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Herald POP

'Doctor Slump' Park Hyung-sik

Article entered 2024.02.22. 10:52 AM Original text of article
[Herald POP=Reporter Kim Ji-hye]
'Doctor Slump' has revealed the highlights of the second act that will revive your heart and lungs with laughter and excitement.

JTBC's Saturday-Sunday drama 'Doctor Slump' (directed by Oh Hyun-jong, written by Baek Seon-woo, produced by SLL and Hijieum Studio) will reach a turning point starting with episode 9, which will be aired on the 24th.

Previously, Yeo Jung-woo (played by Park Hyeong-sik) and Nam Ha-neul (played by Park Shin-hye)'s 'Ruined Life' cardiopulmonary resuscitation brought pleasant laughter and warm excitement to the small screen on the weekend. In particular, the two people, who went from being rivals fighting for first place in the school to reuniting at the worst moment of their lives, drew a positive response from viewers as their relationship changed from 'haters' to 'friends' and then back to 'lovers'. However, after their full-fledged romance began, Nam Ha-neul, who belatedly faced reality, said goodbye to Yeo Jeong-woo, putting the romance of the 'Wooneul couple' on hold. The next story of two people who faced slump, burnout, and a tearful breakup arouses curiosity.

# ‘Woonul Couple’ Park Hyeong-sik and Park Shin-hye’s tearful farewell! Will they be able to love again?

Yeo Yeong-woo and Nam Ha-neul, who were confused by feelings that were 'deeper than friendship and premature to be love', confirmed each other's sincerity and were reborn from friends to lovers. But their happiness was only momentary. Nam Ha-neul recalled her memories of being betrayed and hurt by her senior Oh Dong-min (played by Min Kyung-min) when she was working at a university hospital. When he found out that Yeo Yeong-woo had rejected Dae-young Bin's (played by Park Yoon) scouting offer because of him, he felt a sense of shabbiness and self-reproach that made him feel heavier than ever. In the end, Nam Ha-neul said goodbye to Yeo Yeong-woo in tears, saying, “I am a person who cannot handle even myself.” Attention is focused on whether the relationship, which is not only intertwined with simple emotions such as the excitement of love, but deepens by comforting and healing each other, will end like this.

# Overcome the worst slump and burnout of your life? Will he be able to get back on track as a doctor?

The full story of the medical accident that completely destroyed Yeo Jeong-woo's perfect life has been revealed. Yeo Jeong-woo, who was falsely accused of the death of a patient during surgery, was actually the biggest victim in the Macau casino tycoon heiress case. As a result, his trust and reputation as a doctor were lost, and he was saddled with debt due to a lawsuit worth 10 billion won. And due to the shock of that day, I suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and fell into the worst slump of my life.

On the other hand, Nam Ha-neul, who only looked ahead and ran fiercely, quit the hospital after being diagnosed with depression and burnout. He was worried about the gazes of others, including his mother Gong Wol-seon (played by Jang Hye-jin), who regarded him as his only pride and pride, and his mind became complicated due to the 'ambivalence' that even he himself could not figure out. In particular, the past story related to his senior Min Kyung-min was revealed, leading to speculation as to why Nam Ha-neul had no choice but to take off his doctor's gown. Attention is being paid to how these precarious doctors will be able to treat ‘mental illness’ and whether they will be able to return to their original state as doctors.

# Oh Dong-min's twisted reality has been revealed! Will Park Shin-hye put an end to the bad relationship between him and her?

In the last 8th episode, Min Kyung-min's true identity was revealed, bringing a twist. Min Kyung-min was the only person he could trust and follow who gave him praise and favor ever since he was an intern at Namhaneul. However, his intention behind the mask of good intentions was to take advantage of Nam Haneul’s skills and talents. In order to be appointed as a professor, Min Kyung-min submitted a paper written by Nam Ha-neul as the sole author, and when he raised an objection, he revealed his true face behind the mask. In the end, that became the decisive reason why Nam Ha-neul left the hospital. The long-standing wound at that time left a deep scar in Nam Ha-neul’s heart. At the same time as the truth about the medical accident involving Yeo Yeong-woo was revealed, the secret relationship between Nam Ha-neul and Min Kyung-min rose to the surface, raising curiosity about how the two people's ill-fated relationship will end.

