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❤ Park Shin Hye 박신혜 ❤ | Current Drama: Doctor Slump - Sat & Sun @10:30 PM [Upcoming Drama 2024: Judge From Hell]


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Top 10 TV Series on #NetflixIndia between 5 - 11 February


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8. #AKillerParadox 🇰🇷
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Park Shin-hye "I took a year off during college... 'Aren't you working?' “Return to sound” (Salon Drip 2)

Reporter Kim Soo-ahEntered 2024. 2. 14. 08:00

(Xports News Reporter Kim Soo-ah)


Actress Park Shin-hye revealed an experience similar to the slump she felt during college.


On the 13th, a video titled 'The heirs of those days became doctors in this world, EP.28 Doctor Slump Park Hyung-sik and Park Shin-hye, Salon Drip 2' was uploaded to the YouTube channel 'TEO Teo'.


On this day, Jang Do-yeon asked Park Shin-hye and Park Hyung-sik if they had been in a slump. Park Hyeong-sik answered, "When the slump feels overwhelming rather than hard? There are times when things that seem innocuous become overwhelming."


Next, Park Shin-hye confessed her experience of taking a break from activities for a year due to her dreams of college life, although it was not a slump. When asked how Jang Do-yeon was, Park Shin-hye burst into laughter by saying that she "drinks all the time."


In addition, Park Shin-hye confessed that there were times when she actually went home in the morning because her mother said, "It's dangerous to come in at dawn, so it's better to come in at sunrise." Then one day, all her friends around her were working.




Park Shin-hye mentioned Go Ara, Kim Bum, Kim So-eun, and Kang Ha-neul as her college classmates, and announced that they were working on the drama 'Boys Over Flowers' at the time. Next, he confessed that when people around him asked, "Shinhye, isn't she working these days?" her reply, "I'm going to school," felt like an excuse.


Park Shin-hye said, "I need to work again," and the production team was impressed when she said that the work she met was the drama "You're Beautiful," which was a hot topic. Jang Do-yeon joked, “I wonder what she would have done if she had gone to school more.”


Park Shin-hye went on to add, "I think the one-year break was to allow me to meet that work. I also started to think, 'I have to work harder.'"


Photo = Video capture from YouTube channel ‘TEO Teo’





Copyright© Xports News.


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The most youthful actress in her 30s who filmed a drama wearing a school uniform as soon as she returned from giving birth.

Views 1,3322024. 2. 13. 17:54



Actress Park Shin-hye recently revealed on her SNS the secret to her still-radiant appearance and body even after becoming a mother, earning the envy of many. Park Shin-hye released a photo of her working out with the comment, "After action school, it's exercise hahahaha." She said that even though Park Shin-hye is physically exhausted, she shows a passionate appearance and does not neglect exercise, and that she is devoted to self-care.






In July of last year, Park Shin-hye posted a video of herself exercising on her Instagram and received praise from fans. She married her husband Park Tae-joon in 2022, and gave birth to her baby boy in May of the same year, receiving congratulations from her fans. Park Shin-hye later revealed the family sneakers she received as a baby gift. I also expressed my gratitude.





After taking a break of about three years, Park Shin-hye returned to acting through the JTBC drama 'Doctor Slump'. In particular, in 'Doctor Slump', she transformed into the character 'Nam Haneul', the girl everyone liked back then, with her long straight hair and school uniform, garnering attention for her youthful beauty.



Even after Park Shin-hye became a mother, she attracted attention with the same appearance as when 'The Heirs' aired 11 years ago. He is reunited with Park Hyeong-sik 11 years after the SBS drama 'The Heirs' aired in 2013, giving viewers excitement, sympathy, and comfort.




'Doctor Slump' is gaining popularity as a romantic comedy drama depicting the 'ruined lives' of doctors who fall into the biggest slump of their lives for their own reasons, including a 10 billion dollar lawsuit, burnout, and cardiopulmonary resuscitation. 'Doctor Slump' is ranked first in the non-English TV category on Netflix, and is proving its popularity by ranking first in several countries, including Korea, Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia.






