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  2. One thing I've been noticing is that in goblin era Inna behaved like Dongwook's hoobae, but in touch your heart era she really behaved like his princess already lol but somehow Dongwook also treated like one. He was so considerate, caring, and obidient. Too gentle even. I've watched bubblegum vlive, it was clear that DW and RW were only friend. He didn't stare at her a lot, like how he stared at Inna, not to mention with hearteu eyes. At first glance we could already see that Inna is special case for him. He behaves like caring boyfriend really. Anyway thanks for the link chingu!
  3. I sank into brief depression yesterday...after watching the unsubbed finale. I agree with all of you...it started out as was an unconventional but well acted drama. But the writer lost it. The ending SUCKS. Now I don’t even want to encourage anyone to watch it. I will go back to my temporary drama-induced sorrow. All the best to the next drama the 2 leads take on... And take care, try to have a good weekend ahead! Peace out.
  4. Reviewed 5 and 6 episodes again and I must say that even though Ryan gave his all to that first kiss, that kiss scene was for me unsatisfactory and incomplete and perhaps most viewers do to. However, I am understanding that kiss scene was only the beginning of the kiss to be continued...which brings me to a very significant scene in Ep 5 more than the bathroom scene looking at it from Ryan's perspective. Anyeong... When they visited the writer there was one picture of the writer's photographer friend that caught DM's attention and she remarked that she liked the picture made a deep impression on her. Ryan asked her about what she thought about the picture as it was titled "Anyeong" and the interpretation of the picture from those who looked at it was, the photographer was saying goodbye before he went to the hospital because he knew he was going to die. DM came alive and took a copy of the picture and disagreed with the goobye interpretation. Ryan then sat up and scooted towards DM and asked DM to explain. She explained to Ryan why she disagreed with other expert's interpretation of the photo and her opinion was that the photograper was looking at someone behind the camera and said the word he said "anyeong". She explained that in English the word anyeong can mean goodbye or hello. That the photographer's gaze and smile was directed at someone special behind the camera and saying to that someone "anyeong, I am here and I am always looking at you like this." Her face was animated as she was explaining and did not notice Ryan looking intently at her as if he just realized he was looking at someone precious. He did not interrupt or say anything and he waited until she was finished shyly looked at him. Ryan then said looking directly at her eyes "anyeong". Her response was a bit confused and as she quickly put down the picture she was holding and shyly said, that is my explanation and looked away. Ryan said nothing, went to his corner to sleep. Next morning we see him sleeping beside her peacefully. When he was discussing the project with the photographer he looked up at DM taking pictures of him and he saw a laughing and beautiful face that said "anyeong, I am here". On the way back home, he happily agreed to "fake dating". He already knew how he feels about this woman when he said anyeong the night before but he still had secrets about himself he still was not ready to share. No one knows that he owns 2 of Lee Sol's paintings. He lied to Si An when he said that he obtained the painting at the bidding in Shang Hai for a client and DM was listening. This one room in his apartment is a room that bears witness to his most hidden secrets, his deepest hurts and wounds and weakness, it is a room where he is most vulnerable and a room no one else but him can enter. In a scene of episode 6, Ryan enters the room where the 2 Lee Sol paintings are displayed side by side, there is an empty canvass and brushes and paints art paraphernalia in the middle of the room. He stands in the middle of the room looking at the LS paintings and memories of a boy playing with bubbles then a boy drawing on paper and calling "omma" floods his mind. He shakes himself out of those memories and he approaches the empty canvass, picks up a brush attempting to paint and he is paralyzed. He grips the brush and took a few attempts before he could manage to put a dot on the canvas and his arms fall to his side and the brush to the floor. Without looking back he leaves the room frustration written in his face. When Kyunga messaged Ryan that DM was on her way to his apartment because of a leak, he ran over. The leak was already repaired and DM got curious because of all the art displayed in Ryan's apartment and she started exploring and unfortunately the secret room's door