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Kim Jae Wook 김재욱 / キム・ジェウク

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So I'm trying to figure out after all what makes KJW so glamorous these days .    There are many reasons that we all discussed about: his sensible acting skills, his sensual eyes, his handso

He was not accidentally named Ryan 

Hello all,   @JJChastity and myself have created a youtube account just purely for Kim Jae Wook. Do give us your support!!    I will take some time to do the translations for the vi

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KJW was a guest on "Stars' Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant (신상출시 편스토랑)" on Jan. 22nd. It's on Episode 63 of the show. You can find it with english subs on VIU or just the raw (no subtitles) on OnDemandKorea (it's under the name "Fun Restaurant" there.)


Here's some clips from the episode:




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KJW's manager Mr. M posted a diary entry on KJW's Japanese fanclub, Luck. It's public for everyone to see. ^^ I translated it below.


~Mr. M's Manager Diary~ 2021.02.08

This is Mr. M, it's been a long time since I've greeted everyone.

Everyone, happy new year. ^^

You all know the reason why I've appeared after a long time, right?

Recently Jaewook-san appeared in a variety show, right? haha



Also, last month, Management SOOP uploaded another KJW video ^^


[VIDEO] "'김재욱'이 모닝콜을 해준다면?!  What if 'Kim Jaeuck' wakes you up?!"

Korean-to-English Translation (credit: 홍합 @ youtube)


Wake up. Aren't you going to wake up? Uh... it's time to get up. Let's get up. Since it's time to blow off your morning sleep, what should I tell you today? Um... what is your hobby? Some say that talking about hobbies is the most difficult thing in the world. You mean you don't have any hobbies in your daily life, right? Do I have to do it often to become a hobby? Well... what I think about is, hobby is what gives you a little bit of pleasure in the same daily life even if it isn't continuous. It doesn't have to be grand. Let's imagine. If you thought of alcohol drink desperately on your way home from work and if a glass of beer comforted you after that day's hard work, then drinking alone becomes your hobby from that day on. You don't have to be afraid that your hobbies change every time. Because that means you have so much fun things to fill your daily life. If someone asks you what your hobby is, be honest with your feelings. Think what makes you consoled and entertained. I wish your hobby was me today. I hope your morning was full of joy for a while. Have a great day!


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A video from Management SOOP was uploaded a few months ago:


[VIDEO] How many 2020 ‘To-Do List’ has Kim Jae Wook achieved? (English Subbed)


Also some updates from KJW's Japanese fanclub 'Luck':


~Mr. M's Manager Diary~ 2021.02.15

Everyone, hello!

Today, let's start with a picture of Jaewook-san inspecting his clothes before he starts filming.

(*To see the rest of the diary entry, you have to be a member of the fanclub.)











Today, April 2nd, is Kim Jaewook's birthday.
We wish you a wonderful day.


Also, the fan club is holding a birthday event for Jaewook-san!
We're waiting for your warm messages

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Hello! I discovered KJW in HPL earlier this year and have spent the past few months trying to learn more about him. Started HPL thinking he wasn’t the type of handsome that appeals to me but he quickly vaulted to the top of my oppa roster.


I’m still pretty new to K-dramas; I began my descent down the rabbit hole last April—largely because of Siwon Choi—when a friend persuaded me to watch She Was Pretty.


Just finished Sohn: The Guest (NOT my usual genre) and am now tackling Voice. Also watched Antique, Who Are You, Another Way, Temperature of Love, Butterfly Sleep, Pygmalion’s Love and a few of his web shows.

Here’s KJW’s most recent “appearance.” Glad SOOP managed to drag him in to film a brief vid for his fans:


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