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A couple who takes psychiatric medication together... The reason why their love is so beautiful

Entered 2024.02.15. 5:52 PM 
Modified 2024.02.15. 8:13 p.m.
 Original text of article
Review] JTCB <Doctor Slump>
  Doctor Slump

Nam Ha-neul (played by Park Shin-hye) and Yeo Jeong-woo (played by Park Hyeong-sik) sat side by side on a sunny bench in front of the hospital. The two people open the bag of medicine they received from the psychiatric hospital and pour it into their mouths. And look at each other and smile. 

I wonder what's going on here. Nam Ha-neul has already quit her job at the hospital due to depression. When she was diagnosed with depression in a mental hospital, Nam Haneul asked herself, 'Why me?' And he threw the medicine he had received from the hospital in the trash on his way home. Then she said, 'I'll get better if I get some rest.' But Nam Haneul did not give up the medicine. Although he hid it deep in the closet, he is taking medication diligently and going to the hospital. 
When Yeo Jeong-woo, who moved to the rooftop of his house, begins to open his heart to him, with whom he was an enemy during school, at first unintentionally, and then little by little, and now confesses, saying, “I like you,” Nam Ha-neul sees Jeong Jeong-woo as a disease. This started to appear. Yeo Jeong-woo, who had trouble sleeping every night and had nightmares, seemed to Nam Ha-neul to have PTSD . I suffered from PTSD , post-traumatic stress disorder, and went from being a successful plastic surgeon to YouTube to losing everything I had due to an unexplained medical accident and being put in a situation where I had to go to trial. It's a strange situation that such a disease doesn't come. 

However, when Nam Ha-neul asks Yeo Yeong-woo if he has PTSD and offers to refer him to a hospital, he gives him a straight face. why me? I'm not that weak. The next day, Yeo Yeong-woo sits in the hospital waiting room with Nam Ha-neul. And he sits side by side and takes the medicine prescribed at the hospital. It's a rare 'scene of love', but that's why the love between Nam Ha-neul and Yeo Jeong-woo is so beautiful. 

Rest after falling down 
  Doctor Slump

Of course, this was not easy. When Nam Ha-neul, who quit the hospital, and Yeo Jeong-woo, who lost everything they had, came to live in the upper house below, the two growled like 'dog-dogs' who competed for first place in the whole school and first place in the country during their school days. Nam Ha-neul asked him to leave his house immediately, and Yeo Jeong-woo cheerfully agreed. 

However, Yeo Jeong-woo, who was known as a criminal in the neighborhood, had money, but no one was willing to give him a room. And by chance, Yeo Yeong-woo learns that Nam Ha-neul, who had been growling at him, had to quit the hospital due to depression. 

As the title of the drama suggests, the two people, who were struggling in the swamp of 'slump', have a chance to drink together and stay up all night, gradually becoming closer. Nam Ha-neul, who had become a doctor through 'effort after effort' despite her poor family background since childhood, was Nam Ha-neul's competitor, so Jeong-woo Jeong knew better than anyone else how much she gave up and worked hard. 

So Yeo Yeong-woo joins Nam Ha-neul in things he has never done before while studying. There are arcades, karaoke rooms, game rooms, and even watching the sun rise from the sea. And then he strokes Nam Haneul’s head and says. I told you to rest since you collapsed. 

Perhaps, if it had been someone other than Yeo Jeong-woo who had said, ‘Rest while you’ve collapsed,’ would Nam Ha-neul’s heart have been touched so much by those words? Because he knew that maybe Yeo Jeong-woo was in a more difficult situation than himself, and because it was Yeo Yeon-woo who knew more than anyone else how he lived, Nam Ha-neul's heart was relieved by that one word. Long-held emotions are released, and his mind takes a step forward. Nam Haneul confesses. 'I love you.'

I'm holding on because of you too



  Doctor Slump

What is it like to be in a slump? Maybe it was when something I had been working towards didn't go as planned, or when I had exhausted all my energy and had no energy to try any more. However, when using the term ‘slump’, the verb that always goes together is ‘fall into’. Where does it fall into? Maybe it's that I'm struggling in the swamp of the life I've dug. When I'm tired and tired, what makes it more difficult isn't the fact that I'm the only person in the world like that? I'm having a hard time like this, but it seems like everyone in the world is living a strong life. So I fall further into the abyss of my life. 
Fortunately, Nam Ha-neul and Yeo Jeong-woo, who fell into a slump in <Doctor Slump>, had each other. It is said that when you suffer from depression, it is difficult even to get up from your seat. However, Nam Ha-neul puts her own depression on the back burner because she is worried about Yeo Jeong-woo. He stays up all night reading papers to help Yeo Yeong-woo, who is about to go to trial. And then he runs to the court holding it. 

