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  2. I actually love this scene a lot. We all know how much XX means for WJ. So when evil ZZR threaten to kill XX, WJ is so ready to kill himself so ZZR can spare his godfather's life. A life exchange for a life. Then ZM step out and confronted ZZR about her shameless evil act at Snake Island. We can see once WJ heard ZM's voice he pretty much awake from the suicidal spell. He's like Oh sh%% I still have my MM, I cannot die yet. She need my protection 24/7. When evil ZZR attempt to attack/kill ZM and we can witness how fast WJ come running over to rescue her. At this point of the story I find WJ might care and love ZM a bit more than his care and love for XX. I remembered in the early episodes, ZM asked WJ a few times between his godfather and ZZR, who is more important to him. Every time WJ will answer XX is more important without any hesitation. If ZZR has ask WJ the same question now, between ZM and XX who is more important . I'm pretty sure WJ will have a tough and difficult choice to make. Don't believe me, let continue. In front of her grave, he promised ZM he'll come to her once he accomplished his duties. Ask her to wait for him, he won't let her be alone anymore. After XX passing, WJ was devastated by the loss of his godfather. But he did not promise his godfather he'll come look for him. So at the end, ZM can actually surpass XX place in WJ heart.
  3. MJBH related excerpt ~ May 21, 2019 Here's What Korean Celebrities Always Wear to Weddings by DEBBY KWONG | E! Online As a wedding guest, you never want to upstage the couple, but you do want to look presentable and stylish. Learn a trick or two from these Korean celebrities who prove that you can wear everyday looks and still look good, even at a celebrity wedding. Take these well-dressed attendees at singer and actress Lee Jung-hyun's recent wedding as you style inspiration! From the super dapper Junhoe and Jinhwan from iKON, who killed it in sharply cut blazers, to the classically feminine like Lee Min-jung's ruffled number, these are pieces that Korean celebrities love to wear to attend weddings. The best part is, these clothes are versatile and can be styled with different accessories so you can wear them to work or other parties. LEE MIN-JUNG AND LEE BYUNG-HUN Lee Min-jung wore a Victorian-inspired emerald green midi dress with modern drop pearl earrings. Her husband wore a smart grey suit with a crisp white shirt and black tie DRESS, US$5,041.32, GUCCI
  4. So, its seems this night i will count on you guys for the recap, there's a little chaos in my country during announcement of ellection, and social media been blocked, someone said blocked by government and someone said by hacker. Hope the internet still going well until tonight, coz if i cannot watch or know the story about tonight episode i definetily will cry
  5. But what if that was a lie?!? Kidding, I know my scenario is totally bogus but like I said I just like the idea.
  6. *** I'm looking forward for this drama. Ye, Kim jiwon's face resembles to Jang dong gun - they're like siblings. ********************************************************************* Watch: “Arthdal Chronicles” Cast Shares Excitement For The Drama In Teaser For Special Broadcast tvN’s “Arthdal Chronicles” has released a preview for the special broadcast ahead of its premiere! The new weekend drama “Arthdal Chronicles” will weave an exciting tale of heroes who create their own legends in the ancient land called Arth. Song Joong Ki will play Eun Seom, a member of the Wahan tribe, and Kim Ji Won will play Tan Ya, the guardian and shaman of the Wahan tribe. The teaser begins with the captivating description, “tvN’s new legend is beginning.” The video then shows clips of the main leads Jang Dong Gun, Kim Ok Bin, Song Joong Ki, and Kim Ji Won briefly describing the upcoming fantasy drama. Jang Dong Gun who plays Ta Gon, a warrior dreaming to conquer Arthdal for his own, starts off by saying, “Daebak.” Kim Ok Bin explains, “I was really surprised,” and the teaser cuts off to a scene in which her ambitious character Taeilha is threatened with a knife at her throat. Song Joong Ki and Kim Ji Won appear next, and they sincerely explain, “It is a fascinating and foreign story,” followed by short close-up shots of their characters in action. Finally, the leads appear once more, stating, “‘Arthdal Chronicles,’ the beginning of all the legends in the world,” and Song Joong Ki asks the viewers to tune into the upcoming adventure chronicle. The full interviews and behind-the-scenes footage will be revealed in a special broadcast on May 26 at 9 p.m. KST ahead of the premiere on June 1. Watch the teaser for the special broadcast below and check out their main poster here! credit : soompi news
  7. I love you analysis. That's what I thought too. All of them have meet before and now their path have being cross again. You can see in the HPL how RG tried to adopt Korean way of life when interacting with the officemate (during the hilarious lunch), dinner with DM parents and also when he speak with Si-an about inviting him to have chicken.
