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Guest @shley


Lee Dong Gun's First Visit To Singapore, Airport Packed With Fans!

Although Lee Dong Gun shot to fame after "Nang Rang 18 Seh" and "Lovers in Paris", he was initially a singer before he switched to acting. Despite not singing for many years, Lee Dong Gun will be performing at the ZPop Concert.One of the songs that he will be performing is the theme song from his movie <<My Boyfriend Is Type B>> titled << And I Love You So>>.

Speaking in Korean, he said:" I've not sung for many years, but since i am here to perform in this concert, i must do my best."

The reporter was curious, so she asked him <<And I Love You So>> is an old English song, did you have any special preparations in practising his English before he performs?

"This song is one of my all-time favourites, i listen and sing it all the time, so even though it's an English song it shouldn't be a problem. This song was originally accompanied by guitar, but this time at the ZPop concert i will be using the piano for accompaniment, so there will be some difference. This time i will not be playing the piano, however I hope i can get the chance to do it next time."


Touted as Bae Yong Jun's successor, Korean star Lee Dong Gun arrived in Singapore on Friday (22/07/2005) and the airport was packed with fans! Arriving in from Manila at around noon, fans screamed once he appeared. Not only did they packed the airport, they even chased him all the way from the airport to his hotel, and waited at the hotel for him. Between music and acting, which one does Lee Dong Gun prefer, and will there be any plans to release an album soon?

He laughed and said:"I feel that singing is my dream, but acting is also one of my targets in my career. I still love singing and have plans to release an album, but everything is still sketchy, so i have no idea as to when i will releasing an album."

Maintaining a smiling face during the entire interview, Lee Dong Gun was very friendly, and projects an image of a shy littl boy. Being a blood type A, he mentioned that his character in <<MBITB>> is the exact opposite. " I believe that different blood types ahve different characters, I feel that mine and guys with blood type B are toally opposites. I'm very introverted, a little timid, a little shy but sometimes i can be pretty stubborn."

Is he very shy when it come to girls in particular? Has he written any love letters for girls before?

Embarrassed, he smiles and says:" yes, even if I like a girl, I have difficulty in expressing my feeling towards her. I need a long time to do it because I don't dare to express my feelings. I have written love letters before, but I'm not too good at it. But if I receive love letters, I will write back to them. Maybe it's beacuse I studied in all boys school, so that's why I'm a bit shy."

Touted as Bae Yong Jun's successor, Lee Dong Gun says:" I don't want to be one." The reporter told him that a lot of press have said that he is the successor to "auntie killer" Bae Yong Jun. Upon hearing this, Lee Dong Gun smiled and said:" I'm flattered that the press have this high perception of me, but I don't want to be anyone's successor. I thank everyone for their supprt, with this 'title' I must work doubly hard to reach everyone's expectations of me."

Since he became an "Teen Girls Killer", does Lee Dong Gun have any idols himself?

He says:" I don't consider them as my idols, but I admire Hugh Grant and Jeremy Irons. I love to see foreign films, about 3-4 every week. One film which left me a deep impression is called <<Saulsalito>>, starring Maggie Cheung and Leon Lai. I admire Maggie Cheung and I think that she is a great actress.

Upon hearing Lee Dong Gun watches so many films in one week, the reporter was shocked, and asked him besides watching movies, what does he do during his free time. Lee Dong Gun says that he like to eercise and do sports, and he will suit the weather and change into different sports. he says:"Now is summer, so I go water ski-inng, swimming and basketball.I like to go to the gym too."

Upon hearing that he likes to go to the gym, the reporter asked him whether he has trained till he has abdominal muscles? Lee Dong Gun was stunned for a while, then laughed and said:" Ah, no, I did not train until I have abdominal muscles." Does he have his own training regime and target? He responded:" Haha, I don't have any target, I don't have abdominal muscles on me."

Source: Xin Ming Daily

Translation: ashley~*

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Guest quel

just want to reminisce on my bribery days! :lol: :lol: :lol: remember sis mikks? :D





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Guest kellee

oh my my why are we have kelbin in the house of lee eh .. we should have kellee ... dont' you think

someone have been kidnap kellee .. my sis .. hello ... everyone see her ... or someone .. have been in wrong place eh .. hahhahahhaha

omg ... sis .. you have 2 nick now ...