He journey is no different from Wu Lara. Senior Min Gyeong-min says: You shouldn't smile. Thinking about the money he lost, the reputation he lost, and everything else, now is not the time to laugh leisurely, but it is not wrong to say that. When I look at Nam Ha Neul, I smile. She even watches her every move, she pouts and then laughs, her emotions go on a 'roller coaster'. When I meet her, I get excited by taking out all the clothes she has and trying them on. This isn't the situation right now. 

When Nam Ha-neul says he likes you, Yeo Jeong-woo says. I'm holding on because of you too. The charm of <Doctor Slump> is that the main characters are young people who suffer from sky-cold pain and suffering, but instead of trapping them in their own pain, they empathize with each other's pain through 'love' and through this, they courageously overcome their own difficulties. It is a story of two young people making progress. They say that when you fall into water, you grasp at straws, but the two were given a strong 'tube' called Nam Ha-neul and Yeo Jeong-woo. Thanks to this, the two became 'comrades' who sat side by side and took psychiatric medication together. 

Robert Greene says in his “The Laws of Human Nature”: People become trapped in themselves and experience more difficulties with the many problems they face in life. A woman with depression and a man with PTSD who lost everything ask what kind of love is this, but Nam Ha-neul and Yeo Jeong-woo say they like each other, and although they say they're holding on because of you, they take a step back and say that now is not the time for 'love'. Stand. However, the two people, who have already become each other's strong support, are so absorbed in each other that they even forget about their own illness.

Ultimately, life's problems are mine, and it is my mission to solve them, but what could be better than having someone who makes you forget the difficulties and smile in the process? The honesty of Nam Ha-neul, who is 'Mosol' but honest and confident, and Yeo Yeong-woo, who is a world-recognized influencer but is always sloppy, is a comfort to the viewer.



Jeonghee Lee



Copyright ⓒ OhmyNews. 










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bypannchoaJanuary 30, 2024
1. King the Land (Lee Jun-ho x YoonA)
2. Nevertheless (Song Kang x Han Sohee)
3. Love in the Moonlight (Park Bogum x Kim Yoojung)
4. Secretary Kim (Park Seojoon x Park Minyoung)
5. The heirs (Lee Minho x Park Shinhye)
6. My Love from Another Star (Kim Soohyun x Jun Jihyun)
7. Crash Landing on You (Hyun Bin x Son Yejin)
8. Reply 1997 (Seo Inguk x Jung Eunji)
9. Goblin (Gong Yoo x Kim Goeun)
10. Descendants of the Sun (Song Joongki x Song Hyekyo)
original post: here
1. Leave out #10...
2. #10 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
3. Please Bogum and Yoojung 
4. #10ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Why would they want to revive divorcees ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
5. King the Land was voted by 59% of the people, it definitely did well in Korea
6. Song Joongki and Song Hyekyo? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
7. The buzz will explode if they really made #10 happenㅋㅋ
8. The viewership will burst if they did #10 again
9. We have both married couples and divorced couples hereㅋㅋㅋ
10. #2 Please make it happen 
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‘Doctor slump’ for an overworked nation


Famous line from the drama ‘Doctor Slump’. When Nam Ha-neul (Park Shin-hye), who suffered from depression and lost her job, complains, “I collapsed while trying my best in vain,” her rival from high school, Yeo Jeong-woo (Park Hyeong-sik), speaks up. “Since we’re down, let’s get some rest.”


style_65cde45496517.jpg  JTBC ‘Doctor Slump’style_65cd9930f39b8.jpeg JTBC ‘Doctor Slump’


In high school, Haneul and Jeongwoo were nationally gifted students whose goal was to go to medical school at Hankuk University. However, their study styles were different. To save time to go to the bathroom, Haneul swallowed the powdered coffee mix and only read a book. I had no friends and I didn’t know a single popular song at the time. On the other hand, Jeongwoo had a gentle personality and got along well with his friends. Even after becoming doctors, their paths were different. While Haneul was mentally and physically broken working as a professor in the anesthesiology department at a university hospital, Jeongwoo opened a plastic surgery clinic and became a show doctor to save money. Then both of them collapsed.