  8. hello, im not new to soompi forums but im basically new in this thread. ive been following this thread for quite some time after i watched the first episode of the drama and haven't had the time to joining in. anyway, i do have to agree with some of your comments. i feel like the last 6 episodes are kind of underwhelming? tho im still excited about the drama. i may sound like a hater but i'm just going to be frank (oh hi, mr.f) that i couldn't care less about guanchao and wuyi's arc as well as about dachuan and youngmei. to sum it up i love them individually but not as couples. i think that it isn't very necessary to make the rest four as couples like how they were portrayed in the novel wherein dachuan and youngmei's characters were even nonexistent. i'm deeply in love with guanchao as brother too but i dont think his stories should be more explored, nor wuyi's. this whole story revolves around qiao yi and yan mo they do better have stayed on that line, the side characters can just take up only a little of time or when needed to help emphasize the situation that carries out in a scene. but to my disappointment they milk it way too much. im really aware that an adaptation work can not fully adhere to what's written in its source but adding some or erasing some scenes could be redundant too. in this case, i have to say that the drama team might think it's important to add up some conflicts as the book "lacked" in that department hence the company conflict storyline or mother's remarriage. but then, my 2 cents on them making qiao yi's family become the happy one meanwhile yan mo's the flawed one is to give the audience an idea of one can not be having a handful of misfortune packed in their pockets or one is being the king of their lives, that's why they have to turn it all around. about the ugly break up, if i have to look at it a bit deeper it weirdly makes sense, qiao yi has been worrying about yan mo after getting together and her remarks of having changed overtime are overlooked therefore they make them separate with such reasons. i mean, she's still worrying about yan mo but it's not only yan mo she's taking care of but the whole company. she is getting braver with how she's handling the issue without yan mo or other people's helps. so, it's still reasonable in my opinion. yan mo tho, i want his character to be written more vulnerable than what we have been shown with, yet again he might learn to have a strong heart while growing up with lack of attention his parents are giving him. this kid still has a long way to go to understand life. i'm sorry for this lengthy ramble. i didn't mean it to.
  9. If I'm not mistaken, DM mom and EG mom meet at the hospital. I assume when both of the giving birth to DM and EG. That's why DM said EG like her twin brother.
  10. So Ji Sub Has Always Shown Exceptional Manners Good manners are ingrained in his actions. So Ji Sub, who recently announced his relationship with Cho Eun Jung, has previously shown his good manners on numerous occasions. So Ji Sub previously attended the press conference for the film, The Battleship Island, alongside child actress Kim Soo Ahn. On this day, Kim Soo Ahn was dressed in an adorable white dress. The dress, however, was apparently a little short and Kim Soo Ahn looked uncomfortable sitting in it. As soon as So Ji Sub noticed this, he did not hesitate to take the handkerchief from his pocket and hand it to her. https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/a8M8eP6JBJlVAoUlxoS10Ohg8pGSn0ZsqbIoI7dDu9BmV-860iO__eSAUQH_Iuc6YXV_2WgQs2kXypH6ChT0dnaRgiWXbUnz=w380-nu-rh Thanks to So Ji Sub, Kim Soo Ahn was able to proceed with the conference comfortably without having to worry about her dress!
