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  1. @shhai @Cecentre haha I did skip some scenes in Pots of Gold especially when the main couple appeared Definitely love seeing PSJ's evolution as an actor over the years. I do miss the boyish, goofy PSJ. But then again he's 30 (31 korean age) now, not to mention a top actor too so his image has become more mature. Still, hope he's getting the rest he needs! He still has those eye bags.
  2. It's okay, @ixora6! I'm sorry too for being away for quite some time..got caught up with work and then I did an "'I Summon You Gold"/"Pots of Gold" marathon (omg 50 episodes LOL) Agree with @Cecentre that PSJ was really cute with BJH! Would've loved it more if there was more skinship but since it's a family drama I cannot complain Regarding his wardrobe these days, I do agree that he can do better. I agree that he looked more stylish before? I think the office slacks with white sneakers have to go for now hahaha *peace* Now I plan on watching Kill Me, Heal Me...
  3. Yes, I also hope things die down once filming starts. I'm happy he gets to do another film because from what I know, shooting a film follows a much relaxed schedule compared to dramas. I plan to watch WR because as I was backreading this thread, quite a number of PSJ fans "discovered" him through this drama Even if he looks so good, I still see his eyebags here So proud of him for being one of the faces of Shinsegae Duty Free!
  4. Thank you for the warm welcome, @Cecentre! I have not seen the negative reactions per se, but I think the backlash is from their belief that PSJ and PMY are indeed dating (but they denied it). It's really crazy, though... hope they can move past this already. I have yet to watch WR, KMHM and Chronicles of Evil (such backlog haha). I love him with his hair down but now I kinda miss seeing his forehead Agree that he looks so tired..I think he filmed for his endorsements right after WWWSK. I noticed his eyebags in some of his new ads. He needs to be fresh and energized for his new film..
  5. @shhai it's seems there are a lot of dating scandals now which is pretty suspicious --- SK is kinda known for using these scandals to cover up government issues. I guess it's also the price of PSJ's popularity now that they made him a target Those Nate/NB articles are such clickbaits anyway, and I believe antis make multiple accounts to spread hate too. Thankfully PSJ seems like a really strong person, so I'm sure he'll get through this. It's just a real bummer especially since his agency just started. On a brighter note, I'm really excited for his upcoming movie, Saja. So I guess the official english title is "The Divine Fury"?
  6. Hi @ixora6! I still think it's just some k-netz who can't do anything but find fault in others. I hope the issue dies down already. PSJ has worked too hard to be where he is right now and his work speaks so much more than that 'issue'. But maybe we'd have wait a little bit longer before it dies down fully because he's in the WWWSK reward trip. Don't mean to be a downer too but I noticed he didn't look too pleased at the airport. Hopefully this doesn't affect his brand reputation because so far he's doing so well with his endorsements.
  7. Yeah... I actually just hope he gets to enjoy, relax (and sleep) well before shooting his new movie. I'm only worried that with the dating issue still our there the media/fans will be hounding him.
  8. Thanks @shhai!! Yes I loved the "integrated order sheet" too! Didn't LSJ say he admired PSJ and would listen to him a lot during YK2 because of his experience in doing some part-time work in the past. I really admire that about him. And yeah I've never seen CTH be so excited about casting someone at 1N2D..PSJ would've fitted so well there but he's just too busy now so it wouldn't be possible even if we wanted him to Heard he's going to Phuket today for the WWWSK reward trip. Hope the weather treats them well!
  9. Hello everyone! I'm a semi-new fan of PSJ! First of all, HAPPY 7TH ANNIVERSARY to him!! First noticed him in FMW then Youn's Kitchen...and then while WWWSK was airing I binge-watched SWP, Hwarang, and Midnight Runners. Honestly I didn't notice him at first, but he grows on you. He is not the typical "flower beauty" but I do like that he has that rough, masculine side of him. I actually didn't think he played "similar" roles if there hadn't been such notions from other people. Yes, he has been in a couple rom-coms but I never felt that the characters he played were "the same". Watching him in Youn's Kitchen and variety shows made me realize he really has a great personality, and his honesty/bluntness is so refreshing compared to other actors (who debuted at an earlier age). Love love that he's done with his military service too, hehe. Looking forward to chatting and sharing info with fellow PSJ fans here! Can't wait for his upcoming movie, but in the meantime I still have some of his other past works to watch I haven't backread but I'd just like to share this vid..his colleagues have such nice things to say about him
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