Sis ....kelbin is already out. So that name is ban in this thread? ..... huhuhu!

I love these two names very much ..... KELLEE & KELBIN!

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Guest @shley


Lee Dong Gun’s Birthday Wish: To perform his best at the concert!

Touted as one of Korea’s 4 new little Heavenly Kings, Lee Dong Gun is indeed one such popular idol. The moment he arrived at the Singapore Changi Airport, fans have been chasing him along; with his birthday coming soon on next Tuesday, Lee Dong Gun had received many birthday greetings and wishes as well as gifts from his Singapore fans in advance.

At yesterday’s press conference, Lee Dong Gun constantly revealed his reserved smile, but yet still display the aura as a new heavenly king. With his fans continuously shouting out his name and saying, “I love you” in Korean, Lee Dong Gun could only return his appreciation with his shy and embarrassed smiles.

He spoke in Korean, “I am very thankful to all my Singapore fans for all their support. I did not expect to see so many people at the airport and also did not expect them to come down specially to support me. I am really grateful to them. I feel that Singapore fans are very passionate; they will follow me all the way from the airport to the hotel and continue to wait at the hotel. Many fans had also wished me happy birthday in advance. Thank you everyone.”

When he was asked what birthday wish he had, he answered, “I want to put in my very best to perform well in the concert.”

Source: Xn Ming Daily

Newspaper article: ashley~*

Translation: chanchan

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Guest quel

posting this article from Oppa's Manila visit last July.... :D

Lee Dong Gun: Blown away by the Koreanovela fever in Manila




Koreans have invaded Philippine television. From morning to primetime programming, there are Koreanovelas on Philippine TV screens. They’re on cyberzone as well, for Koreanovela fans have been chatting ceaselessly and exchanging photos and information about the Korean stars they fancy. Now, these Korean stars are about to conquer Manila as well, as more and more fans clamor for them to visit the country and be seen in the flesh.

Lee Dong Gun is one Korean star who responded to this call. On his own initiative and made possible by GMA Network, the star of the hit romantic comedy series "Sweet 18" that airs on GMA-7 came to Manila last July 21.

"I’m glad the Filipinos like my dramas. I’m surprised actually that my series are a big hit here, that’s why I wanted to come and show my appreciation to the Filipinos. I’m happy and excited that people recognize, love, and support me," Lee Dong Gun was quoted as saying several times in his interviews.

Warm welcome

Lee Dong Gun was only recently seen on Philippine TV and it was only in "Sweet 18" that Pinoys saw him in a starring role, yet a huge crowd welcomed the Korean heartthrob when he arrived at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport and a throng of fans waited outside his hotel to catch his departure the following day. With the Koreanovela craze sweeping the land, fans would do anything to catch a glimpse of the ruggedly handsome, 6-foot-tall Korean whom they only see on their TV screens.

His schedule permitted him to stay in the country for only one day, and his jam-packed itinerary included interviews, guestings, and a press conference cum meet-and-greet for ten lucky fans. Yet he was able to manage his time wisely and would make it a point to always be on time for all his engagements.

After an interview with GMA News at the airport, which was first on his itinerary, Lee Dong Gun was brought to Dusit Hotel in a limousine for lunch. The Korean guest was served a Filipino buffet, which included lechon de leche, that he enjoyed sampling. But it was the mango shake that became his instant favorite. He loved the drink so much that he even shared it with his attendants. "Try this, try this," he enthused.

In the hot seat

At exactly 2 p.m., as scheduled, Lee Dong Gun’s interview with GMA-7’s "S-Files" commenced. While at first he may seem the silent, reserved type, he easily breaks into a shy smile when interacting with people. He was particularly jovial while conversing with "S–Files" hosts Alessandra de Rossi and Jeremy Marquez, and answered all their questions gamely.