Meanwhile, episode 9 of JTBC's Saturday-Sunday drama 'Doctor Slump' will be aired at 10:30 pm on the 24th.

Photo provided by SLL·Hijieum Studio



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Herald POP

'Doctor Slump' Park Hyung-sik and Park Shin-hye, how to overcome a breakup...soulless atmosphere

Article entered 2024.02.23. 9:47 AM Original text of article
[Herald POP = Reporter Kim Na-yul]
Park Hyung-sik and Park Shin-hye suffered from the aftereffects of a breakup.

On the 23rd, ahead of the 9th episode's broadcast, 'Doctor Slump' (directed by Oh Hyeon-jong, written by Baek Sun-woo) released still cuts of the 'Woo-neul couple' Yeo Jung-woo (played by Park Hyeong-sik) and Nam Ha-neul (played by Park Shin-hye), who broke up due to an unfortunate reality.

The released photo shows Yeo Yeong-woo and Nam Ha-neul, who are no longer ‘together’. First, Yeo Yeong-woo was captured standing in front of the operating table for the first time in a long time. Yeo Jeong-woo, who witnessed the death of a patient during the last surgery he performed, was wrongly accused and held responsible, and suffered from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Her eyes shaking between her surgical cap and mask reveal her anxious state of mind.

Nam Ha-neul, who cannot sleep all night, perhaps because of her longing for Yeo Jeong-woo, also catches her attention. The sad expression on his face as he lies on the bed and looks at his phone gives us an idea of the aftereffects of a breakup. In another photo, the scene of a blind date (?) between Nam Ha-neul and an unfamiliar man is also revealed, attracting attention. However, for some reason, the atmosphere between soulless souls who do not seem to have the slightest interest in each other and zero excitement is unusual.

Episode 9, which will be aired on the 24th, depicts the story of Yeo Yeong-woo and Nam Ha-neul after their breakup. Instead of hating and resenting Nam Ha-neul, Yeo Yeong-woo expressed his heartfelt sincerity as he waited for him to come back.

Meanwhile, episode 9 of JTBC's Saturday-Sunday drama 'Doctor Slump' will be aired at 10:30 pm on the 24th.

Photo = JTBC

@heraldcorp.com  naver.me/x58rAFEq

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The Michigan Daily

The Michigan Daily

One hundred and thirty-three years of editorial freedom


‘Doctor Slump’: So life post-med school isn’t so peachy after all? 

by Michelle WuFebruary 22, 2024

Low angle shot of two main characters standing next to a clothesline

This is an image from an official clip for “Doctor Slump” distributed by Netflix.


Today, we are no strangers to the preconceived notion of working to the bone right now to reap the benefits later on. We cannot stop because it would simply be a waste of the effort we already put in. This is a common mantra that is ingrained into the minds of young kids to not only convince them to complete their homework but also to teach them a lesson: A prestigious status in society can only be achieved and maintained through talent and ability, which can only be achieved by working hard before reaching adulthood. So, the brilliant minds who rank the highest in school are often thought to be the ones to live stress-free lives of luxury and comfort. However, the medical K-drama “Doctor Slump,” which tells an intriguing tale of riches to rags, thoroughly disagrees with this seemingly common-sense idea. 


“Doctor Slump” follows the lives of two rival high school students who ranked first and second in their class, and who later became doctors but suddenly hit rock bottom in their respective careers. It skillfully delivers the implication that things in life don’t always work out the way we want them to in an emotionally tender way. Unlike other medical dramas that may focus on the humanistic side of patient care, “Doctor Slump” instead highlights the fact that doctors are human too: imperfect and subject to breaking down. The series is profoundly impactful as it not only covers the ugly side of being a doctor, such as litigation and burnout, but also portrays the negative consequences on mental health as a result of such harrowing events.


