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I'm a little upset you would choose flake out on me like that for him.

I know what's going to happen between you two.

I can sense these things, remember?

Ugh, I just hope I don't lose you the way I lost another. :[

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Guest PowerPopJon

im sorry if im going to hurt you later

i dont know why im such a Richard

i wish i can change myself

i wish i wasnt so fickle with my emotions

i hate myself for thinking this way

hate myself for being such a Richard

if i could. i would go back in time

and make it so we wouldnt have met at all.

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Guest LoNeLydReaMeR16

right now, i've come to realize that i'm not meant for love. it never seems to work out for me. i've heard people say how sweet and beautiful love is, but i've only seen the bitter and painful part of it. love has brought me only pain and tears. i'm just so tired. i don't think i have anymore energy to keep this up. although i may seem perfectly fine and happy to everyone, inside i'm actually just lonely. for once, i just want to know how it feels like to be unconditionally loved by someone. sometimes i just want a shoulder to lean on or a hand to hold. when i wanna fall down i want someone there to catch me before i hit the ground. i just wanna feel loved. but i dont think that's ever going to happen. i guess i'm supposed to walk this road alone. this road is scary and dark but i guess that's just the way it is. i'm going to let go of love when the time hits 12:00am. September 6th 2007 will be the day that i completely let go of love and all its pain that it has brought me. i know i might not be able to let it go right away but i will try my best, taking one step at a time. i'm not going to look back. i dont wanna feel this kinda pain anymore. i'm letting go. i will walk these roads without it. i'm saying goodbye to love.

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Guest daydreamin9

i don't know anymore :vicx: ...

i miss you, and sadly... i still love you.

i guess that 5% will always be there...

i hate how it only affects me :unsure: .

why did you have to leave me.. why did you have to go and throw our love away.. :tears:

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i guess it's always been a one-sided love..

but you have no idea how much you've hurt me already.. :tears:

oh yeah, btw, have fun!

since i won't be seeing you in such a long time, and you'll be away, too..

i'll try to forget you instead.. :P

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(woops. thought the rules were the same as last time. sry >_>)

it bothers me to bits that you can just lie to our faces.

how can you be so cruel? how can you treat your own family like this?

i hate you! i hate the way you think we're so stupid & that we dont knw anything! GAH

i wish...

i wish i didnt lack motivation :(

why issert so hard to keep a conversation going with you?

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Guest prizzyy

hello! i had a great time with you today, although at times you made me so disappointed and sad.

okay i think you'll just be my good friend, and we'll just keep gaying until we disappear! xD

i really love you, but i dont think you do too..

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Guest emobeliefs

i hate u u left me for him atleast thats what i think and beleive uve liked him before and now u will too i hope u drink on winterball day and do stuff i hope u have fun cuz uve left me empty lonely and broken hearted i hate you for that but somewhere deep inside i love you still...i dont know why youve moved on like our 10 1/2 months ment nothing to you..i sohuld be glad that you are moving on and being happy since you werent happy being with me..but im just so mad at you....i kno you had to move on but so fast? hurts me so much....you probably dont even care that i exist anymore you ignore me like a fly. i wish i could smack i think it through my head but i cant see me really doing it i dont know... what to think anymore...i know that if we do get back together which i know that will never happen i dont know..why do i say i dont kno so much i kno its my loss not yours...youve always bin there for me and you didnt care how stupid or weird i acted..but i wasnt caring enough to you i geuss..im such a dumb idiot and a fool and a loser for losing you i dont know why i just wish this never came tru but ur happy near as u typed it before maybe it wasnt to me but still who knows i kno ur happy i just gotta accept it theres no more reason for me to ever talk to you agian and bring up memories that will just hurt us both im glad we were together but i wish that we got to be together even longer i dont kno y tell me why this happened tell me why plz it hurts so much i take my anger out on the walls at home and my chest...you dont kno how much it hurts to see you in the hallways how much i jsut want to say hi and hug you and hold you and kiss you i dont know why it has to be this way you blame yourself for doing it but i blame myself for not stopping you or soemthing i dont kno why i feel guilty like im the one who broke us up when your the one who left me for him? why? maybe because u left me cuz he looks better, goes out more, a car, who knows maybe u just want to do stuff with him like what we did how should i know im so stupid i miss you so much i think i may even kill myself cause of it =\ i kno ppl will say 10 1/2 months ant much but you where there when i was so lonely when all my friends drifted away and all i had way you i devoted myself to you and now there you are gone tehre is a even bigger hole even when my friends left school and moved to college but here i am alone at school with all this pain in my heart surging through my body...life has grown so pointless i cant excel at anything..all i do is fail fail fail...its hurts so much...my knuckles grow numb...my chest hurts from the pain of me htting myself....why..why....why....

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