He was just as obliging in the Startalk interview, done by Megan Young. He would listen intently to the question and give thoughtful answers afterwards. Megan broke the ice when she asked, "Would you go out with a Filipina?" to which he answered with a good-natured laugh, "I’ve met so many pretty Filipinos, but I haven’t been asked by any one of them."

This seemed to inspire him in answering the next question, which is about his ideal girl. "She has to be cute," he says with a smile. "She must be talkative and outgoing because I’m quiet. She also has to smile a lot. I want a girl who has the traits that I don’t have. I’m an introvert, so I like women who are very cheerful and laugh a lot."

When asked about his dream role, Lee Dong Gun asserts that every role he has played so far was his dream role, including the powerful public prosecutor and half of an arranged marriage in the series "Sweet 18." "What I like most about my job is I get to live various lives through the different roles I play. I get to become a different person every time I play a different role," he imparts.

Lee Dong Gun admits that he hasn’t really given much thought to what he would have been if he wasn’t an actor. "But maybe I could be a car racer or a motorcycle racer because I like the speed," he confides.

Asked if he would consider doing projects in the Philippines, he replies, "I have not been offered any yet, but given the chance, why not?" He admitted that he did not expect that his Korean series would be famous in the Philippines or in other countries for that matter. "I feel very lucky to be unexpectedly popular, and the least I can do is show appreciation," he says modestly.

He encourages his fans to keep watching Sweet 18 and to also watch his two upcoming shows on GMA-7: "Friends and All For Love" (titled "Sangdoo! Let’s go to school in Korea"). "I did these shows a long time ago. "In All For Love," I’ll be playing a doctor. It will be a love triangle, and there would be two persons there who are very dear to me, and I would lose both, and I would be heartbroken in the series," he divulges.

The "Startalk" interview was followed by an appearance in one of the segments of the GMA gag show, "Nuts Entertainment." In the scene, the rib-tickling tandem of Pekto and John Feir mistook a guy for Matthew, the character Lee Dong Gun plays in "Sweet 18." It ends with their realizing that the real Matthew was just there, and they run to him, screaming. He laughed so hard while watching Pekto and John Feir do the scene. He even clapped while laughing even harder when the take was over. Then he did another interview for "Nuts Entertainment."--na-miss ko to

Meeting and greeting fans

Everyone seemed to be holding their breath as the press guests, advertisers, and fans waited for Lee Dong Gun’s arrival in GMA Network for the press conference. And it was as if the room exhaled a collective breath giving way to screams of delight and blinding camera flashes when he finally walked in, handsomely dressed in a black suit.

But it seems it wasn’t only the fans who were in for a treat, because GMA also prepared a birthday surprise for the actor who usually plays older roles, yet only turned 25 last July 26. Guests were given candles which they lighted before they sang "Happy Birthday." A beautiful heart-shaped cake was presented to him, and he blew the single candle when the singing ended, to give way to loud cheering. Yasmien Kurdi then serenaded him with the "Sweet 18" theme song, "I Know."

It was said that Lee Dong Gun was so touched by the birthday surprise for him during the press conference. He was thrilled and very grateful that they remembered his birthday. Members of the GMA staff even recounted that there were more fans that sent gifts and cakes to his hotel room later on. The Korean star remarked that the press conference turned out to be like a party for him. He said he realized that press conferences in the Philippines are different from those in Korea, where the press events are usually very business-like and formal.

Lee Dong Gun was placed in the hot seat once more, as the floor was opened for questions from the press and the ten lucky fans who won in GMA New Media Inc. (NMI)’s text promo. One of the fans who asked him a question admitted that she sent as many as 40 entries just to have a chance to meet and greet her Korean idol. Among the questions they asked him was if he was romantically-involved with his "Sweet 18" co-star, Han Ji Hye, to which he responded that she is indeed someone special to him.

The other questions focused on his career, particularly his formerly being a crooner. Lee Dong Gun started off as a singer, churning out two album, "Time to Fly" in 1998 and "Much More" in 2000, before he decided to focus on becoming a good actor. But he said that he would love to do dramas, movies, and even a concert here in the Philippines, given the chance. He also has plans of producing another record in the future. Apart from his engagements as an actor, his studies and his lessons in singing and acting currently take up most of his time. He might also be joining the military next year, which is required of him in Korea.

