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Guest XhoXho

In passing: Lee Minwoo

"Who is that? play him again!!!" craze: Lee Jung

I must have more! MOre I say!!! ::discovers Soompi::: Taebin

^------In that order. ^o^

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Guest simplistic_azn

my firest krn celeb crush was lee minwoo. i first found out bout him when i was reading all those minwoo fanfics...the author made him sound so hot

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Guest spark1ing_diamondz

hehe, mine was Minwoo, just like a lot of others in this thread. why? cuz he sounded so hot in a bunch of fanficts and cuz of the wild eyes MV...

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Guest miyawoks

haha my first crush was lee jihoon...

saw him on a tv in a appliance store performing with S...

totally blew me away.... i didn;t even notice the other two guys with him (i didn't know back then that the other two was THE kangta and THE shin hyesung)...

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Guest JF21©

Rain...i saw him perform Escape the Sun on Music Bank and i was hooked...then it was Se7en...speaking of him...omg has he grown up or what!!! *drools*

anyway. thats it....


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