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Bull Fighting 鬥牛。要不要

Guest sylver

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Guest sylver

Hebe S.H.E, Mike He, Lee Wei
Title: 鬥牛。要不要 / Dou Niu. Yao Bu Yao?

Also known as: Bull Fighting

Broadcast network: SETTV/TTV

Airing date: 2008

Synopsis: Hebe plays a hot gangster girl. Li Wei likes Hebe but in Hebe's eyes, there is only Mike.

Additonal Info: News, videos and images about the drama (courtesy of kriswei@AF)

Personal thought: According to sources at AF, the main cast is confirmed although they are still looking for the second female lead. Would be nice to see Hebe in a tough role. Her police officer role in Reaching for the Stars was not really convincing enough for me.

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At first I was excited to see Mike's name in the cast list. But he's had pretty poor judgment in terms of choosing dramas to star in.

Express Boy? extremely crappy

Marry Me? extremely crappy

he only redeemed himself a little by starring in Why Why Love. but it's hard to forgive him for those two horrible dramas he did

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Wow! Mike He!!! And hmmm.....SETTV, if im not wrong it's Mike's first drama with the station.

Totally looking forward to it because i like the way SETTV produce their dramas. Eg: MVP, Magician's Love.....

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Guest bokgodance4ever

Hi, new reader in this thread. This thread is not going much so i'll add stuff.


They look good together don't they? I can't wait to watch the series when it comes out subbed. Hmm...I really want to see their chemistry.

Press conference on October 18th





credits to asianpopular.com

Here's the link for the trailer:

bull fighting promo

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Guest strawberrynkiwi

I heard of this drama some where before, can't remember where though.

I am extremely excited.

I love Hebe adnd I love Mike and I think for once their appearance match.

Rainie (IMO) was not good enough for Mike. Neither was Ariel, although they had great chemistry. lol.

Mike looks good in that pictures. The hair is kinda like Joe's from ISWAK. Long and wavy.

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yes, i'm really excited with this series, too

can't wait for..

kinda curious how's their (mike & hebe) chemistry will be like?

(sorry if my english is bad ^^ i'm a new member in this forum, i'm not used to speak english ^^)

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Guest kanako28

omg, this looks good =D i heard news about it when they first started filming. lol didn't know Hebe was in love with Mike in it. i've never seen Li Wei acting, looking forward to it! thanks for the pics!

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Guest summers83

I've always think that out of the three girls (Ella, Selina and Hebe), Hebe's acting is the worst. She definitely can't act. I watched the S.H.E drama they starred together (forgot the title) and her acting was bad. She can't cry and she don't really look like she was in love with the guys...Hopefully her acting's improved here....

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