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  2. Just because of Deng Lun, I am watching this drama. Angelababy's acting skill really very bad. I couldn't see her expression at all. Throughout is like a poker face. Grrrrr.....
  3. Just because of Deng Lun, I am watching this drama. Angelababy's acting skill really very bad. I couldn't see her expression at all. Throughout is like a poker face. Grrrrr.....
  4. That would be really ideal! Hopefully the writer & director pushes toward that kind of secret revelation reaction kyaaa maybe like "I shouldn't be so hard on her since I liked her anyways!" hopefully he lets her explain and listen to her!! that she became VP accidentally!!! istg she wants to confess in that last scene after he meets VP that she's the woman he wants LOL with wrong credentials (accidentally)... Anyway its funny that they're in a love triangle but there's no real rivalry HAHAHAHAHA
  5. I seriously dont like EG. If he really looks at DM, then he shud treat her parents as her parents not come & go at their home like family. He seems to take advantage of DM & her family's kindness. Sure DM's was his nanny when he's young but I still dont get it why his mother still pay DM's mom like a babysitter. He's a grown man with a career. Even if it didnt pay much cant he find a place of his own like most men who are not staying with parents. Does he really need to put up a tent in his school whenever DM uses her own room in her parents house? Does he want to continue to leech off DM & her parents for life? He even asked DM's mom for his suite for him to wear to confess to DM *roll_eyes* seriously?! And he expect DM to accept him as a man? Even of there's no RG, DM wudnt wudnt even give him a 2nd thought. Anyway abt the secret of them 3 playing at the orphanage when they were young...cud it be possible that DM was adopted too? That her mother was a social worker who handled her case, that's why EG's mom left him to her after birth but she went looking for her & advice her against it & promised to take care of him too since she has to raise DM too, so raising them as twins. But all 3 of them lived at the orphanage until HYJ was adopted. Then DM was adopted by he recent mother
  6. From what I have seen on Instagram, all I can say is Daebak!! This by far is Shin Hye Sun's best work and I am so pleased to see the drama, her and our lovely KMS trending on Naver. Is there any way we can get insight from netizen's as I have seen many people share insight about this relating to other dramas. I am crossing my fingers that the first eps rating is better than we expected it to be.
  7. We've been summoned to the Lion's den.... no number
  8. I agree. She did so well in the first episode. Her acting is so powerful. And she's really acting like a cold girl devoid of love. Strong on the outside but weak and fragile deep inside as she misses her parents.
  9. i honestly think they dont really mind.. but yeah it feels weird sometimes how similar some scenes are.. but it is what it is and i guess people dont mind it also.. that’s y HPL is popular... or maybe a lot of its viewers havent watch wwwsk so they dont really know the similarities and jst enjoy the drama for what it is..
  10. Seo's motives are still a mystery to me too. I agree that based on his flashbacks as a child with YC, he wouldn't be fond of YC so why help him? I am wondering if it's possible that he is helping YC only to conceal the truth that he is YC's biological son. Maybe he doesn't want to be linked to a serial murderer for a father and that's why he's been preventing SY/detectives from breaking the cold cases. I don't know...just a thought.
  11. I watched this episode raw but understood the gist of it. I really like RG and DM, but I miss the sexy Ryan. I feel DM is left to do all the heavy lifting in the skinship moments. I understand that RG’s ardor has cooled down because of the whole Lee Sol storyline, but I do miss the Ryan that would look at DM like she was the last woman on this earth.
  12. I really hope all these issues will be resolved in the next episode and I get to see RG happy again. Did you guys noticed that they always hinting on intimate scene, but it's always not happening. I really hope they purposely did that to give us awesome "sweet" scene later. Fingers crossed..
  13. @widala, I read the comments from the Cannes screening on your Twitter. Those are crazy superlatives! This is one movie I would want to see in the theater. Hope it comes to my area.
  14. Yes, watching Eng sub must be far better. Because there're many dialogues of Yeon-Seo which I think they are spiteful words that will make those great scenes greater if I can understand. And the last scene, it will haunt me forever, with her voice, her eyes , pleading for help....like seeing Young Eun-Soo back from death again. So powerful Just think of this scene, I'm ready to cry again.
  15. Hm, if DM mom was the one leaving little kid Ryan my fear on how this gonna be handle. If this was another drama DM would break up with Ryan thinking this is best for him as seeing her and her mom would remind him of his trauma. but consider his distorted memory I want to hold my breath a little until we have every information about what really happened at that time. gonna be interesting to hear what LS have to say. Maybe Ryan and DM gonna be more surprised and finding it funny how they know each other as kid.
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