The press conference ended with his joining the ten fans for a pictorial. He also gave them a signed photograph each. He was really accommodating toward the fans, for they were the main reason he came to the country in the first place.

Lee Dong Gun may have been in the country for only a day, but it was enough for him to accomplish what he came here for and to realize that the admiration he heard the Filipinos had for him was actually so much more than he ever imagined, when experienced first-hand. Does this mean then that Pinoys can expect more Korean stars in Manila? They’ll have to wait and see

credits spygirl from tsinoy

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Guest skyelee21

OMG, mrs. han...

The writer of that article you just posted was a former classmate of mine in High School!


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Guest quel












i'm missing my president...where are you sis stegun? anyway i'm posting this for the rest of the "DYING DREAMERS CLUB" :D


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Guest skyelee21



It's my to-kki!

Mrs. Han, you made this???

I'm flying!

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Guest quel



It's my to-kki!

Mrs. Han, you made this???

I'm flying!

yup! i edited one of oppa's gif here and added the captions. :D you better make me one too...starring my yeo-bo kom of course! :D

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Guest Saranghae012

ahh i love this man. he is so handsome.. i loved him in lovers in paris. made me love him more i bought like keychains and stuff haha xP


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Guest lee ji woo

nice to see so many familiar name here once again especially to lunagal...hope you will reconsider and come visit here more often with fresh updates :D

would just like to share some of my fave Lee Dong Gun captures :wub: :wub: :wub:








credits to original posters of the old LDG thread

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Hey hi LDGerz!! <_< Fresh new start eh??

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -









12/13/04 – On 12/12, Lee Dong Gun and Kim Ha Neul filmed the kiss scene of the drama “Glass Painting” in snow for about 6 hours at Namsan Botanic Garden of Seoul. They NGed 9 times before the PD Lee Chang Soon OKed the scene.


From : Stained Glass






- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

here'z a good LDG site where ye can find commercial clips, seriez clips, MV'z, large gallery, latest picz (includin' Stained Glass & Ma Boyfriend is Type B `en more..


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

source: the electric new paper

posted by: solangaraw l AF

Guys who will make Bae Yong Jun sweat

While the rest of Asia is still obsessing over Bae Yong Jun, the Koreans have already moved on. He's still the country's biggest pop export, but a new generation of leading hunks are on the rise and ready to vie for both fans and the advertising dollar, reports MIHARU CHANG


THE GOOFY CHARMER: Kang Dong Won, 23

STARTING out as a model, Dong Won soon moved on to TV and film and found his goofy niche.

First noticed for his comic talent in the drama, My Formidable Girlfriend, he tickled more funny bones with his hilarious portrayal of a pharmacist who gets conned by Kim Ha Neul's character in Too Beautiful To Lie (out on VCD) early last year.

But it wasn't until the teen romance hit, Temptation Of Wolves, which attracted over three million viewers, that the 1.86m-tall hunk finally cemented his leading man status.

Now doing a period film with Ha Ji Won, Dong Won was recently named Most Popular Actor at the Blue Dragon Awards (Korea's movie awards), and also Best New Actor at The Critics Choice Awards.

THE SENSITIVE NEW AGE GUY: Lee Dong Gun, 24 blush

FOR seven long years, Dong Gun struggled to make a name for himself in Korea's pop music scene.

But it was only when he crossed over to dramas that he really shone.

From his first leading role in the popular Little Bride last year to Lovers In Paris and his latest, Yuriwha, the 1.83m-tall Dong Gun has left an indelible impression as the next Snag. Recently, he was even voted by female fans as the actor they'd most want to kiss in the New Year.

Dong Gun will make his movie debut next month in the romantic comedy, My Boyfriend Is Type B.

THE STYLE ICON: Cho In Sung, 23

TO his Hong Kong fans, he is Prince In Sung. Flawless good skin and delicate good looks aside, his stylish dress sense has also inspired a legion of copycats.

