. I carried 5 kg more now. My small back is tired wkkwkwkwkw oh and I see that my fingers are getting chubbier
  9. SH is on his way to self-destruction and his mother is busy planning a wedding with the girl of her "dream" who is actually a gold digger.
  11. 628 @Lmangla this is my most favorite scene this far hiehiehiehie too SEXY!! ohhh this is why I love TVN 2 years ago in rinsan forum I imagine a scene that rin will dragged san to a wall and give her passionate kiss in a broad day light wkwkwkwkwk.. this scene is closest to my imagination WKWKWKWK
  12. Haha love this , make me remember FP no idea from which drama is from -2
  13. Haha yes!! Thank you! no idea why I only thought about checking for CXX's very own thread now lol he is so handsome
  14. I don't know about PMC, but I think Bad Police is on Netflix...
  15. 组图:李敏镐最后一天上班结束 正式退伍回归演艺圈 http://slide.ent.sina.com.cn/star/k/slide_4_704_312771.html#p=1
  16. 190424 joycejude ig update with NCT 127 Behind-the-scenes photos from NCT 127′s @build interview
  17. I guess the penmanship on the sticky note vs the Diary and he saw her face half covered by the camera exposing only the eyes.
  18. And I hope she's guesting so she could announce her wedding engagement to Dong Wook oppa! Hehehe
  19. me too.. this is the first time i see and hear about her. searching her, she debuted movie "the witch" last year and received good reviews about acting. (even though i didn't watch "the witch") i think she is the actress like Kim Go Eun.
  20. I want to share an article written by Lee Woong of Yonhap News at the end of the drama. It was translated by my sister, ChoHyeri, who used some parts for Wikipedia; the summarization of the last two episodes wasn't translated (it's marked as [...]). "The tragedy of love"... 'Moon Lovers' ending with a viewership rating of 11.3% Perhaps all love is tragic. It is not because of misunderstanding, jealousy, or selfishness. It's because one day, the ideals it's chasing have to be broken in the face of reality. SBS drama 'Moon Lovers' faithfully portrays the tragedy of this love. It has produced an irresistible catharsis by compellingly polarizing the tragic contradictions that love actually has. According to Nielsen Korea, a ratings research company, on Thursday, 'Moon Lovers' closed at 11.3%, the highest nationwide rating. The average viewers rating of the 20 episodes was 7.6%, less than expected. However, it produced a number of fixed fans and showed high popularity that far exceeded audience ratings throughout broadcasting. Its response from overseas was also good, with the cumulative number of views surpassing 2.1 billions on the Chinese video platform Youku. [Fantasy showing the tragedy of reality] Based on a Chinese novel, 'Moon Lovers' is a fantasy historical drama about a modern woman who time-slips and falls in love with the sons of the king. However, it didn't escape or glorify the tragic reality as any other fantasy did, but rather used the fantasy as a dramatic device to show the tragedy of reality. [...] 'Moon Lovers' portrays a love that withered in the face of power. Fourth prince Wang So and eighth prince Wang Wook, who fell in love with Hae Su, bet everything for love. And they compete for the throne in order to gain love or because of the loss of love. But in the end, everyone loses love in pursuit of power. The Goryeo Dynasty visited by Go Ha-jin was a stage for dramatically exposing the same contradictions we experience in the ordinary life. [...] 'Moon Lovers' portrays the contradictions of life that inevitably lead to an end.
  21. At that time, this time was very late. It makes me very sleepy. It is my mistake. I forgot to switch my account. Hope that it will be a secret. She used to play a movie with Woosik (PSJ's friend).
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