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  2. the question: who's the person with most narcissism taeyong: i used to not have that sort of thing. in the past i couldn't even look at myself in the mirror at the practice room. but from then on i made efforts and i think i became to love myself step by step
  3. Actually I'm confused wheres this 'Lee Sol was in coma/amnesia' coming from... She just told him time has passed for some time when she could start finding him. She clearly remembered him before losing consciousness so it couldn't be an amnesia... Not sure about coma..but time is such a flexible concept. She could only be hospitalized for 1 month and went to find him after that.. 1 month is long enough for a missing kid to disappear... (tho yeah, I agree on why didn't she report to police...Maybe she did but it wasn't told in the drama). Just like assumptions that DM was adopted...where does this come from.... Maybe I didn't watch properly
  4. @sushilicious Actually I always laughed too everytime DKW start lecturing the bad guy. I meant we also don't know u chopped ppl or not @Ameera Ali saw u popped up at Angel thread. Cutie right he... Call me.. i will love ur angel gif. I alrd moved on from lion lol. 882
  5. Thanks for the gif @adqu Hahaha! I thought the same thing at first about a hand mirror Thanks for the stills @lingx2 Is it too much wishful thinking to hope that will be the only scene with Young Chul lol?
  6. Finally all the pieces come together in this final episode, tying up loose ends, clearing up unanswered questions - some better than others, but ultimately, what a satisfying, satisfying watch that leaves me with so much hope and happiness even as we have to say goodbye to this family and universe that has drawn me in and kept me firmly invested. If Ep15 belonged to Seon Ho, the finale gives us, at long last, JS' hour of redemption from the long, dark journey that he had been walking - first with misguided arrogance, then the crushing guilt derailed by irresponsible adults, and the final straw, knowing the truth of Da Hee's assault. His turning point at the rooftop of Seon Ho's apartment building moved me to tears, when he is redeemed from the edge by the person who should have hurled blame but offers him encouragement, support and counsel instead, pulling him back and holding him in warm, safe arms. JS' anguished outbursts too finally show a shift in his attitude towards his mother who has tried misguidedly to shield him from responsibility - worrying what would happen to her, a small step in healing between mother and son. The steady stream of books sent to him by the friend he wronged, culminating in the elusive book, restored back to Seon Ho, and given to JS as a parting gift - the very telling emphasis that it is merely a loan and he expects JS to give it back, indirectly indicating that their friendship, while fractured, is not at an end, extending the hand of forgiveness and the hope that they would see each other again. Beautiful. Similarly, Da Hee's healing comes from KIH's extended hand of comfort, enabling her to finally find the courage to reveal the truth that has imprisoned her all this time. While the victim, she is indeed culpable in false accusations, first at JS, then Seon Ho. Nonetheless, the extenuating circumstances surrounding her ordeal since that fateful day, see her find forgiveness from those she wronged, and in time, she will hopefully rise above it and put the past behind her. If I have any complaints about the finale, it would be the way OJP's arc was wrapped up. Too conveniently, every conceivable crime is laid at his door, including Da Hee's assault. It also makes no sense why Seon Ho's book would have been kept by him in the first place, containing as it were, no incriminating evidence against him or his son at all. Ultimately, it is just a plot device to maintain an air of mystery over the missing book, and a contrived link between Seon Ho's accident and his machinations. It feels shoddy and rushed, just to finally put this despicable man behind bars, and the one gripe I have in an otherwise outstanding drama. The Parks family is one that is held up as an ideal, a family that holds fast together in the face of adversity, never giving up hope - on each other or in good itself. And among them, more than anyone else, I feel that PMJ is the unassuming hero I love most, whose shining example and life shaped his children, and restored others back to the right path. His relationship with his wife and children, his heart for those who are hurting, giving of himself beyond any call of duty, simply because it comes from the wellspring of the good that is in him. Beautiful World is a shining example which showcases how unwavering love, trust and steadfastness triumph over the darkest of adversities in an anguish-filled journey; when kindness and hope is indeed greater than injustice, cruelty and evil. A message of hope that is all too rare today, so aptly footnoted by that inspirational poem "Becoming a Person who Creates Hope" . A stellar combination of a script that is filled with so much heart, delivered perfectly by excellent performances all around spearheaded by PHS and CJH, carving an indelible place in my heart among other all-time beloved dramas. BRAVO. This universe will be sorely missed...
