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  2. +2 hahahaha why are you suddenly asking this? Cenching explain it better. I just know that it is one of traditional weapon. Btw why are we talking about weapon? guys I watched angel ep 1 and I kind of like the story and the main lead girl acting xixixixi. Angel is ok but he is not my type. I prefef mature namja kwkwkwkw btw I like it that finally Kim Bo Mi take a role that suits her. Her background is a ballerina. She is one of supporting role in angel. And I love her personality too. She is a calm girl in real. I want to watch her dancing in kdrama and finally this is it.
  3. Lawyerh

    drama tropes 2019

    #44 Yellow Umbrella Prop Ok so your romantic moment won't be complete without this I would say. Why yellow you will ask me? I no idea lol.
  4. Sigh... I want Wednesday to come quickly but I also don’t want the drama to end... How?????....
  5. There's no rush. Some people say PMY is already mid 30's. So what? Her situation is not like yours. She can well afford to have children using new technology if she decides to marry late. What is important is both PMY and PSJ must be fully willing to marry by the time they decide to and hopefully it will be with each other. And no of course I am not here for the drama chemistry alone. I love a lot of drama couples but I chose this username and to be here rather than anywhere else. My stages of being PPC shipper: - Their drama chemistry caught my interest made me joined Soompi. - because of their chemistry I wished they date in real life - when dating rumors were published I was shocked and it intensified my wish - i know we cannot predict the future, even married couples separate all the time, so I am still here just hoping for the best for PMY and PSJ. Que Sera Sera.
  6. Soccer player Son Heung Min and Park Seo Joon appeared in tvN’s variety show “Sonsational” (literal title). Son Heung Min is a famous soccer player who currently plays for the Tottenham Hotspur Football Club in the English Premier League as well as the South Korean national team. In the first episode of the show that […] The post Park Seo Joon And Soccer Player Son Heung Min Talk About The Empty Feelings That Accompany Fame appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  7. This was in February 2019, when Rain was promoting Uhm Bok Dong. I just discovered it. Articles on this were posted in the preceding page. Credit : Min Minie.
  8. basically more than doubled his number of followers in a short period of time PMY gained another 300k followers, i think ,as i have been observing her IG beginning of the drama...
  9. Luckily they are young... we can discuss for long about their behaviours...and I hope it stay secret...cuz we can keep on discuss and dig and gather all the facts haha. It's fun. Like we are playing puzzle.
  10. Noraebang ~ Karaoke room Pojangmacha ~ Tent restaurant Jjimjilbang ~ Sauna
  11. If we are only here only because of the drama then we should have been posting at WWWSK Thread at Korean Drama Section of Soompi Forums and not here at ParkPark Thread of Shippers Paradise Section
  12. yeah.. me too.. i didnt join this forum because of their drama.. lol! I noticed their spark because of the drama, but Im here because of the FACTs that unfolded after. Im not really into "love teams" and never will support make believe stuff just to connect two people who just worked professionally in a drama that was loved. I love the LYJ-KMS pairing onscreen... but I love the real PSJ-PMY relationship much more! If i think that their relationship is clearly onscreen... only for the drama.. id stop there and move on to other dramas. I am supporting PPC because I strongly believe they are REAL. Not really rushing them to admit publicly or get married. they are young, they should just enjoy life together. it would probably take yeaaars.. but I just hope they are the endgame of each other.
  13. The ratings dropped a bit, ep.5 gathered only 3.5%... Last Saturday it was 3.8%, hopefully, it'll rise since it's always better on Sundays. HQ BTS pictures are up on Voice 3 official website: http://program.tving.com/ocn/voice3/8/Board/View?b_seq=20 http://program.tving.com/ocn/voice3/8/Board/View?b_seq=21 http://program.tving.com/ocn/voice3/8/Board/View?b_seq=22 http://program.tving.com/ocn/voice3/8/Board/View?b_seq=23 Some more fanpics I really like where they're going with this
  14. 910 @triplem while watching Secretary, i was wondering about their office that look more like hotel. And that Nespresso machine!!! With colorful capsules... I want it... feel like living my whole life a lie without it in office
  15. MVs of KTH’s K-dramas. Enjoy! 1. Love Story in Harvard - some scenes are so funny, LOL. Credit : Huy van 2. IRIS - I love the song; by Lee Seung Chul. Well edited MV. Credit : Jane Grasses 3. My Princess - brings me to the day when I first watched this drama and after some time, I ended up here, like for so long, hehehe... Credit : Grace Chu 4. Boku No Star 99 Nichii - I did not follow through with this drama. There are some funny scenes in this MV that tickles me...hehehe... Credit : Beyza ersou 5. Jang Ok Jung - sad, oh so sad...my eyes welled up with tears even till now, LOL. Credit : boice forever 6. Yongpal - Well edited MV that blends the lyrics with the scenes. Credit : Kdrama Edits.