Sky attacked the professor who was exploiting him. It is difficult to get a new job after rumors spread. His family loves Sky, but they don't fully understand what he has endured. Her only friend Hong Ran (Gong Seong-ha) is still busy as a doctor.


Jeongwoo lost a patient in the operating room. Unraveling the plot involved is the point of watching the drama in the middle and latter half, but first of all, it's a medical accident. Jungwoo, caught up in a lawsuit worth 10 billion won, sells all his assets and moves into the rooftop of Four Heavenly House. Jungwoo's side also seems to be having problems with his family. The friends who had been flattering Jeong-woo since high school turn their backs on him when he goes bankrupt. Now, Ha-neul and Jung-woo face each other as the only beings who understand each other's situation and testify to their humanity.





 JTBC ‘Doctor Slump’style_65cd993102700.jpeg JTBC ‘Doctor Slump’


The main character suffering from burnout is a cliché in Korean dramas these days. Among healing or destruction, the direction that <Doctor Slump> is taking seems to be toward healing. The sight of Ha-neul, who has been abusing him all his life, bickering with Jung-woo at arcades, karaoke rooms, and bars, is both cute and funny. When I watch it, I feel liberated. However, Nam Ha-neul's situation is not something to be taken lightly as it is the subject of a healing drama.


Haneul's anesthesiology professor kept leaving his surgery to Haeul. He had a thesis ghostwritten on a topic that was out of date, and when he failed the examination, he blamed heaven. He even urged her to insert the name of another student, who was probably from a good family, into Haneul's thesis. In the end, the instructor blamed Haneul for his own negligence in the operating room and even demanded an apology on his behalf.


Incompetent elites who use their authority to exploit their subordinates are not uncommon characters in Korean movies and dramas. That was also the case with the recent Netflix drama <Seonsan>. The relationship between part-time Korean art instructor Yoon Seo-ha (Kim Hyun-joo) and her advisor was more chilling than the mystery surrounding Seon-san. Seoha ghostwrites his advisor's book in order to be appointed as a full professor. Whenever she gets the chance, she sends signs of submission like a loyal dog. But there is no income. She says it's her advisor's birthday, and when she visits with a 17-year-old Valentine's Day, she hears that her daughter from another rich family has been appointed as a full professor. What her rich daughter bought was Ballantine's 30 Year Old. This scene comes to mind from director Hong Sang-soo’s The Power of Gangwon-do (1998). In <The Power of Gangwon-do>, what the main character gave to ask for a professorship was Johnnie Walker Blue. Yes, the political quality of Korean academia is neither new nor secret.


It's not just academia that's the problem. In the drama Marry My Husband, Kim Kyung-wook (Kim Joong-hee), a manager at a large company, appears, who constantly steals the credit from his subordinates and tries to manipulate them by hindering the promotion of more useful employees. Although the severity may vary, it is a situation that every office worker has likely witnessed at least once or twice. Recently, YouTube content about Korea travel by Mark Manson, author of The Art of Not Paying Attention, became a hot topic. He called Korea 'the most depressed country in the world' and cited 'the combination of the shortcomings of Confucianism and capitalism' as the cause. If we view dramas as a reflection of the real world, his diagnosis was correct, at least as far as workplace issues are concerned.







JTBC ‘Doctor Slump’


In <Doctor Slump>, Haneul monologues after being diagnosed with depression. “Even though I worked harder than anyone else for 17 hours a day, I was a sinner and an idiot, and I was cursed and apologized all day long, but it was okay. “I walked even though I suspected that the place I was going to might not be Treasure Island.” This is the ‘personal reason’ why Haneul pushed himself so hard. “I am. Are you the type of person who saves what they want to eat the most and then eats it last? That's why I postponed my happiness so much. Food will taste even better if you become a professor. It would be more fun to become a professor and travel abroad. Traveling abroad would be more fun if you flew first class. “I put everything off until tomorrow and just worked.” But is that all? Heaven's companions keep silent even when they witness unfair situations. Even though his advisor is said to have embezzled research funds and severance pay, he chooses to comply with custom rather than report him. If you want to become a professor and be compensated for the time and effort you have put in so far, you must become part of the system. In a society where the scholarly spirit has disappeared and only competition for success and fame and the Confucian order remain, that is the only way to survive. Is Southern Sky’s illness truly personal?

