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Bull Fighting 鬥牛。要不要

Guest sylver

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Guest bokgodance4ever

ooh, bull fighting is being broadcasted soon or already is...i'm not sure.

Here is the poster for bull fighting:


Here is a picture of the cast during their promo earlier this month:


They look like they're gettting along, I'm so happy.

The cast is already making promos for it (interviews and such)

link for the interview: bull fighting interview

If you want to see how hebe acts, here is a link for the show.

bull fighting show

It's ten minutes but it's worth it. After watching it, I really want to watch the show now.

I love the opening song, it's sang by TANK. Oh, I wish I had the song right now, I would listen to it so many times.

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Guest novemberbaby

^ It's airing on the 18th. That's what it says in the poster.

Can't wait for it! Hebe's quite cute. Wonder if she'll have chemistry with Mike. :P

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Guest strawberrynkiwi

I love falling/winter... End of year dramas are always good and interesting.

I haven't seen Hebe's acting, but she is my favorite SHE member.

Also, Rainie's acting was pretty bad in DBY. (even after WWL I still think so)

So I will just not expect much and watch Mike. lol

For some reason, I always like Taiwanese actor and so far no Taiwanese actress has gain my liking.

Maybe thats because I am jealous they get to act with hot boys. lol Ariel might be the only one that can act. Everyone else is just UGH.. lol

So I just gave up in liking the them.

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Guest summers83

nice cast but sounds extremely cliche

typical love triangle plot =/

The part where Mike saves Hebe looks like the scene taken from Meteor Garden. Same plot where Hebe runs and shield Mike from being hit by a chair. And Mike never fight back just like Daoming Si did for Shan Cai...

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Guest xstrawberry_bearx

Ahhhhh!! :) Hebe! Yay! My favorite SHE artist!

And and the ever so adorable Mike He! I'm looking forward to watch this!

The title is really interesting already! ^____^

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The official website is out... courtesy of apple_juice@AF





Drama Overview courtesy of elaiine@AF

Every city has its own story, some are bright and lively, while others are dark and mysterious, just like this place. With the 13th Lane marking their boundaries, this is where two neighbouring schools, DongShang and LanDi are located. Since a long time ago, this two schools have been clearly set apart and all of their differences and arguments are solved at the basketball court between both schools. This court is known to everyone as the 13th Lane Street Basketball Court!

One fine morning at a particular temple, a girl dressed in white appeared out of a sudden bringing with her a group of tough men decked in black suits. Just one look and everyone will know that they belong to the triad. This aroused the surprise of the people in the temple and they rushed to hide in the corner faraway from these people, only to witness the girl dressed in white bringing her men to pray respectfully for a good divination. It was an especially good divination and the entire group started cheering loudly exclaiming, "Long live DongShang! DongShang, 10years champions! Go DongShang! Go! Go!" The girl dressed in white is actually Yi Sheng Xue (Hebe), who is a humongous fan of DongShang's Trio, although she knows nothing about street basketball. She's also the only daughter of Yi Quan Wu, known to most as Wu Ye, the owner of 13th Street.

Standing next to her is Jin Zi Cong (Lee Wei) who is ShengXue's bodyguard, constantly by her side protecting her as it is what he regard as his mission for life. He is also ShengXue's childhood playmate and an orphan adopted by Wu Ye. DongShang's Trio is a three man group, chosen by DongShang's yearly voting campaign. Their main aim is to solve any problems, big or small, in DongShang and they have always received every DongShang students' utmost respect. LanDi and DongShang have been carrying out this 3versus3 street basketball competition every year, and the winner of the competition gets to use the 13th Lane Street Basketball Court. For nine consecutive years, DongShang's Trio have been representing DongShang in fighting for this "sacred place" which an outlet of freedom for the students. Seeing that this is DongShang's tenth year of competition, Yi ShengXue specially made a trip down to pray, asking the gods to bless DongShang in winning their tenth championship. Now that she lucked on a good divination, she's happily returning back to watch this yearly street basketball competition.

