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Guest tired_upset

I seriously can't imagine life without you.

I know it won't be just for the next 3 months, because I just know that we won't get back together.


Oh gosh, what have you done to me :(

I just wish we could go back to when we were happy,

that's why I posted that staement. But you took it to offence and now

we're over. :(

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Guest x_shinae

i love how shy you can be. I know you really aren't, but I guess that we're just getting to know each other.

three deja vu's in a row. it was pretty lucky, if not coincidental.

>___< i just hope karma's not happening.

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Guest miss lisa

okay so this is possibly my last night on soompi for at least first semester i think? ne ways, school starts tmrw and summers officially over. we're seniors! we went thru a lot this summer. a lot of back and forths and ups and downs; fighting, crying, late night phone calls, hanging out, sneaking out, hooking up, sleepovers, other boys, other girls, friendship drama. but all of that has come to an end. well most of it at least. its gonna suck so much not being able to call you at night and not seeing you fr long periods of time. but i know you have a lot to deal with right now and i just have to deal with the fact that things are gonna change a lot. its probly better for me too. i still have tutoring, SAT2s, those glorious 5 AP classes that i decided to take on during my freaking senior year, and college apps if i wanna apply early. so yea i know we would definitely be a distraction to each other. and i know i mentioned weekends but youre right, we're really gonna need those to be able to do all we need to. im really hoping that we can both just get all that stuff out of the way during 1st semester we so can chill during 2nd. its our last year together so it really sucks that we kinda have to spend it apart. no one knows what the future has in store for us so after this year, it could really be the end for us, and im speaking on terms of our friendship. last night was nearly perfect tho. i love when we hang out like that. after a while, i realized how final it all felt. but i definitely didnt expect to start crying. you were so sweet about it tho. i missed you giving me kisses on the cheek and forehead like you always used to. and we had a good morning too. kinda scary when your mom and sister were in your room but everything worked out okay. i really hope we both find time to be able to talk and hang out kus not being able to do that kinda scares me kus i dont know how thats gonna affect our relationship. im just gonna trust that we'll be okay and make it thru. i know we have a really hard semester ahead of us but putting that downer aside, lets have an awesome senior year, k? ;) iloveyou<3

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why do i want to talk to you so bad?!?! this has seriously been going on for too long and it's eating me up inside.

if i knew how the outcome will be then maybe i WOULD talk to you. but that aint happening anytime soon.

and i know you don't really give a damn about me and i want to not give a damn about you. but UGH!

it would make more sense for me to feel this way if we were actually involved with each other at one time.

but we werent... really. so why do i keep going on this emotional rollercoaster?

i hate the feeling you give me when i see you.

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Guest addickshun


seriously, you're leaving me out for so much things already.

and what you say is really not funny to me,

i can't make myself laugh at your stupidity, alright.

argh this is getting me so pissed off at you.

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Guest xchickie

the way you talked to me told me the answer,

but the way you acted today made me take a second thought,

what do you want?

im so confuse here?

do you wanna break it off or just leave it like this?

i admit, i dont have much feelings for you anymore,

but at least let me know why you wanna break it off?

did i do somethingg wrong?

even tho were not together anymore,

i still wanna be friendd with you?

sigh, this is so confusing and complicateed!

just tell me what you want and i'll try to make it right. <3

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Guest prizzyy

i dont know WHATS happening, but you're being so sweeeeet i dont know what that really means.

for once, because its you, im totally confused. like me, or just friendly?

i miss you again, seeing you tomorrow, three days in a row <3

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I feel like a freaking yo-yo. I'm either hanging on a string with you or wrapped around a finger with you. I don't like either. In fact, I hate it.

Moving on is never easy. I should know that .. :mellow: .. but it doesn't mean I can't do it. I'll make it a personal goal to be okay again.

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Guest L.Li-style

I don't know if you would accept me... I'm scared that now there's a new girl, you would pay attention to her...never look at me again.

I want to approach you...but I think this girl secretly likes you too.

I'm scared but I can't avoid liking you.

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Guest AMIbunny

omg...... i'm soo happy =]

i dont know why.


i'm confused =[

i'm not suppose to be doing this!

well....why not?

Because i just broke up with you..

i'm so sorry

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