No matter how much drama exposes reality, the world will not change easily. At the end of <Seonsan>, Seo-ha leaves academia and opens a studio that teaches civic culture classes. The ending was cynicism rather than comfort. Changing the world is fantasy, but changing people is reality. We still don’t know what will happen to the southern sky of ‘Doctor Slump’. The situation could turn around and he could go back to the hospital, open a business with Jeong-woo, take over his mother's kalguksu restaurant, make use of his hobby and open an arcade, or just relax after a collapse. But either way, the aftertaste will be bitter. The drama itself is lovely and fun. I can't understand the low viewer ratings. What is bitter is the reality it highlights. This is a cruel and endless reality that we have to live with outside of the drama.






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Star Daily News


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Park Shin-hye ⓒStar Daily News
Park Shin-hye ⓒStar Daily News

[Star Daily News = Reporter Seo Taeyang] Park Shin-hye ranked first as a result of Rankify's domestic drama actress trend index analysis, which was released on February 15, 2024.

Rankify Pie (February 14, 2024) This is an indicator analyzing the trend index of domestic drama actresses.


Park Shin-hye, in first place, had a trend index of 21,399 points, down 10,385 points from the previous day.

Ha Ji-won, in second place, had a trend index of 12,008 points, up 307 points from the previous day.

Shin Se-kyung ranked third with a trend index of 9,936 points, down 8,037 points from the previous day.

Ji-ah Lee, ranked 4th, had a trend index of 9,868 points, down 4,165 points from the previous day.

Kim Go-eun ranked 5th with a trend index of 8,529 points, down 3,193 points from the previous day.

Noh Jeong-ui ranked 6th with a trend index of 8,170 points, down 2,160 points from the previous day.

Han So-hee ranked 7th with a trend index of 7,902 points, down 2,514 points from the previous day.

Oh Yu-jin, ranked 8th, had a trend index of 7,601 points, down 3,583 points from the previous day.

Kim Jong-un ranked 9th with a trend index score of 6,351, down 8,800 points from the previous day.

Esom, ranked 10th, had a trend index of 6,224 points, down 1,280 points from the previous day.

11th place Lee Ha-nui, 12th place Park Ji-hyun, 13th place Kim Yu-jung, 14th place Lim Se-ju, 15th place Kim So-yeon, 16th place Moon Ga-young, 17th place Han Ye-seul, 18th place Jung So-min, 19th place Choi Kang-hee, and 20th place Lee Si-woo.

ranking keyword February 14th February 13th increase ratio
One Park Shin-hye 21,399 31,784 -10,385 -32.7%
2 Ha Ji-won 12,008 11,701 307 2.6%
3 Shin Se-kyung 9,936 17,973 -8,037 -44.7%
4 Lee Ji-ah 9,868 14,033 -4,165 -29.7%
5 Kim Go-eun 8,529 11,722 -3,193 -27.2%
6 Roh Jeong-ui 8,170 10,330 -2,160 -20.9%
7 Sohee Han 7,902 10,416 -2,514 -24.1%
8 Oh Yujin 7,601 11,184 -3,583 -32.0%
9 Kim Jong-un 6,351 15,151 -8,800 -58.1%
10 Esom 6,224 7,504 -1,280 -17.1%

[Source: Rankify Domestic Drama Actress Trend Table]


As a result of gender preference analysis, 1st place Park Shin-hye was preferred by 30% of men and 70% of women, 2nd place Ha Ji-won was preferred by 50% of men and 50% of women, and 3rd place Shin Se-kyung was preferred by 43% of men and 57% of women.

ranking keyword Trend Index male female
One Park Shin-hye 21,399 30% 70%
2 Ha Ji-won 12,008 50% 50%
3 Shin Se-kyung 9,936 43% 57%
4 Lee Ji-ah 9,868 45% 55%
5 Kim Go-eun 8,529 34% 66%
6 Roh Jeong-ui 8,170 64% 36%
7 Sohee Han 7,902 44% 56%
8 Oh Yujin 7,601 46% 54%
9 Kim Jong-un 6,351 56% 44%
10 Esom 6,224 58% 42%

[Source: Rankify Domestic Drama Actress Trend Table]


In terms of preference by age, Park Shin-hye was popular with 13% of teenagers, 21% of people in their 20s, 23% of people in their 30s, 25% of people in their 40s, and 17% of people in their 50s.

