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  1. My theory is that they were late because they came from the drama shoot. But we all know from the Naver NOW interview that they were together in the waiting room (and OJS remarked that weren't they supposed to be in separate waiting rooms?).
  2. Welcome, @Doublemoonstrucked! Enjoy shipping with us Cannot wait for the AAAs on Nov 25. I wonder if they're coming together (although I know that would be a bit of a stretch ). @boredadvocates I want Manager Ryu to be my friend Hahaha!
  3. Oh, so the article is still there LOL. My bad Yeah it's just some clickbait title anyway. Shame on that female writer too. KSH shot his TRY CF today. Not sure if the other guy is the same second guy YJ was with at Gimpo airport on her way to Busan but the height and build are the same
  4. Hi everyone! My friend says the OSEN article cannot be found anymore. Haha GM is surely working overtime. I really appreciated how they personally reached out to fans to take down the red carpet videos. Like I said, aside from that wardrobe mishap SYJ looked really elegant at the Buil Awards. There are some theories how her van was really big and that maybe someone was hiding inside.... SYJ is being sought out for a new OCN fantasy drama based on a webtoon. Can't wait to see her back in a badass role (if ever she takes it). Wonder what KSH will be doing nex
  5. @Cinder9966 I agree...she looked stunning but I wished her dress was more secure and comfortable. Otherwise, what I relief she withstood it and handled it with grace. Nevertheless, congratulations to Yea Ji!!! Hoping for a 'better' dress at the AAAs!
  6. @denira2104 you beat me to this, haha! I love seeing YJ again...and in her more casual, less makeup state It is worth noting that first reports mentioned YJ going to Jeju but then got changed to Busan. And that Cartier ring...it's without a doubt, her personal ring
  7. @firebabe hahaha! And so the Magic 8 ball has spoken! I would have been doubtful if the answer to your 3rd question was, "it is most certain." What is HyunJi doing to us?
  8. @Private10 my delulu heart can't take it, hahaha! @denira2104 yes the format/structure of their messages are basically the same! *me imagining them writing their messages together at the GM office*
  9. Love hearing all your thoughts on HyunJi @boredadvocates love your analysis! And it wasn't just one instance --- the coat, the hand bag, the sun shade, the sandwich...and other sweet moments. We could have had more moments if they didn't hide the other BTS from us @Private10 @park2park @denira2104 @lebeaucouple It's really interesting how KSH and SYJ became close because all we had was that 2014 Petitzel CF prior to PBIO. Maybe they did keep in touch and got to know each other since then (maybe KSH asked for her number through their managers or stylists, haha). And
  10. @Private10 that is likely. Suggestions are highly considered especially from A list actors like KSH. @denira2104 I saw that on twitter too...that info is pure gold As I've said before, holding SYJ's purse after the shoot is a tad extra even for a very considerate and caring co-star.
  11. @Private10 @denira2104 I also think KSH might have suggested or approached SYJ for the role I'm just trying to be inclusive of other possibilities because of some fans who overreact
  12. Exactly...and we know SYJ is our honest girl @Meinehappiness same in my culture...wearing a ring on your ring finger means the person is in a serious relationship --- it could, at the very least - be a promise ring I hope we can get high res photos of her rings in that radio interview @denira2104 I'm sure he felt a lot of pressure in choosing his first project after military service so his choice to do PBIO out of all the scripts offered to him (I'm sure he received many) says A LOT. Now I'm really curious how SYJ got offered the role. She fits KMY to a tee
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