In an interview, Park Shin-hye expressed confidence about the reason she chose 'Doctor Slump' as her comeback project, saying, "I wanted to show what I do best." On the 10th, Park Shin-hye posted on her SNS, "Hey, I wonder if Teacher Eun-jae is too tall. I met Teacher Cha Eun-jae from Doldam Hospital on set. I'm finally posting a photo from March of last year. It's not Seo-woo and Hye-jeong, it's Cha Eun-jae and Nam Ha-neul." We released several photos together.





The released photo shows Park Shin-hye standing side by side with Lee Sung-kyung. The two previously worked together through the SBS drama 'Doctors'. Recently, Lee Sung-kyung attracted attention by making a special appearance as Park Hyeong-sik's ex-fiancé in 'Dr. Slump'.





The production team said, "We would like to thank Lee Sung-kyung once again for willingly accepting the offer to make a special appearance. She also had experience working with Park Hyeong-sik and Park Shin-hye, which made the atmosphere on set even more pleasant."




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'Doctor Slump' Park Hyeong-sik and Park Shin-hye, the love of our times that needs more comfort and support

Columnist Jeong Deok-hyeonEntered 2024. 2. 5. 15:02
‘Doctor Slump’, a melodrama for everyone who lives with low self-esteem


[Enter Media = Jeong Deok-hyun]


“You never bought anything wrong. It’s not your fault.” Isn’t what we need more comfort and support than love? The words that Jeong-woo (Park Hyeong-sik) says to Ha-neul (Park Shin-hye) seem to be addressed to those of us who live in a reality where our self-esteem is increasingly low. That may be the essence of the emotions touched by JTBC's Saturday-Sunday drama <Doctor Slump>. This drama speaks to those of us who are smiling on the outside and pretending like nothing is wrong, but are crying on the inside. It's not your fault.


The reason why viewers turned away from melodrama's focus on love was because they thought it was too divorced from reality. So, around the time people started saying ‘melodrama is not that good’, melodramas began to change. It still talks about love, but if you look behind it, it is filled with voices of support and comfort for those of us who are tired and struggling with reality.






The same goes for <Doctor Slump>. He worked hard and succeeded and became famous, but when a medical accident occurred, he was unfairly held responsible for the accident and lost everything. A drunken sky told Jung-woo that he was "framed" and also said to him that no one believed him, "You may be a bit childish, but you did a bad thing. Even at the part where he says, “Because I’m not the type of person to shamelessly insist,” our hearts become moist. When things are going well, everyone approaches us as friends, but how often do we face the reality that once we slip, everyone turns their backs on us. So, the unchanging heart that trusts us and is on our side no matter what happens touches us.


This can also be felt in Jung-woo's line, "It's not your fault," when Ha-neul, who couldn't endure various abuses of power and ended up leaving the hospital after hitting on a senior, says "I think I made a mistake" when no hospital accepts him because of that fact, Jung-woo says, "It's not your fault." When we face difficulties and face a reality with no way out, we often think that we have made a mistake somewhere, but how much it warms our hearts to have someone who tells us that it is not we who are wrong, but a distorted reality.





Looking at the trends of recent melodramas along with <Doctor Slump>, it seems that what we want more than love is comfort and support. Just the scene of Jung-woo and Ha-neul, who have fallen into a slump in life for their own reasons, smiling on the outside but crying on the inside, supporting each other's shoulders as they sometimes break down and listening to complaints that cannot be shared anywhere else, makes our hearts so excited and satisfied. . Of course, that comfort and support may also be another word for ‘love.’




[Photo = JTBC]


Copyright© Enter Media. 



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Park Hyung Sik And Park Shin Hye’s Chemistry Shines In “Doctor Slump” Behind-The-Scenes Photos

Park Hyung Sik And Park Shin Hye’s Chemistry Shines In “Doctor Slump” Behind-The-Scenes Photos

Feb 14, 2024
by S. Nam

JTBC’s “Doctor Slump” shared new behind-the-scenes photos of the drama!


