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  1. @lebeaucouple unfortunately tvN doesn't have their own awards (yet). I just hope we'll see them win a lot of the upcoming awards this year (also OJS and the whole drama team) @brown I'm so happy KSH took "That Night" rather than "Finger" too! Can't wait for his transformation. SYJ still hasn't confirmed for "Island" but I hope we hear updates soon. @Mellyship hi! Welcome to the Hyunji ship
  2. Hi @brown!!! Welcome to the HyunJi ship! Don't worry, I've been watching some other dramas but I still rewatch PBIO episodes in between! This is the longest I've been on a kdrama hangover but I think it won't end anytime soon, either (I'm waiting for the Blu-ray DVD too) In spite of the lack of content, I guess a huge reason why I ship them still is because they have the same agency (and it's KSH's at that). So I'll definitely wait for an endgame with these two There's still no confirmation on whether they will attend the APAN awards but I'm still hoping we
  3. Happy new year all!!! Inasmuch as I'm really hoping for HyunJi endgame, I still prefer that they'd announce it themselves rather than be revealed through Dispatch. But just observing how private KSH and SYJ are and how strict GM is (read: Gangnam Law Firm), I'm pretty confident they're protected
  4. Yes she did (letter shown in the video was addressed to KSH). Maybe the agency staff made a mistake and placed it in her pile of gifts instead....but anyway it's still amusing that it's with her They're feeding our delulu minds
  5. Yes, unfortunately I was streaming the other day so I recognized the ad, hehe. "#즐거움앳홈" means "Joy at home" Party I really hope they will both attend the APAN Star Awards on Jan 24
  6. Yes! And I also think if they both confirm for their dramas, they also won't be shooting at the same time. If I'm not mistaken 'Island' will shoot in the first half of 2021, while 'Finger' on the second half. @firebabe It's actually a streaming party of these dramas (based on the ad it's via youtube and tving). IOTNBO is currently streaming through the tvN drama youtube channel (non-stop) but this is only available in South Korea (you can use VPN).
  7. In the Naver NOW interview KSH also commented that it's nice to hear SYJ's voice "especially at dawn."
  8. I loved the ending.. will gather my thoughts in a separate post but I'm happy JP became a part of their "family." The SamSan bros are just adorable. I got teary-eyed when they went back to their old office and reflected on their journey together. It was a satisfying episode overall
  9. I understand what you're saying but what I meant was DM and DS would have met anyway if JP did not intercept DS. And although he isn't the "NDS" who wrote the letters and someone successful as she had hoped, there's a huge chance they would have still connected (not to mention grandma's lie would have already been revealed so DM would move on more easily from that). The circumstances would have been different but we saw that they are both physically attracted and emotionally in sync with each other. Who knows maybe DM would still have become the CEO of SamSan Tech. Of course these
  10. I think hardcore JiDal fans would always find reasons/hints to believe that they will end up together whether it was 1% or 99%, in the same way DoDal fans would. It's all a matter of perspective. I feel bad that some fans are not able to dissociate the character from the actor. However, I guess it means NJH's acting is effective, right? I've followed him since Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo. I also watched The School Nurse Files recently, and his acting has definitely improved since Idle Mermaid and The Bride of Habaek. It's probably best that he avoids the internet for now, and
  11. I agree! KSH and LJG actually share the same salon (they were both seen at the salon before the awards) so they probably know each other or have exchanged pleasantries previously. I see LJG as a really cool and fun sunbaenim who probably knows something about the two (hence he even explained why he escorted SYJ on stage)
  12. Thank you for this! You and @Arajo81 have summed it up so well! The writer gave us all these details about DS but it's sad some fans just developed tunnel vision over JP. And I don't even dislike JP, I just know that DM and DS are just better together. Isn't that what relationships are all about, too? Not just being good for the other person but vice versa as well. And DS and DM have always been like that. They support each other and bring the best out of each other. As we only saw a snippet of Ep 15, when JP told DS, "Stop feeling inferior to me, look at DM again", I didn't think
  13. @Babybear 'Uri' literally means 'we'/'our', so SYJ mentioning "uri moon gang tae-ssi" just gives a more personal feel to it and makes you wonder if she is offering her award to the character, MGT, or... to the actor who played MGT. The suffix -ssi is added if you're addressing someone politely. I think they're just making a reference to MY's iconic confession since she called him GT-ssi in that scene. Sorry if I cannot explain so well as I am no fluent in Korean (though it is my desire to be, haha). Btw, SH just posted on IG and his hashtags include #문강태 and #Mo
  14. I enjoyed ep 13 and 14. And it was clear on both episodes who is really in DM's heart - it is DS. Again, JP missed his timing. I know NJH is the ML in this drama so a DM-DS endgame is expected but I just wanted to point these out for those who still feel that JP is the better pairing for DM. First of all, it is DM's decision who she will choose, and she clearly loves DS even after 3 years of separation. Apart from the moments when DS was there for DM, especially when he rushed over to fix the ransomware, one moment that particularly struck me was when they talked on the phone for
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