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Bull Fighting 鬥牛。要不要

Guest sylver

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Guest daisy_mae024

hi everyone.. Just wanted to say that I really liked this TW drama.. It's my first one with Mike He in it.. :P I NEVER watch anything streaming coz I get soo impatient.. But my jie jie keeps on pestering me to watch BullFighting and I finally gave in. I'm really glaaad that I stuck with it. Now, I understand why alot of people like him.. Gosh.. Now, I'm 2 years late for his visits here in SG... :crazy:

The first 5 songs of BF OST has been on loop in my player for like 3 days now, nonstop even when I did a marathon of Devil Beside You.. The songs are just sooo good :heart heart:

I just wish I can find the raw ENG SUBS for BF so that I can add it manually... I would really like to buy the original DVD / VCD but they don't have any ENG SUBS sold here in SG.

Oh well..

Meantime... I'll just savor each romantic moment by listening to the OST... :)

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i just watched one ep before i stopped due to exams then i just kinda forgot to resume. guess what though, the title on 8tv is hooping dulcinea. what is a dulcinea? good thing i was told it was bullfighting or else i wouldn't have known. haha

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please help where to get ep 12 eng sub??

HELP HELP HELP PLEASE? all the links on page 33 for overstream is not working.....

thank you !!

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Guest rexophilius

I live in the U.S., so the only way I got to watch it was on YouTube. :sweatingbullets:

I loved this drama so much! Even though it was the twelfth one I've watched this summer (I'm a dork with no life), I watched it religiously every day.

I think Hebe is officially my favorite member of S.H.E. I even wanted to cut my hair like hers. :P (But then my mom told me my face was too fat to pull it off...)

It made me fall in love with Mike He even more, and I think I might like him more with Hebe than with Rainie. *hides from angry shippers*

Anyways, the only thing that disappointed me was that there was no kiss in the end. Even the monkeys got to kiss! Grr. The only time they got to miss was when Mike was being a meanie. :(

But it was still a really cute drama, and I loved it. :D

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Guest limelight

ahh i LOVED this drama!

i just love mike he<33

:]] haha<3

aand hebe is pretty.

they're really cute togetherrr.

it was such a cute love story (:

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love this drama

but anyone know where to watch it with the eng sub? or maybe where to download it with the eng sub?

desperately wants to watch this so badddd...

pleaseee helpp!!~~ thank you...^_^

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This is one of the very few of my favorite dramas. The chemistry between Hebe and Lee Wei was soooo strong. As hot as he is, Mike just appeared cold all the time. lol

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