was half opened and she went in. Her face was in wonder, this was the master's working room and suddenly an arm grabbed her and pulled and pushed her into the living room. As human beings, we are equipped with fight or flight impulses and in times of danger or stress we use this responses automatically. Ryan's most fear of being exposed of his most vulnerable and weakest self moved him to a fight or flight impulse and unfortunately, Ryan the lion, chose to fight and lions when in a fight will choose to go for the jugular without even pausing to think, he hurt DM so badly. But after he chilled himself, his body and brain with a cold drink, he glanced at a bag on his table with a note from DM living him a gift and he thought back of the woman who was the one person who understood him, the one person he could be honest with, the one person who offered her hand if he ever needed one to hold on to and the one woman whom he said "Anyeong" to. Instant regret and self recrimination came and he knew he had to make amends before it was too late. Now the kiss, when he was running all over the place looking for DM he had all the time to self reflect on his feelings about DM and his harsh actions. When he apologized and asked DM if he was very angry, and DM said she was but she also said she should not have been at his home, Ryan did not want her to blame herself because it was not her fault but his. He wanted to comfort her and tell her that he did not mean what he said and he wanted to say it not with words but with his body so he walked towards her, cradled her head with his hands and kissed her fully. That was the first part of the kiss. The 2nd part we see her take a half step towards him, her hand starting to go up then dropped and her eyes wide open as if surprised and we see Ryan kissing the upper lip gentling the kiss but his hands still cradling her head and his eyes closed very expressive face into the kiss. He sensed DM's reluctance so he gentled the kiss... and then the end of the episode.... So for the coming episode, I am hoping to see how the artist Ryan will coax his love into kissing him back, from gentle to deepening kiss.... Anyeong...
  5. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bwt8_MjpQmQ/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=1prfgxsp5zqpu Guys, have you noticed this?? Today her manager nim updated 2 picts to announced that she will be back in 5 days with KBS Radio Volume Up. The thing here is that 2 picts were not revelant to each other at all. One of it was here selfie, another one was her pict taken by YG agency. But it look-a-like the same with “someone” fanship profile. Same posture, same type of flowers. Guess it guys It must be more special when the uploader was her manager nim Is it too suspicious? Or is it just a coincidence?? Give me your idea chingus ahh
  6. Hello everyone! Here’s our Superman! 621 days!! Can’t believe it! Finally he’s back!!! Welcome back Wookie!!!
  7. the author had already set up a hint that Ryan and Shi An are brothers since the first episode... at the Shanghai Auction House, Deokmi had already thought to herself that Ryan's side profile looks similar to Shi An and she couldn't stop herself from admiring him
  8. My experience was largely positive. I got a degree in CS and now I work in IT. It was my old dream.
  9. 778 So I was just watching some B99 funny clips on YT, and one lead to another, and I ended up watching all the SNL sketches. Some of them are darn hilarious that I have abdominal cramps now from laughing too much. Wahhhh this is what I need in my life right now. LOL. Poor Zackie looks like he is about to cry. LOLOL.
  10. There isn't a smoldering KJW in FP, I need something sweet to balances out the bitterness in real life so I go for HPL first....HPL isn't as sweet as TYH anyway....Nothing fluffy with KJW, that guy is hopeless to fluffs up.... His gory aura difficult to shake off, it's like trying to turns Pontianak/Kuntilanak into Snow White.... +2
  11. Bbq pizza with salad and chocolate ice-cream for dessert
  12. I just know miss tea @cenching will love cotton candy and lion combine together. Thats why i summoned her lol. 780
  13. LMAO! Her gifs are always on point! Hahahahah If its possible, all lurkers and namji shippers pls come back to the thread to celebrate as wookie returns to us and Hyunni (couldn't resist). Lmao. Sharing my tots on D-0! Still can't believe its really here! Hello and good morning! Wookie, so darn glad you are back with us! Welcome backk! I see many peeps going to cherwon to welcome u back so bask in the love u will feel today!
  14. @Lawyerh he got to be experimental so that he can show his true form lol like he wanted it to be...hahaha +2
  15. 776. Long time ago he already practiced & experimented with lipstick @angelangie
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