“Doctor Slump” leads us through the comical bantering and growing friendship between Nam Ha-Neul (Park Shin-Hye, “The Heirs”), an anesthesiologist working for a large hospital, and Yeo Jeong-Woo (Park Hyung-Sik, “The Heirs”), a plastic surgeon who owns several clinics. The two never saw each other after graduating high school but reunited after 14 years during the lowest point in their lives. 


Nam Ha-Neul is not aware of her emotional exhaustion and burnout until she finally decides to pay a visit to the psychiatrist after needing her gallbladder removed (as a result of overworking). She is diagnosed with depression and advised to take a break from her job, which at first she refuses under the belief that she doesn’t have time to be depressed.


However, she later becomes completely fed up with her incompetent male colleague and quits her job on the spot with gusto (a rallying kick to his shins), effectively placing her under the critical eye of the entire hospital system. Meanwhile, Yeo Jeong-Woo is relegated to live several tax brackets below his previously lavish lifestyle after falling into extreme debt and having to sell his most valuable assets. Undergoing a medical litigation trial where he is tried for murder and negligence of the single heir to Macau’s third largest casino empire, Jeong-Woo’s once pristine reputation as the nation’s most beloved celebrity doctor was tarnished overnight as he became the nation’s most wanted criminal. 


Ha-Neul and Jeong-Woo fall under the enemies-to-lovers trope in the most untraditional sense. Despite once being at each other’s throats to compete for the best exam scores, they now find companionship through each other while navigating some of the darkest moments of their lives. Over long nights of drinking beer under the night sky, eating tteokbokki and playing Go-Stop in the arcade, the pair eventually root themselves to being each other’s biggest supporters. Despite their current situations, they find moments of relatable self-deprecating humor, such as comparing the current state of their lives to the nonexistent sunrise amidst a gloomy sky or a crushed can of beer. 


After Ha-Neul’s family discovers she has depression, they (wrongfully) decide to collectively help her overcome her depression. Per her brother’s idea, the family hosts a depression party for her, hoping that the optimistic thoughts and foods that are “good for depression” can cheer her up. In the events that follow, her family acts as if her diagnosis is her personality. The family’s ridiculous treatment of Ha-Neul mirrors the treatment of those with depression today, serving as a reminder that it’s important to let people have space while they recover. During Ha-Neul’s recovery journey, she expected something grand to provide comfort, but instead, it was the small moments spent with Jeong Woo that made her feel just a little more hopeful about life.  


At the same time, Jeong-Woo feels a similar sense of isolation as his whole country has turned against him. Ha-Neul is one of the few individuals who believe he is innocent, even going as far as to find patient cases similar to his to prove his innocence. She is also the only one to notice signs of PTSD in Jeong-Woo following his surgical incident and recommends he see a psychiatrist since it helped her personally. It is in these intimate moments that we see how the drama treats the topic of mental health and its stigma within medical workers — with great responsibility and sensitivity. 


Truly, we see the raw duality of the pride of telling others you’re a doctor compared to actually being one. “Doctor Slump” reveals the tough reality of the world, that not everything will come up roses forever, though we can rely on others to get us through these trying times. Even in the moments where we think things begin to look up for the series, the drama brings out aspects of the real world that other shows would’ve deemed pessimistic.


Although it may seem to drive audiences away, the show does this to pay homage to the humanity of doctors and their mental health, a topic we as a society should urgently treat with more gravity. We should not be working ourselves like dogs to find the definition of happiness. 





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#ParkShinHye  It has been decided that a fan meeting will be held in Japan for the first time in about 5 years!


