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Guest WanMinBin

EEEww...NO WAY DOES JUNJIN LOOK LIKE EKIN !!! no offence to anybody..but Ekin disgusts me sometimes..lol...I always think he's uugghh..so i jus cant link him to Junjin....but yeah..the hair's da same...but..gotta admit..Ekin's got betta hair texture...hehe

okay, okay... :lol: sorry to offend you guys. >.<

btw, your reaction was funny. :lol:

and yups, I'm from sydney. :D

natz, I'm blaming his stylist for his recent hair disaster. :angry: no way would Jinnie willingly sport that look in public. :rolleyes:

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Guest femaki84

^:lol: True true, probably is a newbie. Bleh

A movie..he really is thinking big. Wondering if he'll have enough time to film it though :unsure:

Why wouldnt he have the time? he doesnt do most of the singing in SHinhwa's albums anyway...oopsie..y do i sound like an anti-Junjin fan here? in case you're already wondering...no way k....Im jus saying that coz he realli doesnt get as many parts as the lead singers of coz..I do wish he can sing more.coz i like his voice..

okay, okay... sorry to offend you guys. >.<

btw, your reaction was funny.

and yups, I'm from sydney.

hehe...nah..not offended at alll..I believe there's freedom of speech in Junjin's thread..Soompi jus doesnt allow gasoo bashing..

hehe...its jus that Ekin was somehow my no. 1 HK star i dislike..coz it happened that my buddy liked him..lol..so this opposing thingy became fun and real...

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^:lo: It's just the hair!

Hmm..imma rant abit..lol. Found someone hotlink my sig at the Lovers In Prague thread <_< and she (i assume the person is a she cuz of the username) didnt even ask for permission. ARRRGHHHH!

Okies...ranting done :P

Dude..where is Junjin, he's in like isolation now. No new news..:(

whouhou.. u want me to beat her?! :lol:

it's also ur fault, if ur sig is too good, people cant resist and steal it.... o__O :P j/k hahhaa

hahah yea Jinnie is in isolation, he called me yesterday to tell me that he wanna take a break.. :rolleyes:

hahahha i'm fooling around :P:lol:

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Guest chibikko

^:lol: In your dreams, lady :P Heys, i see my cb in yur sig..:lol: Hmm..i'll shall repay the favor and add yu in mine XD

Nah, i think i taught her a lesson. Made a new sig with a warning in it and then deleted the other one so now she has a X for a sig. Heh..im evillll :D

Felice, yeah, that's kinda true. I know you're not an anti so your safe :) *sigh* Hope he gets more singing parts in the 8th jib.

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Hi Amy! I'm from Aussieland too! :lol:

is anybody here familiar with Hong Kong celebs? coz Jinnie reminds me of this singer/actor, especially when he had that shoulder length hairdo...

^ haha thanks. You guys are so nice! Yeah... I have heard of... hmm two HK celebs? Jay (my friend is obsessed with him) and Janice. She's a fairly new artist though. But sorry, I don't know that many. > . < But anyhoo... let's see what Junjin pics I have on here. Sorry if these have already been posted.


^ that poor girl should put on some weight. -_-


^ Junjin's body :o






^hahaha nice hair! :lol:


Okay... I think that's all I can do for now. If you have seen them: sorry. If you haven't: enjoy. :D

Credits: no idea. I just found these pics scattered all over my computer so I dunno who owns what. ^_^;;;

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Hugzzz back Farah Unnie

i feel unloved coz no one miss me.. Only Farah sis asked about me.. T____T

awww babe.. i been away and i didn't know you changed yr SN *huggles*

too much to reply to haha.... but

i don't think jj looks like ekin.. but in 4th jib when babysitting i thought he looked a bit like Nc Tse

dunno who was asking about HK celebds.. but yeah.. i like quiet a few... but am more of a jay/leehom fan :P

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Oing!!! :blink: Who's who here? I ish confused.... Jin is Sarang???? :wacko: I thought it was going to be easier to keep up... -_-

Okay, sharing this MV, originally dug up from my archives for Jiejunwoo ;) Wanjunjinners download from there as I have a 2 exclusive links there, the link below is for the Soompi gals, araji? :D

One of those rarely circulated vids, I think... this one's the antithesis of everything Debbie posts -- superduper low quality... you've been warned :sweating:

At any rate, worth it? Our hero Junjin acting brave and gallant? hells yeah!!!!


Shinvi To My Friend MV feat. Junjin 6.6 MB on YSI

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^aish!!!! even you changed your name, Farah dear, that is you right????? :blink:

OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH it's my pizza boy!!!!!!!!! *thud*

(I can use possessive pronouns here, right? :unsure: )

not you Deb, I know who you are :lol: you're always too quick!!!!! I meant the post below MY pizza delivery guy....

We're in neutral territory Kay, so I don't have to listen to you *sticks tongue out at Jiejunwoo*

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