  7. Her maiden name is Gong Eun Young, surname is not Hoe. This is listed in the year book.
  8. A brief but insightful piece on the adoption storyline and summary of what we know so far: https://k-odyssey.tumblr.com/post/185128362889/im-about-to-dissect-ryans-abandonmentadoption New stills from TVN (https://www.facebook.com/pg/tvNDrama/photos/?ref=page_internal): More under spoiler:
  9. yep there was one empty seat.... i dunno usually in wedding didnt ppl rsvp or something? so by right they should hv known how many seats to be prepared.. that one empty seat is kinda suspicious haha.. maybe she cancelled last minute? .. but nah i think maybe it was yoo jae suk’s seat but since he was the mc, the seat was left empty most of time..
  10. Me too I couldn't watch 1 min of the show or even skip through as I do in left-handed wife and blessing of the sea you know what's going on even if you missed 20 episodes.
  11. DH is just a kid. A shoulder to cry on is exactly what she needed to gather the courage and speak the truth. I teared up with the way IH talked to her. Just like the way she talked to Soo Ho's classmate and apologized to her for adult's wrong way of handling things. She won these kids over and restored them. And these loving encouraging words are what a lot of kids today lacking, yet need badly to grow up properly. I actually love that in this last episode the writer made the parallel of our father figure to be saving JS from giving up on himself and the mother figure to be saving DH from continuing into despair. They are the parents of the hurt boy, and yet they are the ones who helped those who caused the hurt to their boy.
  12. yes i think it was him.. i can see the casts of wwwsk too except PMY.. i think the one who sat nxt to PSJ was Gummy the singer.. and Hwang bora sat by his other side.
  13. I’m really more curious now about the identity of Rong Le because of all the flashbacks. Is she really a princess of western kingdom??? I’m liking the story so far because of the mystery hehe.
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  15. Ya love the song- Sy got a sweet voice, she is one of the rare actresses who can sing. I know lots of actors like jcw, Seoul in juk can sing, lots even participate in ost but very few actresses. Anyway one more week before the drama ends- very sad, hope we don’t have to wait long for sy to do another drama another article about sy’s fighting abilities- glad she got her wish to do action scenes. Would like her to do a historical drama or horror/ crime one next
  16. I have just watched it. There was more detailed description of the attack. I am more sympathetic to DH now. Still I would have preferred that she made an attempt to make right the lies she said before SH regained consciousness. Even if she lied about a bushy haired stranger being the attacker, it would seem she cared for her friends. I am not sure about Korean law but in most countries, false accusation on some crime carries a prison sentence. But I prefer your recap @ktcjdrama just enough info. SH's family were regular people but with more caring hearts in the other episodes. I could accept that. But in this episode when they showed all of them chasing after JS in case he hurt himself, I found it a bit saintly. When IN called DH to talk to her and provide a shoulder to cry, hmm, that was quite overly done. Fortunately, she met EJ and said she did not forgive EJ. I thank the writer for putting her back as before. On the whole, I enjoyed this show.
  17. Baffling . She lost her first son and had the accident in1993. Supposedly in coma for months or years, not to mention (supposedly) being devasted for not finding her son. BUT managed to a man to remarry and give birth to SA in 1997. LeeSol could just be a 'artist name', not her real name. Heo could be her surname. Cha is her new husband's name. Anyways, have decided to not dwell in this LeeSol plot line. Too sloppy, I take it as case closed. Next is about DM's mom. I guess just like Sindy who easily called her omma, HYJ could have done the same too. The memory he had was when he had to unwillingly leave the orphanage with the new foster parents. DM's mother had to painfully let him go, told him, 'I am not your mother.'
  18. @immorethant I forgot about that scene! Curse the director for taking it out! If he did. I think, it’s the same one where Hae Sun was sitting in taxi waving at folks right? I hope they show it in a flashback or something! I checked the airing time. It’s not 70 mins. It barely reaches 65 mins.
  19. hahaha but the thing is not about what the staff in the company see, its how MR feels later on when she knows the truth.. plenty of chances for them to confess but neither of them did it. MR doesnt know a thing about TJ’s parents except his mom passed away when he was at a young age and that SJ and uncle know that his dad is a businessman. then again, both had that one secret they din say to each other so call that quits? lol MR has more reasons to be angry with TJ though.. his identity plays a more impact in their relationship than IS being MR’s birth mom. MR is still “the daughter of the shabby ox bone soup restaurant” as how IS said.. nothing much. but TJ, his real identity will affect everyone around him.. and lets hope Director Park helps a little. he seems reasonable and should not let IS waver his integrity.. so whats with IS trying to help his unwed pregnant daughter find a good husband?!?! its not going to hide the fact that his daughter is an unwed mom.. ask her to abandon the baby and live like how IS has been living for the past 28yrs? omg absurd.
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