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  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vctCd-A5Hfw
  3. Part 3 Dior Mens Wear Event in ChengDu. Really love his hairstyle!!!
  4. Jiwonnie learning to carve aromatic candles...eng sub. , can't believe that she's 40 , she's so fresh , cute funny and creative ...love everything that she made, spring, unicorn, spider man, what else...coke...flower ...I really love her vlog for letting us to have a glimpse at real Jiwonnie
  5. Fan video captured last moment before depart from venue https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4364384324241148/4364384438583919
  6. Lol ..it’s ji seok day or ji seok month . Oppa birthday week . Baeksang is the name of the biggest film & drama awards in Korea . It recognises work from all stations . At the year end , each main broadcaster ( SBS , KBS , MBC) has their annual awards show . The grand prize they give to an actor is called Daesang. 542
  7. I agree and do believe that SJ will die. However, I don't think SY will go back to SH...not when after what SH's mom has done. Being with SH, will remind all the bad deeds committed by Ms. Hong to SY. It will be too painful. My guess in the end, SY will be alone. SH will always be SY's best friend. It will be a sad ending. Not what we wanted.
  8. Really haven’t had time to catch with this week’s episodes. But what’s happening here in this preview
  9. More on director's thought: https://www.scmp.com/lifestyle/entertainment/article/3007278/cannes-film-festival-2019-palme-dor-sights-bong-joon-ho-new “It’s not easy for people with different backgrounds to live together in the same space. It is all the more so in a world where human relations [that are] based on coexistence and co-prosperity have collapsed and some people have to live like parasites, relying on others for their survival”, the director says of his seventh film. “Who can then criticise a family who is getting crazy in [its] struggle to survive in this kind of world? They were not parasites in the beginning. They were our neighbours, friends and colleagues who were driven to the edge of a cliff.”
  10. Hyungang gets back to normal with SW as CEO and NJ really leaving. Don't know how SW accommodated uncle and Mr. Jo. Then the 2 year jump!! NJ has his business, and SJ is returning from her studies. JA is holding her 2 year old son, and CSH is learning how to cook with NJ's mother, who must have married lawyer Heo. Wow.... I guess the extension is more fluff to fill up time. NJ and SJ are getting a little "long in the tooth" to be starting their marriage and possible family if that's the way it turns out. Their families are probably getting a little anxious.
  11. Well.... I was planning to watch Daniel's cameo in KBS World but I couldn't watch it due to an unexpected heavy rain! But no worries! He is sweet & cute as always this time in short hair!!!! Now please pick up a lead role next with a pretty lady by your side, Daniel!!! We can't wait to see you in lead again!!! Oh Gosh!! He is ultra handsome in eye-glasses! And that eye smile of his in the 3rd pic...... I want to rub his cheeks!!! Seriously, how can a guy be this beautiful..???!
  12. It is getting subbed? Yay! I really enjoyed it. I think it is hard to shine out from all those youth dramas. Since it is nothing really special it doesn't stick out and for me unfortunately the leading actress is pretty bad. She still needs a lot to learn but at least her character is likeable, so it is okay.
  13. @dolley don't know why, but that flower giving something fishy and new thing to investigate. Florist and stylist suddenly on the menu. Wookie's hairstylist Mr Lim was in Shanghai also last month at the same event with DH. I saw him with Jang Dong Gun. Mr Lim and DH knew each other bc of Wookie and Aurabeauty. Their world is too small, I can sense someone getting restless. @bogs_0712 Since years ago, their actions, especially DH, have one objective only-mocking people who don't like them, their lifestyle, untouchable lifestyle. The more knet sexually harassed them in Naver/Nate, the more excited they show off their honeymoon activities. The gang superiority complex is too obvious.
  14. When In Sook visited Sun Ja she called her Hyung-nim. They must have been sisters-in-law at one point. Sun Ja was married to the older brother and In Sook was married to the younger one. Right now it appears In Sook met the rich man and dumped Mi Ri. However, as we know in Kdrama land, all is not what it seems.
  15. The Top 10 Most Romantic K-Dramas That Will Make You Swoon Most Covetable: Heirs In the iconic drama Heirs, Cha Eun Sang (Park Shin Hye) is supposed to be the unlucky girl whose life handed her sour lemons. As the daughter of a housemaid, she’s the poorest student in her privileged high school, she works multiple part-time jobs to support her family, and the guy she ends up liking is already betrothed to a rich, pretty hotel heiress. Yeah, life sucks for her … if your glass is half empty. From another POV, Eun Sang is caught up in a love triangle with two seriously good-looking high school students, Kim Tan (Lee Min Ho) and Choi Young Do (Kim Woo Bin). Poor thing stresses about having to choose between the inhumanly handsome pretty boy and the bad boy every good girl dreams of, but if that were us, we’d drink that lemonade any day. Both studs are heirs to empires in their own right and both are not at all shy about their affections for her. Case in point, this scene below when Young Do throws Eun Sang into the pool. Not a conventional way to a girl’s heart (unless you’re 10), but if you’ve seen it, you know why. If you haven’t, you gotta watch to find out! The battles between the two ex-friends over Eun Sang’s love are enough to make any girl green with envy. Who wouldn’t want to be part of a double (yes, double) wrist grab? Best Fits of Jealousy: The Legend of the Blue Sea One way Korean dramas prove just how head over heels a character is over the love interest is a series of often hilarious jealousy scenes. These charming moments offer comedic relief in the midst of whatever problems the couple is going through, which is usually a whole lot. In The Legend of the Blue Sea, Heo Joon Jae (Lee Min Ho) is so adorably jealous over Shim Cheong (Jun Ji Hyun). Some of his possessiveness is revealed before he even lets on that he likes her, so it was pure entertainment for us to see him so vulnerable and his friends so befuddled over his strange behavior. Not gonna lie, it also made us wish we were the little mermaid for the first time in a long time since we were kids! https://beautytap.com/2018/02/top-10-most-romantic-k-dramas/ skipped unrelated
  16. Very very beautiful drama. I don't know why this did not get the attention from the viewer's. The OTP's are the best especially the main leads. And it is getting slowly subbed by one of the blog, I suppose. I can't contain my curiosity and watched it raw even though I did not understand a word and its worth it. Here is the m/v of the main OTP where they start as tablemates, friends, lovers......... rest you have to watch. It's good worth watching even though it seems to look like the normal high school drama. It's more than that. Cr: as tagged
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