“Doctor Slump” is a romantic comedy about two former rivals who reunite and unexpectedly become each other’s light during the darkest period of their lives. Park Hyung Sik plays Yeo Jung Woo, a star plastic surgeon whose thriving career suddenly falls into danger due to a strange medical accident, while Park Shin Hye plays Nam Ha Neul, a workaholic anesthesiologist suffering from burnout syndrome.


Amidst the growing popularity of “Doctor Slump,” the drama released new behind-the-scenes photos highlighting the chemistry between Park Shin Hye and Park Hyung Sik. The photos were taken while filming the scene in which Nam Ha Neul unexpectedly goes on a date with Yeo Jung Woo after an unsuccessful interview. The two pose adorably with bright smiles to showcase their close chemistry.








On the flip side, the atmosphere turns serious while the actors rehearse off camera. Before filming, Park Shin Hye and Park Hyung Sik discuss with Director Oh Hyun Jong, conveying their passion to make the project even more perfect. Furthermore, the actors carefully monitor their performances, highlighting their professionalism.













The next episode of “Doctor Slump” will air on February 17 at 10:30 p.m. KST.


In the meantime, watch Park Hyung Sik and Park Shin Hye in “Heirs”:






Source (1)






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Running Man Legends revisited!!📂 A collection of Park Shin-hye and Park Hyeong-sik's performances that were fun with their extraordinary competitive spirit.zip #Running Man #SBSCatch





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Park Shin-hye, close selfie with Park Hyeong-sik. Beauty shining even with swollen eyes [Star IN★]

Reporter Jeong Eun-chaeEntered 2024. 2. 12. 00:38
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[Star News | [Reporter Jeong Eun-chae]

Park Shin-hye, close selfie with Park Hyeong-sik. Beauty shining even with swollen eyes [Star IN★]

Park Shin-hye, close selfie with Park Hyeong-sik. Beauty shining even with swollen eyes [Star IN★]

Park Shin-hye, close selfie with Park Hyeong-sik. Beauty shining even with swollen eyes [Star IN★]

Park Shin-hye, close selfie with Park Hyeong-sik. Beauty shining even with swollen eyes [Star IN★]

Park Shin-hye, close selfie with Park Hyeong-sik. Beauty shining even with swollen eyes [Star IN★]

Park Shin-hye, close selfie with Park Hyeong-sik. Beauty shining even with swollen eyes [Star IN★]
Actress Park Shin-hye released behind-the-scenes photos of 'Doctor Slump'.

On the 11th, Park Shin-hye drew attention by posting a photo on her Instagram, saying, "My swollen eyelids are like swollen udon noodles from crying? And next to me is Jungwoo, who looks handsome even when he cries."


In the released photo, Park Shin-hye is taking a selfie in the same pose, in close contact with Park Hyeong-sik, her co-star in the drama 'Doctor Slump'. Although her eyes are swollen due to the sobbing scene in the drama, Park Shin-hye's still beautiful beauty catches the attention of viewers.


Netizens who saw this showed various reactions, such as "The chemistry between the two is crazy," "They look so good together! May the couple live forever," and "Please upload more photos."


Meanwhile, Park Shin-hye and Park Hyung-sik are working together in the JTBC Saturday-Sunday drama 'Doctor Slump', playing the roles of doctors who fall into a slump due to depression and the trauma of a medical accident, respectively.



Copyright© Star News. 



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Sports Donga

Park Shin-hye ♥ Park Hyeong-sik’s chemistry that is as good as Southeast Asia… Behind-the-scenes reveal (Dr. Slump)


Behind-the-scenes cuts of Park Shin-hye and Park Hyung-sik were released.

The production team of JTBC's Saturday-Sunday drama 'Doctor Slump' (directed by Oh Hyeon-jong, written by Baek Sun-woo) released behind-the-scenes cuts of Park Shin-hye and Park Hyeong-sik on the 14th.

