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boa for me! i loved all her music! Still love her btw!

The one, the only, Ji Sung. Yeah, yeah he's married to the beautiful Lee Bo Yung, and he has a kid, and he's younger, and probably doesn't speak English and my Korean sucks. Oh and I'm happily married


Guest - -*PiNKALiCiOUS

Ahahaha. Mine was Lee MinWoo too! But that was only because of all the MinWoo fanfics I read heh ^O^. Those were the good old days when I couldn't stop talking about him haha. I still like him though...just not as much.

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Guest ahyoung

mine was Se7en.....

before se7en,,, i didn't have any interest in all the male singers... I only liked female singers....

nope,, not even shinhwa, g.o.d., h.o.t.,.......

after i saw se7en on "happy together" (쟁반극장).... like 2 years ago..

its weird,, i grew up listening to kpop ever since i was little... and ... se7en!!

ut now i like dbsk, double S,.. everyone else..

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Guest ♡ Mrs Jung Ji Hoon ♡

Well if we're talking absolute first... Shim Shin.. he was a popular singer when I was like.. 4. Haha~

But after that... it's Kangta when I was 10 :)

Now I'm 19 and I LOVE Bi!! <333

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