Since starring in the hit drama Memories Of Bali last year, the 1.85m-tall ex-model has become a trendsetter in his country.

The bright floral shirts he wore in the drama have became the most sought-after items at departmental stores, registering a reported 30 per cent increase in sales.

Advertisers wasted no time in snagging him for endorsements.

Now, In Sung is set to stretch his acting range by playing a doctor who falls for an older woman in Spring Day.


WITH a boyish face that screams innocence, a killer bod that oozes sex appeal and a rich, mellow voice that belies his young age, Rain is contradiction personified.

Though bashful in person, he transforms into a fiery sex symbol on stage, swirling his hips and unbuttoning his shirt to reveal his sculpted chest.

No wonder thousands of young girls and big advertisers are screaming for this red-hot singer-actor who was voted by the Korean media as 2004's Best Singer and Best Star.

In Seoul, the 1.84m hunk's single-lid eyes stare out at you from gigantic billboards for products ranging from handphones to apparel and skincare.

His latest album, It's Raining, topped charts in Korea. He has also performed to screaming crowds in Japan, China and Taiwan.

Musical success aside, Rain has also catapulted into the drama A-list after scoring a mega-hit in the romantic comedy, Full House.

He plays a bratty movie star who romances Song Hye Kyo in this chart-topper that pulled in 31.9 per cent ratings in Korea.

Check out their sizzling chemistry in the VCD set which is available here in major video stores.

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Guest patring

watched Lovers in Paris last week. yes i know, i'm like soooper uber late but i wanted to wait until my sister bought the original dvd set. anyway, i LOVED it. i think it's the best drama i've seen so far. LDG's role just made me love him more. so handsome!

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hey all!!

nice to see some familiar names...hope our community would grow and grow... :D

thanks to all for keeping this thread alive! love ya all!

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posting the interview of Lee Dong-gun on Arirang's Showbiz Extra 10/02/05



Lee Dong-geon

The actor who will light up this autumn season, Lee Dong-gun!

He sends his love to his fans all the way from the city of love, PARIS! Only on star focus.

It was great to see him again. And in such a beautiful city, no doubt.

The atmosphere was enchanting and it enticed the crew that went with the star for the shoot. They looked like they couldn't be any happier.

It looked like the blue sky had no end, and neither did Lee Dong-gun's soft smile.

It's his trademark charm, but everytime he flashes that smile and looks up with his melancholy eyes, fans become enchanted once again.

And what is this? Maybe this location looks a little familiar to our viewers.

"You're always with me, in here." The unforgettable line he uttered during a pivotal point in the hit drama, “Lovers in Paris”!

His heart was broken over and over in the drama, yet he never stopped pursuing his true love. And for his sincerity, audiences embraced him.

After that experience, what has the star been up to?

Interestingly enough, before he went into acting, he debuted onto the entertainment scene in music. In 1998, he came out with album number one -

and in the year 2000, he released his second and enjoyed a measurable amount of success.

One image, a vast array of characters and roles. An inevitable part of being an actor, but one that Lee Dong-gun is particularly good at. Every production that he's participated in has been with some of Korea's top actresses, and Lee has definitely lived up to his end! But moreover, the number one reason that he has made it to the top is his complete sincerity, passion, and innate ability to absorb his characters.

The fans were wild and it was all for Lee Dong-gun!

It was surprising that with all this newfound popularity, he was still well known for his humble demeanor.

He just remains grateful for the love and support from his fans.

He doesn't let the fame go to his head, instead, Lee Dong-gun keeps his eyes set far into the future and never stops trying harder.

An actor who knows that it's the love of his fans that will keep him afloat - we hope to see more of Lee Dong-gun in the future.


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Guest r3bells

omo.. :o

just log in..

what happened??


i miss u guys eh..

i miss oppa too..

stained glass and LIP is airing rite now in my country...

it's gud to refresh back my memory of oppa..




gudbye guys..see ya again!!

-bells_kormu- :lol:

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Guest mikki






source donggunchina .. upload by me ..hihi

hehhehh.. bell you here . miss you too .. long time no see ..

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