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  1. Yeah right! Cute Kim Soo Hyun during their Japan promotion for "Moon Embracing The Sun" last December 8-9, 2012. His expressions here was due to their funny interview with Han Ga In and Kim Yoo Jung. It was a fun interview yet there are some awkward moment.
  2. Agree with you @hwonhwon_stv. Its annoying that news always tagged Soo Hyun in every projects that they have. Honestly, I only want his mother to be tagged along with him.
  3. It was available online before, just like Amazon. I'm not sure if its still available.
  4. It would be Daebak if there will be Dream High 1 Cast reunion
  5. This photo makes me miss him more credit: DC Gall
  6. [ 03232019] Hongilhwart with #KimSooHyun #김수현 #filmreal Credit: hongilhwart ig
  7. [SBS Star] Kim Soo Hyun to Be Discharged From the Military in Just One Month [Deleted My Post - Double post]
  8. Watch: BTS’s V Impresses With His Acting Of A Scene From“The Moon Embracing The Sun” For more details: please see Soompi Link: https://www.soompi.com/article/1328373wpp/watch-btss-v-impresses-with-his-acting-of-a-scene-from-the-moon-embracing-the-sun Lip Biting mannerism of Soo Hyun.. credit: KSH Fan Cafe
  9. Actor #KimSooHyun in his unique Airport Fashion at #Gimpo Airport last May 19, 2014. credit: Online News Site Actor #KimSooHyun in his unique Airport Fashion at #Gimpo Airport last May 19, 2014. Set2 credit as labeled
  10. Can't wait to see our Soo Hyun again with his Airport fashion. Actor #KimSooHyun in his #Beanpole Outdoor Airport Fashion going to Sydney,Australia last August 22, 2015.
  11. Hi @hwonhwon_stv, Thanks for sharing this....is This for what week?
  12. Our Kim Soo Hyun at Samsung Galaxy S5 Event in China last April 18, 2014. Cant forget this event because this was when South Korea is in mourn about the Ferry tragedy. And all of us saw that our boy seems sick that time because he was coughing. credit as labeled
  13. Happy Sunday to All and to our Sunshine Boy
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