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Guest MoiraElla

i'm glad i'm moving on.....you are just DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA. you're so mysterious...sigh. goodbye, take care. I hope i never see you again. I hope i never hear from you again. Just take care. I didn't mean much to you anyways, so it never mattered.

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I really hope the next time we talk in person, we can hold on a conversation.

I don't want just a "Hi." That feels sooo awkward.

But sometimes whenever I try to talk to you, my friends are always there.

And then you can't tell me what you wanted to say. Man.

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When I first saw you, I swear I got hit by cupid's arrow. Even though it was just a one day thing. It was a wonderful night. And although you had to leave, I think I'll remember your face for many years to come. And who knows? We might meet in the future and then something could happen. Although this might be a one-sided thing, i don't care. I think that I'll still carry on this hope until I finally reach where you are. If in the future you find someone to be happy with, I'll be happy for you, though it would hurt me in the process. I might be even be talking nonsense right now, and probably even laugh about my foolishness, but until then, I'm going to hope that there will be an us in the future.

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Guest Moonsongrain

I love you so much, but i feel as if you're getting tired of me.

I know I'm boring and annoying and have no redeeming qualities, but I really wish you won't leave me alone and just stay with me.

I'm terrified that you'll go back to her or even find someone else. You told me to trust you that you'd never leave me and I want to,but I'm still terrified and it still haunts me. I want to scream, cry, latch on to you and never let go. Please hear my unspoken words, I'm scared to say it out loud, directly. I'm terrified. Tasukete. Wo de xin hen tong ku.

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I couldn't sleep till 10 am because of you.

I cried all night long and yelled at nothing because of you.

While driving home, I was screaming inside my car because of you.

I've been miserable, upset, frustrated, angry, and a mess because of you.

I threw up in the bathroom after someone made me a delicious dinner to help me not think of you.

Friends don't do this to each other. I would've apologized a long time ago. Just shows the type of person you are. Thanks roommate, can't wait till college starts. There you could see all of the above in person.

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Guest shronie_x3

ahaha do you know how long it took me to press the send button? why was i shaking --;;

it`s interesting how we can still have normal conversations even though we haven`t talked in forever.

anyway, it was fun, just don`t get the wrong idea.

생일 축하해. 벌써 지났지만.

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"Baby, it breaks my heart to think that loving me is not easy to do.

And I don't mean to make it hard, sorry for all the changes I put you through.

And it's hard to believe after everything you're still here right beside me.

Wouldn't trade you for this whole world, thankful just being your girl."

Let's just stay together no matter all the bad and stupid times..

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Guest addickshun

why can't you just let me go?

do you know how much i'm suffering in this?

you don't get what i feel and you never will..

just let me go live my life and make something out of it.

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you just don't know, but you're hurting me already..

i always look forward to seeing you everyday..

but i just get hurt inside.. even though by just seeing you already makes my day..

i can't tell you all of these things cause you'll never understand..

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Guest .jyjpj.

I hate so many things about myself, and I feel like I'm starting to change. Really. Like, this new school year will actually be promising. Despite the paper I have due soon that I haven't finished researching, let alone writing, I think I'll be fine. I have faith in the fact that it will work out. It feels like this summer, I've developed a greater understanding of myself and it makes me glad.

I feel stupid that I can't decide to like anyone. God, I wish ... really wish, that I had told you I liked you before you left. I wish it had been more that just that one hug. I wish that I had been able to grasp that one moment like I promised myself I would. But I didn't ... and now, I just miss all that time we spent fooling around together. It doesn't make much of a difference anymore does it?

I don't know what to say to you, so I just keep running. I'm really sorry, but I think I may have made you an empty promise... I like what we had, but I'm losing faith in maintaining that same relationship. ... what do you want? I wish you could tell me, sense these things like you used to. I hate to think that I'm giving you the wrong impression - I don't hate you. I really don't. I just have no idea what to do with us. I can't just jump back in and start again where we left off - it doesn't feel right anymore. Plus, I get the feel you think that way too. There's so much ... chemistry between you and her,that sometimes I even feel jealous for no reason. Now what? I wish I knew.

I feel like the world's crappiest friend. I don't even know a way to go around it. I just suck as a friend. I know, and I'm sorry. Sorry, sorry, sorry. I haven't been supportive or even there. Rather I seem like I've been running. But yes, I do want to see you. I don't know how to prioritize, I'm sorry for always putting other things before you. I'm trying to change. Maybe, next time I see you, I'll be able to tell you this. But until then... I'm sorry for being such a disappointing friend.

I'm concerned that everything will be different and I won't be able to cope. Why? Because none of you are going to be here ... and I don't blame you anymore I don't. I'm glad you've all done what's best for you =) Good luck for the new school year!

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ooooh yay new thread! erhhmm i mean.. Btw i just heard a shocking news about us today. Seems like i have a one in three chance of spending the last 10 weeks with ya.. isnt it great *fake smiles*. Ah well ...youre just getting too weird and im falling behind in biology. Its all your fault! Oh and i almost forgot. I bloody hate ya. love mellie

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