ranking keyword Trend Index teenager 20's 30s 40s 50s
One Park Shin-hye 21,399 13% 21% 23% 25% 17%
2 Ha Ji-won 12,008 2% 14% 31% 32% 21%
3 Shin Se-kyung 9,936 15% 22% 23% 24% 15%
4 Lee Ji-ah 9,868 6% 17% 26% 30% 20%
5 Kim Go-eun 8,529 12% 26% 27% 23% 13%
6 Roh Jeong-ui 8,170 9% 22% 27% 28% 13%
7 Sohee Han 7,902 15% 25% 23% 25% 13%
8 Oh Yujin 7,601 3% 8% 12% 21% 56%
9 Kim Jong-un 6,351 11% 21% 29% 25% 14%
10 Esom 6,224 6% 26% 36% 21% 11%

[Source: Rankify Domestic Drama Actress Trend Table]


As a result of investigating the big data of Park Shin-hye, who ranks first in the trend index, related search terms such as Park Shin-hye's drama, Park Shin-hye's hands, Park Shin-hye's Jeon Jong-seo, Park Shin-hye's short hair, and Park Shin-hye's legs appeared as keywords that attracted attention, while second place Ha Ji-won was Ha Ji-won's height, Ha Ji-won's age, Ha Ji-won's profile, 3 Shin Se-kyung above appeared in Shin Se-kyung's short hair, Shin Se-kyung's face, Shin Se-kyung's medium hair, Shin Se-kyung's diet, and Shin Se-kyung's Tazza. 



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In the news

Park Shin-hye cries over worry about injured Park Hyung-sik... Will the inside story of the mysterious attack be revealed? (Dr. Slump)

Article entered 2024.02.16. 9:45 AM Original text of article
JTBC ‘Doctor Slump’/provided by SLL·Hijium Studio

[News Reporter Ha Ji-won]
Will ‘Dr. Slump’ Park Hyeong-sik be able to clear his name of wrongful accusation?

JTBC's Saturday-Sunday drama 'Doctor Slump' (directed by Oh Hyun-jong, written by Baek Sun-woo) released a still cut showing Nam Ha-neul (played by Park Shin-hye) and Yeo Jung-woo (played by Park Hyeong-sik) visiting the hospital together on the 16th, ahead of the 7th broadcast. Nam Ha-neul, the only person who stayed by Yeo Yeong-woo's side, conveys his affection for him.

In the last broadcast, Nam Ha-neul and Yeo Jeong-woo confirmed their true feelings for each other, but decided to postpone their confession for a while due to issues that needed to be resolved before their relationship. Nam Ha-neul accompanied Yeo Jeong-woo to a psychiatry clinic to treat his PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), and for the first time in his life, he felt mistaken and jealous and realized that his feelings had deepened beyond being friends.


Meanwhile, Nam Ha-neul discovered a hidden camera identical to the one found in Yeo Yeong-woo's hospital, and an unidentified man following Yeo Yeong-woo was also discovered, heightening tension.

While these suspicious glances are being noticed, Yeo Jeong-woo, who suffered a wound to his head due to a chase and fight in the middle of the night, is captured in the hospital with Nam Ha-neul, attracting attention. Nam Ha-neul's sadness can be felt in the careful hand that caresses the wound on Yeo Jeong-woo's forehead and the worried expression on his face when he hears about his condition from the doctor.


The sight of Nam Ha-neul shedding tears and Yeo Yeong-woo embracing her shoulders also catches the eye. As mysterious incidents surrounding Yeo Yeong-woo continue to occur, the story of the future becomes even more curious as to how he will overcome the worst slump of his life.

The production team of ‘Doctor Slump’ said, “In episode 7, the third trial is depicted to reveal Yeo Jeong-woo’s false accusation,” adding, “The inside story of the unfortunate medical accident that happened to Yeo Jeong-woo without warning is also gradually revealed. “Please pay attention to the identity of the missing man and the hidden camera, which will be a clue to the truth.”

Episode 7 of ‘Doctor Slump’ will be broadcast at 10:30 pm on the 17th.

@newsen.com  naver.me/50eMErEe

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Ten Asia


ParkJeongYeon confirmed cast in SBS drama The Judge From Hell alongside Park Shin Hye and Kim Jae Young. 
Her role addresses dating violence.
The drama explores the coexistence of good and evil as a 'devil' in a judge's body meets a humane detective.

Broadcast on 2024.







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Posted by Rika-go   15 hours ago

Enjoying 'Doctor Slump'? Here are 10 Must-Watch Medical K-Dramas

JTBC’s “Doctor Slump” has achieved international acclaim and phenomenal success, ranking at number one on non-English TV series on Netflix within just two weeks of its broadcast. Medical dramas have gained immense popularity worldwide for their blend of heart-wrenching stories, intense medical cases, and emotional rollercoasters.
If you are enjoying “Doctor Slump,” here are ten must-watch medical K-dramas to keep you hooked.
“Doctors” revolves around Yoo Hye-jun, a successful neurosurgeon who was a delinquent in high school but changed after meeting her teacher, Hong Ji-hong.
Which medical K-drama is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below.
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Top 10 Hottest Korean Actors And Must-Watch K-Dramas Dominating Discussions In The 2nd Week Of February 2024

Curious which K-Dramas and Korean actors are trending in Korea at the moment? Check them out here!