Nam Ha-neul (played by Park Shin-hye) and Yeo Jeong-woo (played by Park Hyeong-sik) enjoyed first place in the nation with perfect scores on mock exams during their school days, and lived so-called successful lives as an anesthesiologist and plastic surgeon, respectively. However, the 'mental illness' of slump and burnout that the two experienced is, ironically, the reason they had to leave the hospital. They meet again at the worst moment of their lives, share comfort in the midst of crisis, add to their excitement, and before they know it, they are standing on the strange border between friends and lovers.
In the last broadcast, the two finally confirmed their true feelings for each other. Domestic viewership ratings are slowing, but overseas performance is good. It ranked 3rd in the Netflix Global TOP 10 TV (non-English) category with 2.2 million views (cumulative viewing time divided by title running time) and 12.9 million viewing hours. In particular, it was listed in the TOP 10 in a total of 25 countries, including first place in Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Singapore. (Netflix, February 5 - February 11)

Meanwhile, in the photo released by the production team, Nam Ha-neul is seen enjoying a sightseeing date with Yeo Yeong-woo and taking pictures after failing the hospital interview. Nam Haneul doesn't have any travel photos because he only studies and works. He looks bright in the commemorative photo he left with Yeo Yeong-woo. The two people suggest a strange atmosphere with their cute poses.







And the production crew and actors trying to complete the atmosphere of the two characters attract attention. Director Oh Hyun-jong, Park Shin-hye, and Park Hyeong-sik chatting until just before filming. Demonstrates passion and enthusiasm to improve the quality of the work. In between filming, I also focus on scripting and monitoring. The characters completed in this way are Nam Ha-neul and Yeo Jeong-woo.

The narrative of the relationship between Nam Ha-neul and Yeo Yeong-woo, who were enemies in the past but are currently 'having a romantic relationship', is attracting attention.

Episode 7 of ‘Doctor Slump’ will be broadcast at 10:30 pm on the 17th.

Hong Se-young, Donga.com reporter projecthong@donga.com

Hong Se-young, Donga.com reporter projecthong@donga.com

Edited by ferily
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Park Hyung-sik ran to the countryside to console Park Shin-hye, “I came for sightseeing” (Doctor Slump)

Kim Myung-miEntered 2024. 2. 11. 05:35

Capture from JTBC Saturday-Sunday drama ‘Doctor Slump’

Capture from JTBC Saturday-Sunday drama ‘Doctor Slump’

Capture from JTBC Saturday-Sunday drama ‘Doctor Slump’

Capture from JTBC Saturday-Sunday drama ‘Doctor Slump’

[News Reporter Kim Myeong-mi]


Park Hyung-sik rushed to a distant region to comfort Park Shin-hye.


In the 5th episode of JTBC's Saturday-Sunday drama 'Doctor Slump' (directed by Oh Hyeon-jong, written by Baek Sun-woo, produced by SLL and Hijieum Studio), which aired on February 10, Nam Ha-neul (played by Park Shin-hye) loses her interview opportunity at a local hospital, and her worries about him go a long way. The image of Yeo Yeong-woo (played by Park Hyeong-sik) running to .


Earlier, while drunk, Nam Ha-neul received a call from Hwabon Regional Hospital, where he had submitted his resume, and went for an interview. Meanwhile, Yeo Yeong-woo sensed that he would be hurt through a conversation with Min Kyeong-min (played by Oh Dong-min). Nam Ha-neul returns to the train station feeling empty and frustrated. At that very moment, Yeo Yeong-woo's consolation appeared without warning, causing emotion and excitement.



In the midst of all this, Nam Ha-neul asked straight away, “Why did you come to pick me up?” Yeo Yeong-woo said in a confused voice, "I came for sightseeing. It's true that I was worried about you, but I was wondering if I've ever been to Hwabon. That's why I came.


So the two enjoyed sightseeing on bicycles. Nam Haneul drew attention by saying to himself, “I almost got excited without even knowing I was there for sightseeing.”



Copyright© Newsen. 


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