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❤ Park Shin Hye 박신혜 ❤ | Current Drama: Doctor Slump - Sat & Sun @10:30 PM [Upcoming Drama 2024: Judge From Hell]


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 [Making] The southern sky everyone has been waiting for❤️ Yeo Jeong-woo’s love issue!!! <Doctor Slump> Episode 7 Behind|Behind the Scene


 🔗 youtu.be/fHr0iu0szRA?si=85WV3E3bjhfoU68i







that fluttery feeling from your first handhold







Hyungsik and Shinhye were asked how they responded to each other after meeting again 10 years ago

SH to HS: He used to be a baby, now he's cool masculine
HS to SH: I think noona just went to school 10 years ago

Shindong (MC): he (PSH) is like a vampire, maybe he's 200 years old, if you ask me (cont..)




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Doctor Slump Episode 8 Park Shin-hye [Nam Ha-neul]
(Source: JTBC Doctor Slump)


Fashion Brand Information

▶ Brand_Rosa K
▶ Product Name_Laport Cross (XS, CAMEL)






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Park Shin-hye ♥ Park Hyeong-sik's '1st day of love' date, full-blown pink (Dr. Slump)

Entered 2024-02-18 18:28:00
Park Shin-hye and Park Hyung-sik enter full-fledged pink mode.

The production team of JTBC's Saturday-Sunday drama 'Doctor Slump' (directed by Oh Hyun-jong, written by Baek Seon-woo) released a still cut of Nam Ha-neul (played by Park Shin-hye) and Yeo Jung-woo (played by Park Hyeong-sik), who predicted a change in their relationship from friends to lovers on the 18th, ahead of the 8th episode broadcast. 

In the last broadcast, the truth about the Macau casino tycoon heiress case was finally revealed. Above all, the full story of this case is revealed through a hidden camera installed by the most suspected anesthesiologist, Kang Jin-seok (played by Kim Jae-beom), to protect himself, and the twist is that he is a witness, not a suspect. However, just as Nam Haneul's narration says, “Where secrets pass, scars remain,” the aftershocks hit Yeo Yeong-woo. Nam Ha-neul and her family calmly but offered sincere consolation as if nothing had happened, and that night, while drunk, Yeo Yeon-woo confessed to Nam Ha-neul.

The photo released by the production team on this day shows Nam Ha-neul and Yeo Jeong-woo's 'day 1 of dating.' First, Nam Ha-neul came up to the rooftop to meet Yeo Jeong-woo early in the morning. However, for some reason, the wet appearance, as if it had been hit by water, attracts attention. Yeo Yeong-woo’s expression was even more surprised than that. Another photo shows a special date that Nam Ha-neul prepared for Yeo Jeong-woo. Nam Ha-neul is wearing glasses and concentrating on his thesis, and Yeo Jeong-woo is looking at him with fascination. There is a contrast between Nam Ha-neul, who looks genuinely happy, and Yeo Yeong-woo, who looks surprised.

The production team said, “In episode 8, which airs on the 18th, Nam Ha-neul is alone in wondering whether she is dating Yeo Jeong-woo,” and added, “Nam Ha-neul and Yeo Jeong-woo, who confirmed each other’s sincerity through mutual confessions, will double the pleasant excitement in full-fledged lovers mode, so stay tuned.” “Please give it to me,” he said.

Episode 8 of ‘Doctor Slump’ will be broadcast at 10:30 pm on the 18th.

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Nambae has insight VS has no sense
Please date my sister 🙏


▶️ Saturday/Sunday night 𝟭𝟬 hour 𝟯𝟬 minute
《 #닥터슬럼프 》 Watch live 🥼







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My Daily

Park Shin-hye and Park Hyung-sik break up as soon as they start dating... Happiness was too short [Doctor Slump] (Comprehensive)

Article entered 2024.02.19. 8:04 AM Original text of article



'Doctor Slump' / JTBC broadcast screen capture

[My Daily = Reporter Seung-gil Lee]


Happiness was too short.

In the 8th episode of JTBC's Saturday-Sunday drama 'Doctor Slump', which aired on the 18th, 'Wooneul Couple' Nam Ha-neul (Park Shin-hye) and Yeo Jeong-woo (Park Hyeong-sik) entered into a full-fledged relationship. However, the time it took for them to go from friends to lovers was meaningless, and the two people who encountered reality immediately had a tearful farewell, causing sadness. The viewer rating for the 8th episode was 6.2% nationwide and 6.8% in the metropolitan area (Nielsen Korea, based on paid households), ranking first among all comprehensive and cable programs.