Kay Sesoko, Kpopmap Editor
2 min to read  ·  Published : Feb 16, 2024



Reflecting on the second week of February, the K-Drama landscape sparkled with series that intricately spun enchanting narratives and introduced memorable characters. These shows infused an additional layer of thrill into the new year, transforming the second week of February into a period brimming with endearing on-screen tales.

By the use of extensive data collection that involves analyzing netizen's reactions to various online platforms such as news websites, online communities, social media platforms, and videos, Good Data Corporation shows an insight into the Korean entertainment industry by providing a weekly ranking of the most talked about actors and dramas in Korea.

Wondering which K-Dramas and actors are trending in Korea at the moment? Read on to find out!


Hottest Korean Drama (On TV & OTT) For The 2nd Week Of February

The most talked about drama was...


Here is the full ranking of the Hottest Korean Dramas for the 2nd week of February:

1. "Marry My Husband"

2. "Captivating the King"

3. "A Killer Paradox"

4. "A Shop For Killers"

5. "Knight Flower"

6. "Doctor Slump"

7. "Queen of Divorce"

8. "Korea-Khitan War"

9. "Love Song for Illusion"

10. "LTNS"


Hottest Korean Actor (On TV & OTT) For The 2nd Week Of February

Here is the full ranking of the Hottest Korean Actors for the 2nd week of February:

1. Park MinYoung - "Marry My Husband"

2. Cho JungSeok - "Captivating the King" 

3. Shin SaeKyeong - "Captivating the King" 

4. Song HaYoon - "Marry My Husband"

5. Na InWoo - "Marry My Husband"

6. BoA - "Marry My Husband"

7. Lee YiKyung - "Marry My Husband" 

8. Park HyungSik - "Doctor Slump"

9. Lee Hanee - "Knight Flower"

10. Park ShinHye - "Doctor Slump"






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'Doctor Slump' Park Shin-hye, Park Hyung-sik, "I have a crush on you."

Reporter Lee Yi-jinEntered 2024. 2. 11. 22:53



(Xports News Reporter Lee Lee-jin)


‘Dr. Slump’ Park Shin-hye confessed that she developed a crush on Park Hyeong-sik.


In the 6th episode of JTBC's Saturday-Sunday drama 'Doctor Slump', which aired on the 11th, Nam Ha-neul (played by Park Shin-hye) confessed that she had developed a crush on Yeo Jung-woo (played by Park Hyeong-sik).


On this day, Nam Ha-neul confessed, "And I think I have developed a crush on you," and Yeo Jeong-woo was embarrassed, saying, "Huh? Why are you talking about that while you're stomping on laundry?"

Nam Haneul confessed, "Actually, I don't know. Just as you become more vulnerable to infection when your immune system is weak, I think I was more easily infected by you because my mind was weakened."




Yeo Yeong-woo got angry and said, “Are you saying that you are infected when you have a crush on me?” Nam Ha-neul said, “I don’t know. I’m confused as to whether it’s the crush or infection, but I think it’s a bit strange. They say they like it because it’s something a little deeper than friendship. “It’s too hasty. It’s just like that,” he said.


Nam Ha-neul was worried, saying, "But it's right to put it on hold for now, right? You have more problems to solve right now than feeling like this. The trial is the day after tomorrow, and you owe 3.8 billion won," and Yeo Jeong-woo said, "It's not 3.8 billion, but 3.7 billion won. Even the hospital." “I paid back part of it with the money I sold, so now I only have 560 million left,” he corrected.



Nam Haneul nailed it, saying, "Plus, I have PTSD, so I think resolving that is the priority. So, let's think about what our feelings are later."

In particular, Yeo Yeong-woo said, "You know what I said yesterday. I said I missed you. I meant it. Actually, it's really hard for me, but I'm holding on because of you. So please wait a little longer. I don't care if this is a deep friendship, an infection due to a weakened immune system, or any other emotion, whatever it is, right now. “Because I don’t like the way it looks,” he said.


Photo = JTBC broadcast screen


Copyright© Xports News. 



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