  11. Ooh, what if both Eun Gi and Ryan were placed in the orphanage at some point and DM's mom chose to foster Eun Gi instead of Ryan...in an alternate universe she could have chosen Ryan and he and DM would grow up to be pseudo-siblings! (Hello makjang!) Disclaimer, I haven't been analyzing the plot so this is probably totally senseless; I just liked the idea.
  12. @ktcjdrama it's very hard not to not ship them!!! but I'm trying my best to keep my reality checked LOL and stray from shipping atm.. I'll just enjoy the drama first hmm. Dont think so cuz SJS's gf quit alr tho. VP's really the queen of what was she called by GDJ in movie/theatres, she even knows how to break the fourth wall and is self-aware that its a drama. Heroine princess being our comic relief??
  13. Yesterday's episode was incredible. Those background comments calling Aera a fake were hilarious. Favorite moments: The grandma slapping AR NJ finding out he's gonna die San Ha's mother helping her take down HY AR denying that she killed YH The reunion of SH and her family Those background comments Esther admitting she's changed (what an airhead. Lol)
  14. Wow, news went from depressing to hopeful in just a shot. Who knows, with the dubbing being so fast, perhaps we could finally get a trailer with voices?
  15. Just finished watching with subs... It's even more exciting understanding precisely what they were all talking about. This pair of boss-secretary is really such a delight to watch. They don't behave like superior-subordinate but more like friends... so cute. GH scolding Dom for calling her in the middle of the night, even arguing about constipation and the smell... how personal that is?!? First it's the smell of armpit, now the smell of constipation? They really are the odor couple Then he remembered her saying wanting to have soju and grilled clam, and he did just that, driving her himself, when the day before he was telling DJ that what kind of a boss drive his secretary home... That hug... chin on shoulder... need I say more? (that seaside hug in Terius is far from being this gratifying ) GH expecting a gift of thousands of roses and millions of balloons in the trunk? Hey, that's what couples do, okay....!! Her disappointed frown and pout for finding only an envelope...
  16. @rolisrntex ~ have a great holiday! maybe you can catch up after you come back. @msmy ~ not sure about the writer but at least the first two episodes are certainly intriguing and not the typical daily so far... hopefully we will have the air of mystery and eventual resolution done well. @lu09 ~ yea, it looks like she isn't the biological mother of jenny and am reminded of the cartoon 'tangled' and of rapunzel's mom. she is even willing to harm jenny to get jenny to behave the way she wants. this makes me wonder why she kept jenny with her all these years. right now, jenny is a cash cow and is earning well as a designer but as a child, what did jenny provide? . @Ldy Gmerm ~ don't recall seeing this actress before but she's certainly creepy in how she changes from concerned mother to calculating look. find it interesting that so far, she gives eun seok "get out of here" looks all the time. why so guarded already? she seems to have done a good job of manipulating jenny by insisting her memories are false and jenny has some sort of mental problem. but how long will that work? @Ameera Ali ~ what did you think?
  17. May 22, 2019 Actor So Ji-sub Dating Ex-TV Broadcaster Actor So Ji-sub has been dating a former TV broadcaster for a year, according to the actor's agency. The agency said in a press release last Friday that So first met Cho Eun-jung as an interviewer on a TV entertainment show about a year ago and they later became romantically involved. It is the first time the actor has gone public with a relationship in his 24 years in showbiz. In a letter to fans posted with English translation on his agency's social network, So wrote, "She is the one who keeps my side calmly and supports me with a great help. We have [a] good relationship but there are still a lot [of] things to be careful about." He added, "I will try to be [a] more responsible actor so that I could give you back all the faith you have given me. I promise I will do my best not to let you down." Cho, who is 17 years his junior, studied traditional Korean dance at Ewha Womans University before starting to work as a broadcaster at an eSports cable channel in 2014. She later turned freelance but is currently attending graduate school. credit : Chosun Ilbo
  18. forget chin the fact that both of their ears are fiery red tells you everything also this "At the very least, ears are closely tied to sexual arousal. When we're turned on, our ears get hot and, on some of us, turn bright red - dead giveaway of arousal. Ears are also full of nerve endings, making them an intense erogenous zone for most of us."
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