Nam Ha-neul’s worries began with Yeo Jeong-woo’s confession. He said he liked me and held my hand, but I was confused as to whether this relationship was friends or lovers. Nam Ha-neul, who received counseling from his younger brother Nam Bada (Yoon Sang-hyun) following his mother and uncle, headed to the rooftop room after being told that if there was no word about dating, it was just 'some'. Nam Haneul wanted to hear a definite answer about this relationship from Yeo Jeong-woo. But just in time, Nam Bada came to visit Yeo Jeong-woo, and Nam Ha-neul unknowingly hid in the bathroom and overheard the conversation between the two. Nam Bada shocked Nam Haneul by asking Yeo Jeong-woo to go out with Dajjagojja's older sister.

In response, Yeo Yeong-woo assured Nam Ha-neul, “I like you, and I don’t want to be friends anymore.” As a result, Nam Ha-neul, who entered 'day 1 of dating', guided Yeo Jeong-woo on a sweet(?) date. For him, who said that reading and discussing papers together was his dream with his lover, Yeo Jeong-woo took Nam Ha-neul on a date that was more special than the ordinary, such as a movie theater, an arcade, or a cafe. And he asked Nam Ha-neul a question he had been curious about but could not bear to ask. It was about the real reason he quit the hospital. Nam Haneul hesitated for a moment and then answered that nothing had happened.

After returning from their date, Nam Ha-neul and Yeo Jeong-woo saw the wedding invitation that Min Kyeong-min (Oh Dong-min) had left behind. Upon hearing the news of Min Kyung-min's marriage, Nam Ha-neul's expression immediately hardened and she hurried downstairs, saying she was not feeling well. Nam Ha-neul sat down on the stairs, avoiding Yeo Jeong-woo's eyes, and exhaled heavily. As curiosity about her relationship with Min Kyung-min grew, Nam Ha-neul visited a psychiatrist and requested additional prescriptions for depression medication. When asked if there was a particularly difficult situation, Nam Ha-neul shed tears. That day was the day Yeo Yeong-woo received regular medical treatment. On his journey to the hospital, his heart became heavy when he saw the tears and couldn't figure out why he was crying.

And the story of Nam Ha-neul and Min Kyung-min, who worked as seniors and juniors at the same university hospital, was revealed and attracted attention. Nam Ha-neul followed and respected Min Gyeong-min as a senior, who showered him with praise and favor. However, Nam Ha-neul removed his name from the paper and Min Kyeong-min submitted it as the sole author, aiming for success. Nam Ha-neul, who still hasn't forgotten the shock and betrayal, heard that Min Kyung-min was quitting the hospital not long after being appointed as a professor. He stormed into the farewell party uninvited and poured alcohol on Min Kyung-min. It was a part that made us guess that Min Kyung-min was the reason for quitting the hospital that Yeo Jung-woo asked Nam Ha-neul about.

Nam Ha-neul, who was drinking alone with unresolved emotions, received a call from Lee Hong-ran (Gong Seong-ha). He reports that Yeo Yeong-woo received an offer from Bin Dae-yeong (Yoon Park) to work together, which he turned down. He was worried that Nam Ha-neul would feel a sense of loss if he went back to the hospital alone. For some reason, Nam Ha-neul's feelings were complicated by his shabbyness and self-reproach toward Yeo Yeong-woo. On his way back home, he ran into Yeo Jeong-woo and said, “Let’s stop here. “I forgot about it for a while, but I’m a person who can’t handle anything,” he said, breaking up with her.

The final moments of Nam Ha-neul and Yeo Jeong-woo breaking up in tears in the rain were all the more pathetic because they were realistic. In particular, Nam Ha-neul's past, which had been believed to be better and happier with each other, but fell apart again with the news of Min Kyung-min, doubled the sadness. Nam Ha-neul said that with the memory of 'the day' his father passed away, which he recalled with the narration, "At the end of a perfect day, an unbearable misfortune was waiting," he suddenly felt anxious in a corner of his heart whenever something happy happened. Attention is being paid to the story of the two people's sudden breakup, as to whether he is not even allowed to be happy with Yeo Jeong-woo.



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10 Most Popular Netflix Programs Currently In Korea (Based On February 20, 2024 Data)

Check out the most popular programs on Netflix in Korea according to this ranking at the moment (data of February 20, 2024).

Kay Sesoko, Kpopmap Editor
2 min to read  ·  Published : Feb 20, 2024


Discover the vibrant world of Korean entertainment on Netflix!