  17. Hi everyone!!just had to comeback to soompi for this lovely couple.. I am sooo inlove I just can't..
  18. Despite how much I love the dialogues in EOG, it's difficult to re-watch, unfortunately. Generally, I can tolerate for all the characters in any dramas, EOG is the exception. I'm also not too fond of the bro, but I think I can forgive him somewhat. At least he redeems at the end. I can't really blame him much coz his greed is bigger than his head. He got lured by others.
  19. The most fun part become a shipper is the phase like this: before the announcement. We're in guessing, we're excited just because of the little things they do, the coincidences and everything. After the announcement we must be happy but it's not as much interesting as it was before the announcement
  20. uhm i dunno about other ppl.. but i dont ship them jst bcoz of a drama.. i ship them because i believe they are a secret couple (based on knetz ent insiders, house locations, dating rumours, coincidences etc).. so ofc i hope they will get married in the future. (after happily dating for a long time) hahah.. anyhow im not gonna force anything on them.. if they are, they are. if they arent, oh well.. im not gonna cry a river over that.. i cant even tell if my own relationship is gonna last, let alone predicting the future for others... que sera sera... but for now i believe they are together and that’s enough for me.. i hope they will happily dating for a long time like Rain-KTH or Jisung-LBY.. come on they are still young what’s the rush.. it’s not like marriage is the solution to everything....
  21. I agree that being a kdrama, the writer has to create conflict and that`s what she came up with. About the truth...both of them should tell the truth. I don`t think Mi Ri won`t tell Tae Joo about In Sook because she thinks there is an issue about being an abandoned child. Speaking about this issue, in Korean society, from what I read, there was a problem, at least in earlier times. Women could fake a pregnancy than adopt openly, childred were bullied.... I am glad it is not the case here. No, Mi Ri doesn`t tell she is adopted because she is afraid how she is perceived. The "problem" is herself like she told Tae Joo when she rejected this marriage proposal. She is unconfortable right now, she suffers in silence with In Sook`s rejection the second time. She did not tell what bothers her to Sun Ja (we know how she reacted when she found out but not from Mi Ri. Sun ja exagerated but her reasons to be upset were valid. Almost 30 years together as a family but she doesn`t share her problems). She is suportive, she helps them, loves the family but somehow, to not give 100% was upseting for Sun ja. The same pathern with Tae Joo. He really knows something is bothering her, he is frustrated and upset that she doesn`t include him in her life compleatly. She knows she has to tell the truth but she postpones the decision to reveal the truth for later. She told him in his episode "I will tell you later". Why later? Because it is her way to control the issues. When a problem accures she wants to solve it first and then she will tell others what was the problem. In a relationship it doesn`t work this way. Her partner doesn`t want to know what was the problem after being resolved, he wants to know now to try to solve it together, to talk about it. It is a way to include the other significant partner in your life. Tae Joo said when he proposed her the marriage: "I want a relationship which is a lot deeper than this, a relationship that you`re my half, my family, my love, my everything." Beautiful words but right now Mi Ri can`t give him that. Until Mi Ri will really open herself to Tae Joo, they won`t have this beautiful relationship. He has good qualities to be a great partner, he is patient and loves her very much, but he should not hurry now. She is not ready for marriage. I know that I am giving In Sook and Chariman Han the hard time because they are against Mi Ri and Tae Joo`s realtionship, but they could be a blessing in disguise. Except for the rush to get marry of Tae Joo, having opposition could make their relationship stronger. They have to fight for their happiness, rely on each other. Saying that, I am still upset of Chairman Han who says in the preview: "I will ostracize her from the industry". He is blackmailing him to accept an offer he doesn`t like. He has changed his mind again? He thought that a marriage between Mi ri and Tae Joo was not that bad idea. Ugh! @chdom, @Trings welcome to Mother of Mine thread. Nice to read your comments. Totally agree. We have a long time to go. Lots of episodes. And their relationship will grow. It will have ups and downs but we will cheer on them to make it, to become a beautiful, strong and happy couple in the end.
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