Park Shin Hye Asia Tour < Memory of Angel > in TOKYO

🗓️ 2024/5/6 (Monday/Closed)
🕕 18:00 start

📍 Tokyo Japan Education Center Hitotsubashi Hall







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5 Important Life Lessons From Healing K-Drama "Doctor Slump"

Here are some life lessons you can learn from healing K-Drama "Doctor Slump".

Dyllan Mykel, Kpopmap Editor
3 min to read  ·  Published : Feb 15, 2024
5 Important Life Lessons From Healing K-Drama "Doctor Slump"


With its premiere on January 27th, "Doctor Slump" has become a feel good series, providing the warmest vibes all weekend long. In a combination of hilarious comedy, healing moments, and budding romance, it is all a K-Drama fan could ever ask for. The JTBC drama stars veterans, Park ShinHye and Park HyungSik.

"Doctor Slump" revolves around Yeo JeongWoo (Park HyungSik) and Nam HaNeul (Park ShinHye). Both were top students at school and were each other's academic rivals. They reunite during one of the lowest points of their lives. Although they continue to bicker, they become each other's pillar of support and romance blossoms between the two.


The drama dives into a variety of different topics including mental health and the downsides of maintaining academic excellence. With these varying themes, the drama presents various life lessons that audiences can take to heart and apply to their own lives.

Here are just a few things viewers can learn from heartwarming K-Drama "Doctor Slump".

Note: spoilers ahead.


1. Take Care Of Your Health

One of the biggest concepts that the JTBC drama tackles is the act of taking care of your health. Regardless of if it's physical or mental, "Doctor Slump" shows its characters making these stark realizations that enduring the pain and pushing forward isn't always the best option.

Just like when Yeo JeongWoo and Nam HaNeul ended up at the nurse's office for neglecting their health, we could very well go down the same path. There's a saying that "health is wealth", and the drama proves this to be true time and time again.


2. Find A Support System

While life can oftentimes be a solitary experience, it doesn't need to remain this way. Nam HaNeul hyper-focused on her studies and advancing in the medical field that she was unable to properly forge strong bonds of comradery and friendship. Outside of her family and Lee HongRan (Kong SeongHa), HaNeul was essentially going through life all on her own.

However, everything changes once she reunites with Yeo JeongWoo. He shows her the strength in friendship and having one other person to lean on as a pillar of support. Being in similar situations, they're able to empathize with each other and offer much needed reminders that everything is going to be okay. Just like our two main characters, having a support system is important to enduring all the hardships life gives us.


3. Admit When You're Not Okay

It's certainly a skill to be able to grit our teeth, work through the hardships, and persevere until the very end. This very act is often seen as a symbol of unrelenting strength. However, it's also a skill to realize when you're at your limit and admit that things are simply not okay.

It took a lot for Nam HaNeul to totally accept this fact, but when she did, she was able to find the help she so desperately needed. And while Yeo JeongWoo initially rejected HaNeul's invitation to visit a therapist, he soon realized it was something he needed to do in order to truly heal. Likewise, it's important that we in the real world also accept our limitations and seek help when it's obvious we need it.


4. Learn To Let Go Of The Past

Being academic rivals left a huge impact on Nam HaNeul and Yeo JeongWoo's lives. That's how they remembered each other, and when they reunited, were not thrilled to be in each other's presence. They continued to hold onto these preconceived notions of each other and initially did not show any intention of changing their minds.

However, of the many things they've taught viewers, it's that you can totally put the past behind you and start anew. HaNeul and JeongWoo were able to let go of their past and fully transition to a relationship of much needed support.


5. Stand Up For What You Believe In

Through "Doctor Slump", we see the main characters in a constant fight for what they believe in. A belief in innocence, in receiving a fair chance, and in being respected at work. Although they might not have many people supporting their beliefs, they stick to their guns and continue moving forward.

We see this when HaNeul finally stands up to her abusive superior. This is also showcased during a flashback of JeongWoo during his school days. Our beliefs deserve to be protected, and who better to do it than ourselves.

Are you currently watching "Doctor Slump"? What's been your takeaway from the drama so far?

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