As a Netflix user, you've likely noticed the rich array of Korean dramas and TV shows available on the platform. It's essential to note that Netflix tailors its content to each country, ensuring a unique viewing experience. The dramas, TV shows, and movies accessible to viewers in Korea may differ from those in other countries, and the release schedule can vary too. Stay tuned to explore the diverse and exclusive content that's popular on Netflix in Korea through this ranking.

Netflix Korea has a top 10 ranking of daily popular content on its platform. These are the most popular Netflix programs of the day in Korea based on February 19 data (retrieved on February 20, 10:18 AM KST, data of February 19).




1. "A Killer Paradox"

2. "Doctor Slump"

3. "Jjajangmyeon Rhapsody"

4. "Captivating the King"

5. "Solo Leveling"

6. "House of Ninjas"

7. "Jun HyunMoo's Plan"

8. "Korea-Khitan War"

9. "Eye Love You"

10. "My Happy Ending"



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 🌟 Dr. Slump Blu-ray promotion cafe singer song in progress 🌟


If you want to see more of Jung Woo-ha-neul's sweet chemistry ⁉️
📍 , deleted/NG scenes 🎬 , unreleased making-of 📹
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There is no financial cost to the singer survey.


vo.la/BjhUB  @D1OVE__2






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Global Top 10 Non-English TV Series on Netflix between 12 - 18 February

🇰🇷1️⃣ #AKillerParadox 5.5M
🇯🇵2️⃣ #HouseOfNinjas 4.2M
🇧🇷3️⃣ #GoodMorningVeronica 3.5M
🇪🇸4️⃣ #AlphaMales 2.6M
🇯🇴5️⃣ #alrawabischoolforgirls  1.9M
🇰🇷6️⃣ #DoctorSlump 1.8M
🇨🇱7️⃣ #BabyBandito  1.8M
🇧🇷8️⃣ #Luz 1.4M
🇫🇷9️⃣ #Rael 1.3M
🇰🇷🔟#CaptivatingTheKing 1.3M




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Park Hyung-sik and Park Shin-hye in Doctor Slump
Photo by: phs1116 (IG)

Park Hyung-sik on what working with Park Shin-hye is like and why he accepted the role in 'Doctor Slump'

  • By Aimee Anoc
Published On: February 19, 2024, 08:10 PM
Updated On: February 19, 2024, 08:11 PM
Park Hyung-sik on reading the script of 'Doctor Slump': "The story is something that I can totally relate."

Park Hyung-sik is currently starring in the rom-com series Doctor Slump, alongside actress Park Shin-hye. This is a reunion project for the two actors, who previously worked together in the romance drama The Heirs in 2013.

In Doctor Slump, Park Hyung sik plays Yeo Jung-woo, a popular plastic surgeon whose life falls into a slump after a mysterious medical accident. At the lowest point of his life, he is reunited with his old rival, Nam Ha-neul, played by Park Shin-hye.



Park Hyung sik and Park Shin hye in Doctor Slump


Photo by: phs1116 (IG)


During his "SIKcret Time in Manila" fan meet last Saturday (February 17), Park Hyung-sik expressed his feeling about reuniting with Park Shin-hye in Doctor Slump.

"'Di ba naging sikat din ang The Heirs dito sa Philippines? Actually, we never really got to meet with Park Shin-hye in that drama," the Hallyu star said in Korean.

"But, of course, to see her again in this drama and magkasabay kami sa maraming scenes, I really love how people react na magkasabay kami sa isang good project to look forward to. And I'm having so much fun with her too," he added.

Park Hyung-sik also revealed his first reaction when he read the script of Doctor Slump and why he accepted the role.

"In Korea right now, usong-uso pag-usapan about being burnt out and having moments of slumps in various phases of life. So when I first got the script, it really caught my attention because the story is something that I can totally relate.

"Of course, I want to also heal and give comfort to all of you. That's why I really had fun reading the script. It was something that I really look forward to doing," he shared.

Asked how he copes with sadness or the low moments of his life, Park Hyung-sik said he would spend time with his friends.

"Hindi ba problema rin kapag palagi kang masaya? Hindi ba nakakatakot puro ka tawa nang tawa?" he said jokingly.

"So, of course, I do feel moments of loneliness or sadness, kapag ganu'n I do spend time with my friends. Nag-scuba diving or lately naging interest ko was golfing. I really love doing the scuba and golfing because while I'm doing those all my concentration is there na hindi ako makaisip ng mga problema ko.


"It's really good that you focus on something else so you don't feel very depressed."





cr: GMA Logo




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