At the same time, Shen Ruo He (Mike) just helped his father, Shen GuoSen(not sure of his name), to finish up a internal business deal. He was driving his sportscar in the direction of the 13th Lane Street Basketball Court, and just at this particular road junction, he almost knocked down ShengXue, who was bringing her group of men, running home. ZiCong, seeing that ShengXue almost got run down by a car, immediately got the rest of them to surround the car, forcing RuoHe who was in the car to get down. In the end, it was ShengXue who stopped ZiCong, allowing RuoHe to drive off and ZiCong was puzzled by her letting him off. It turns out that ShengXue recognised this extremely rude guy as Shen RuoHe, who's the leader of Trio, representing DongShang in the street basketball competition at the 13th Lane Street Basketball Court. This very day is the big day of the competition and so she decides not to go after her personal grudge with him. However at this very moment, one of her men, AhJia, was not aware of this fact (that RuoHe's the leader of Trio) and thus he slashed RuoHe's car tyre to teach him a lesson. Another of ShengXue's men, RunYi had also slashed RuoHe's shoe bag and he didn't dare to tell ShengXue this. The other two members of Trio, Xu ZheKai and Zhou BiShou have already arrived at the court waiting, and are wondering why hasn't RuoHe, who is normally very punctual, arrived. This is because RuoHe is currently facing a punctured tyre and as he has to rush for the match, he has no choice but to run to the court with his shoebag. However, being too anxious about getting there on time, he didn't realise that the shoes he needed for the competition fell out of the hole in his shoebag. As the match is about to start, ShengXue asks ZiCong to set up a television in the backyard so that they can watch the match and cheer for DongShang at the same time. They were making so much noise cheering that ShengXue's father, Yi Quan Wu, who was in the midst of meditating got disrupted and he rushed out to stop ShengXue from cheering. Everyone immediately hushed up upon the arrival of Wu Ye, and no one dared to even breathe loudly.

ShengXue's father has always hoped that his daughter would grow up to become a proper and mature lady, but who would have expected that his daughter would be the exact opposite, an exact replica of a rowdy gangster girl! Just as ShengXue was getting a dressing down by her father, her stepmother JieMei, comes in with a two big tubs of popcorn. The moment she sees her husband, and not caring whether he's angry or happy, she exclaimed happily, "Xiao Wu Wu, are you watching the basketball match with us? Thats great!", causing the serious atmosphere to disappear. Yi QuanWu can no longer hold the stern expression on his face, and he had no choice but to dash back into his room, allowing ShengXue to continue watching the match, but warning her not to make so much noise as before. The match has finally started. ShengXue watched RuoHe on the tv screen and shouted loudly, "Shen RuoHe, you better win the match and clinch the tenth year championship for DongShang, or else I won't let you off easily!". And with that the match has started! However for RuoHe, today's just not his lucky day! Or rather, from the moment he almost knocked down the girl in white, everything began going wrong. First, his car broke down causing him to be late for the match. And now that he's due on court, he realised that his shoebag had a large hole in it and his basketball shoes are no longer there. Thankfully, ZheKai has an extra pair of shoes, but wearing a pair of shoes one size smaller for him not affects his mobility when playing. However, ignoring the pain in his feet, he still tries to play up to his normal standard. But just as he's about to shoot the most crucial basket, he was hit by Roma and fell to the ground. This attack would normally be called a penalty in standard basketball matches, but in street basketball matches, there is no such rule. RuoHe has caused DongShang to lose the match! And along with it, losing their past nine years of glory and fame as well as the sacred place of the 13th Street...

In front of her tv set, ShengXue, who had wholeheartedly believed and hoped that DongShang would get the rights to the 13thStreet, Street Basketball Court, could not believe that Shen RuoHe, as Trio's leader, had made such a stupid mistake. He should be killed and have his body separated into parts! (Direct translation of the idiom, it just means to be punished very badly) Bringing ZiCong with her, she rushed to the court to make RuoHe pay for his mistake. However, RuoHe saw her as just another of those crazy fans, and even said to her, "If you want to critisize me, wait till you get into DongShang! Otherwise, its none of your business!". This caused ShengXue to blow up and thus decided to change school to DongShang, and to get RuoHe to pay her back for destroying her image of DongShang. She wants to get revenge on RuoHe through street basketball!Zicong, who has sworn to protect ShengXue for life since young, comes to ShengXue's aid when she is most in need of help, protecting her and stopping RuoHe from picking on her. This knight in shining armour who has given his heart to ShengXue will then be meeting his greatest opponent ever, Shen RuoHe!

Everything started from street basketball, so lets solve it with a game of street basketball!

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Guest bokgodance4ever

Thanks sylver for the info about each character and the links for the songs. Awesome, I really can't wait to watch it but I will have to wait for subs...what a bummer. Also, thanks for the website links as well.

For SHE's new song, I play it over and over again. I love their voices, it always blends so well together...the song is so nice.

Oh! I have pictures of hebe and mike posing together in a magazine.






don't they look so cute together? So CUTE!!...oops I already said that...oh well

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Guest strawberrynkiwi

^^ lol i agree... reading the summary and listening to the song... i am so excited to see Mike with someone i like. haha

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