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Junjin 전진


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Guest battleuphoria

Thank You for explainning it to me, 'jiejunwoo'

Whoa,like Father, like Son! hahaha...

So,before joinning ShinHwa,JJ already famous as The Son of Charlie Park?! :blink::D

yes. like father, like son. nope, charlie park is known to be the father of junjin. not junjin the son of charlie park. junjin came into this business first before his dad.

yeah... i think this shows how handsome junjin will be ALL his life :)

of course!!!!

*glares* :angry:

J/K, still love ya!! :lol:

Charlie can sure move for a guy his age. I wonder if he taught Junjin a few moves.

haha maybe. or it can be the other way around. aha

yeah,...and I love guys who loves their family alot...Jus like Junjin after Charlie Park stepped into the Star World....coz Junjin to many pp..looks like a Casanova who is always playing and joking...BUT..he is actualli showing his family side of him more and more...

iN a recent interview..he also mentioned that he's working hard now coz he wanna reach his dream of having a happy family or something.oh..so sweet..who can imagine that rebellious teen previously would be this sensible now? But if he quits smoking..den he'll be reallly really sensible.

yeah Eves..Im sure dancing, small waists, good build and height sure runs in the family..

Debbie..You're incredible..100 posts already~

well, he needs to settle down in a few years time. hehe but i hope shinhwa will still be performing.

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Guest battleuphoria

yeah i heard it was going to be a movie too.

he wa in Japan for the film festival as a guest - so maybe he is talking to a director there

he should be resting tho!!!!! :lol:

what i REALLY want is a junjin solo album :)

i read that too. that he will have a movie and another series. i am looking forward to it. plus, his album. hehe i also read that he was invited by a japanese to have a concert in japan. hehe

^if my memory serves me right, Shinhwa is going to participate in a concert for the tsunami relief fund

yup! that's true. on the 29th of oct.

awwww no no no... i don't think he is less bright - he just lacks confidence thats all :) - he's smarter than he lets on, i think he has been given a role to play when at SM Town and it stuck. I tink its cos of the whole 'best body' thing... people assume that cos he works on his muscles more than reading the newspapers he is not so bright. People make that ssumption about me sometimes cos i have a very big bust and guys seem to think this makes me an idiot <_<

i think he just doesnt pay attention and trusts evryone else to help him.. and after all i think he was the one that helped min-u out of money problems one right? gave him some good advice?

as for the girls *shrugs* i dont know... dont really care :lol: he's a 26yr old guy... not a monk :P

other shinhwa guys come to junjin to get good advice.

he is also bright. he can not be underrated. he lacks self confidence, yes. but having dramas and some solo activities will absolutely help him improve it.

hmmm...hehe..coz from the intellectual games I've watched him and the other SHinhwa members play...it jus tells me..he aint very bright like Eric and Hyesung...But its okie..if he's very bright..den he's one step away from being perfect (coz smoking makes him imperfect)..lol..oh u have a big bust..you're lucky...*slaps those guys who're acting like idiots themselves...*

Ohh..Did he? I thot it was Dongwannie...Maybe coz he feels young and is treated as a young baby in SHinhwa..so his hyungs rarely approach him for help...

Oh..no..I mean the scandals as in not as if he's seen flirting with gals alot..or going out with many galz at the same time...even so..they maybe untrue...hah..but i rmb once SHinhwa said Junjin looks or is the most likely SHinhwa member who'll steal /attract their gfs away....

haha because no one can resist his charm.

^^A kidnapping plan? Hmmm... seems interesting... hehehehe

can i join the team for kidnapping? haha

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Guest battleuphoria

JUNJIN THREAD! how sexy 8D

he's not the greatest actor but i still lovehim =D he still makes everything worthwhile

hello! what's your name?

hyesung and andy got knocked out of golden bell quiz before he did.. :D hehe

golden bell quiz? can i have the link too? hehe

wow, you g uys know each other very well already...

well anyway, i've just been a fan since july so please help me get to know more on junjin & shinhwa <3


hi mai! hehe yeah, the regulars know each other too well. from the previous junjin thread that is. hehe

I would like to know among the 6 members who is the best buddy of Junjin. :)

hyesungie! hehe but he is close to them all. after sungie, i think it's minwoo then andy then eric. hehe

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Guest naxareth

hi hyung! nice to see you here!


Hi back Naza Hyung/Unni...chicka2.gif

whoa. chikin!!!!!! :lol:

Junjin with papa Charlie


Handsome, eh?

ABBOEJI!!!!!!!!! :wub: :wub: :wub:

Hey what happened to that wanjunjin meetup we were going to have someday in Korean? :lol: We could all kidnap him there :P

oh! oh! oh! can i be the bait?



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Guest battleuphoria

i don't know about the message, but if you saw Hyesung's 1st showcase... Junjin ws the first on the stage and he RAN up to Hyesung to give him the BIGGEST hug and the smile on his face made me all teary eyed... he was so proud of him

and when Junjin was in the coma I think Hyesung was the most upset and crying.. i think he said in an interview he had been SO scared of losing him

aww <3

yes. he was the first one to run into the stage and hug his best friend. and when jinnie was in a coma, sungie really cried a lot. afraid he might loose his best friend.

Jie...okay,with Turboupload,OK! Kumawo Chinggu!!

chibikko..Thank you for posted the pic..His father eosnt look like a korean to me?!

Yeah me too chinggu,junjin such a sweet person,A Family man...

Junjin with Hyesung?! hehhm..nice couple..YOu know what,i really proud of Shinhwa.

They have a very gud relationship with each other,altough they're a "rival" sometimes in korean entertainment.. ;)

i am proud of them too. as in super. i envy their relationship and i often get touched by their words for each other. and when a star was named after them, i cried!

^ yeah, theyre so cute with each other....but hes sort of a floater...man he sure is a manwhore. ricjin, minjin, jinsyung, jindy, and wanjin....T_T he sure knows how to get around eh...kekke

yes. he is the 'mood maker'. his mood is the mood of all!

hey come back...

so shocked soompi was restarted...

me too! was shocked when a friend smsed me saying that soompi was restarted. anyway, it's also good to have the forum restarted but we lost a lot of infos. plus, a 744 page of junjin's thread.

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Guest battleuphoria

i hope to see him in a movie too. and this time, i want him to be the lead. and he should get the girl in the end!

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