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Kim Jae Wook 김재욱 / キム・ジェウク

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Name: 김재욱 / Kim Jae Wook
Profession: Actor, model, and singer
Birthdate: April 2, 1983
Height: 183cm
Weight: 63kg
Waist / Shoe Size: 28in / 275mm
Star sign: Aries
Blood type: B
Education: Dankook University High School, Seoul Institute of the Arts
Talent Agency: Soop Management
Skills: Japanese language, Tae Kwon Do, musical instruments 
Debut: 2002 MBC Drama, "Ruler of Your Own World"
Official Social Media: Official Instagram | Japanese Official Fanclub "Luck"

Soop Management Instagram | Soop Management Facebook



• (2019, tvN) Her Private Life 그녀의 사생활 [as Ryan Gold]

• (2018, OCN) Hand: The Guest 손 [as Choi Yoon]

• (2017, SBS) Temperature of Love 사랑의 온도 [as Park Jung Woo]
• (2017, OCN) Voice 보이스 [as Mo Tae Gu]
• (2015, Web Drama) Sweet Temptation 달콤한 유혹 [as Seok Min]
• (2014, MBC) 4teen 포틴 [as Joon Yi (cameo)]
• (2014, KBS2) Inspiring Generation 감격시대 [as Kim Soo Ok]

• (2013, tvN) Who Are You 후아유 [as Lee Hyung Joon]
• (2010, KBS2) Mary Stayed Out All Night 매리는 외박중 [as Byun Jung In]
• (2010, SBS) Bad Guy 나쁜 남자 [as Hong Tae Sung]
• (2010, Bee TV) Kimi no Kioku wo Boku ni Kudasai キミの記憶をボクにください [as Gi Yeong]
• (2008, KBS2) The Kingdom of the Winds 바람의 나라 [as Chu Bal So]
• (2007, MBC) The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince 커피프린스 1호점 [as No Sun Ki] 
• (2007, KBS2) Dal Ja's Spring 달자의 봄 [as Choon Ha]
• (2002, MBC) Ruler of Your Own World 네 멋대로 해라 [as Ki Hong]


• (2017) Butterfly Sleep 蝶の眠り / 나비잠 [as So Chan Hae]
• (2017) Another Way 다른 길이 있다 [as Soo Wan]
• (2016) Princess Deokhye (The Last Princess) 덕혜옹주 [as Takeyuki]
• (2015) Two Rooms, Two Nights 거꾸로 가까이, 둘이서 [as In Sung]
• (2015) Planck Constant 플랑크 상수 [as Kim Woo Joo]
• (2015) C'est Si Bon 쎄시봉 [as Kang Myeong Chan]
• (2010) Bang 뱅 [as Alex]
• (2010) Heart of Gold [as Yoo Seong]
• (2008) Antique 서양골동양과자점 엔티크 [as Min Seon Woo]
• (2008) Save Me 구해줘




• (2018) Amadeus 아마데우스 [as Mozart]

• (2011) Hedwig 헤드윅 [as Hedwig]



Seoul Fashion Week, Sweet Revenge, ICINOO Homme, MVIO, Resurrection by Juyoung, Lone Costume, Boyo, ANDY & DEBB, General Idea by Choi Bum Suk, Balenciaga,Mandarinaduck, Kai-aakmann and etc.
Arena, W, Vogue, Elle, Bazzar, Singles, Vogue Girl, Elle Girl, Ceci, anan, Sure, Bling, Premiere Magazine, S Magazine and etc.


Band Name: Walrus (월러스)
Members: Kim Jae Wook (김재욱): Vocals, Guitar, Songwriter
Kim Tae Hyun (김태현): Drums, Songwriter
Yoo Seung Beon (유승범): Guitar, Songwriter
Yang Si On (양시온): Bass Guitar, Songwriter



• (2011) Walrus - Seoul Witch
• (2011) Walrus - To Be
• (2007) Dear Cloud - 얼음요새 (Ice Fortress)


Hyundai Marine & Fire Insurance, SKY LIFE, Coffee Santafe, SK 'T', Cass, HSBC, WorldKon, Sports Replay, EVISU, Reebok, Basic House, Roots, Chris Christy and etc.


• (2011) Top Model [co-author]


• (2009) Grand Mint Festival Ambassador
• (2009) 4th Asia Model Festival Awards: Special Male Model Award
• (2008) 9th Jeonju International Film Festival Ambassador
• (2008) 16th Korea Cultural Entertainment Awards: Male Newcomer Actor Award
• (2007) Fashion Model for Seoul Collection, Lone Costume, and General Idea
• (2007) Running High Band Member
• (2007) Korea Drama Festival: Popularity Award


Nate Profile | Daum Profile | 
Soop Management Website | Japanese Official Fanclub
Daum Cafe | Hancinema Profile | Walrus Official Twitter | Official Instagram

sources: as linked in 'External Links' section

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So I'm trying to figure out after all what makes KJW so glamorous these days .    There are many reasons that we all discussed about: his sensible acting skills, his sensual eyes, his handso

He was not accidentally named Ryan 

Wrap up party         

Guest Deedlith

Oh so he was born in april 1983 ? Thanks for the new thread ^^ Will look for pics once I get home, for now I'm just waiting for people to upload pics ^^


Too bad I'm only planning to go Seoul University in two years... If he was still there I would try to take a glimpse... You never know...

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Guest lanechan

yay! finally! thanks SOY for this thread... :w00t:

i love him! (kim jae wook), one of the guys

i really like also in coffee prince. :)

I like his hair the most! i thought he was

japanesse haha! :lol:

I like his way, unique.. B)

thank you SOY...

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Guest nataku_pilot

............*eye twitches*...... THANK YOU for this thread!!!!

he's so cute! Now it has a thread were I can just oggle at him!!!!!

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Guest Deedlith

someone sent a link over at the Coffee Prince thread of his esteem model site

here it is http://www.esteemmodels.co.kr/model_portfolio/m6.html :wub:

(credit to dionne_wu)

Nice link ^^

I added it to my favorite^^

Must be tough doing his hair... I don't know if short hair would do with his face. Curious :blush:

Ah for Soy, it's actually a bit difficult here because I've got some problems with korean websites. lets just say that all the sites don't work well with firefox but firefox still shows korean letters. Then I have another browser in which all sites work but it doesn't show korean letters and I looked everywhere but it just doesn't work with this browser...

However since I'm not using my own computer I don't dare installing a new one, my brothers are really picky about stuff like this. So I have to wait AGAIN! First time I feel this urge to go home really...

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Guest eunhyung

he's so hot as Sunki in Coffee Prince >.<

he was in Dal Ja's Spring?! when i saw him in CP he looked familiar but i don't remember him in DJ's Spring :huh:

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he's so hot as Sunki in Coffee Prince >.<

he was in Dal Ja's Spring?! when i saw him in CP he looked familiar but i don't remember him in DJ's Spring :huh:

In Dal Ja's Spring, he was Lee Min Ki's friend. He works at a clothing store :D

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