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❤ Park Shin Hye 박신혜 ❤ | Current Drama: Doctor Slump - Sat & Sun @10:30 PM [Upcoming Drama 2024: Judge From Hell]


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MODELPRESS's Winter 2024 TOP 10 VOTED Kdrama: 


1. Marry My Husband 
2. Queen of Tears 
3. Gyeongseong Creature 
4. Doctor Slump 
5. #MyDemon 
6. Welcome to Samdalri 
7. Castaway Diva 
8. King the Land 
9. Killer's Paradox 
10. Death's Game 




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Ten Asia

[TEN Photo] Park Shin-hye ‘Fluttering long hair’

Entered 2024.03.31. 10:43 PM

 Original text of article








Reporter Jo Jun-won


[Ten Asia = Reporter Jo Joon-won]


Actress Park Shin-hye is leaving for the United Arab Emirates through Incheon International Airport to attend the 'Dubai Friends' event on the afternoon of the 31st.



'Dubai Friends' is a concept of public relations ambassadors who film a global campaign for the Dubai Government Tourism Office, and thanks to the popularity of JTBC's 'Doctor Slump', the two actors are going to Dubai, United Arab Emirates at the invitation of state guests.








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instyle 2024-03-27

Park Shin-hye, no matter what she wears, she’s a romantic queen! A pretty mother's fresh feminine look that captures spring






Actress Park Shin-hye showed off her romantic queen-like side with a bright yet refreshing feminine look. 
On the 27th, Park Shin-hye posted a pictorial cut of herself as a model for a women's clothing brand on her channel with the message, "You're so pretty."
In the published pictorial cut, Park Shin-hye showed off the spring style that people want to emulate through a variety of styles, from bright dresses and set-up style suits to comfortable and natural casual wear.  
Park Shin-hye appeared as Nam Ha-neul, a workaholic doctor who knows nothing but work in the JTBC drama 'Doctor Slump', which ended on March 17. 
'Doctor Slump' is a romantic comedy drama depicting the cardiopulmonary resuscitation of Yeo Jeong-woo (Park Hyeong-sik) and Nam Ha-neul (Park Shin-hye), whose lives were only on the upward curve but then hit the brakes.











<Copyright (c) Fashion N Media, 


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Some fans saw Shinhye filming with a red Porsche car 🔥


We're riding a shiny red bike You can see a red car at first glance in the video uploaded before ㅋㅋㅋ






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a thread of relatable lines from 닥터슬럼프


❝ back then, i thought if i kept trying hard as i’d always done, life would continue to be just fine like it had been before.

back then, i thought all i had to do was look ahead and keep moving. however, things in life didn’t work out the way we wanted. ❞





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Kim Hye-hwa cast in SBS' 'The Judge from Hell', working with Park Shin-hye

Entered 2024.04.02. 2:35 PM
 Original text of article

Hyehwa Kim, provided by JPool Entertainment


Actress Kim Hye-hwa appears in SBS' new drama 'The Judge from Hell'.

'The Judge from Hell', which is scheduled to air this year, follows Park Shin-hye (Kang Bit-na), a 'devil from hell' who entered the body of a judge, and meets Kim Jae-young (Han Han-on), a detective who is more humane than anyone else, in a reality that is more hellish than hell, and punishes criminals to find the true truth. It is a romantic fantasy story about the coexistence of good and evil, where one becomes a judge.

In the play, Kim Hye-hwa plays Kim So-young, the leader of her powerful team, who started her public career as a police officer and rose to the position of inspector through her own abilities. Kim So-young is a character who has clear merits and demerits and has extremely rational judgment. Kim Hye-hwa plans to show off her charismatic side through this role.

Kim Hye-hwa has received a lot of love by clearly revealing her own charm in various works such as 'Lace', 'Mine', 'The Witch is Alive', 'Beopjjeon', and 'Sangwon'. In particular, she received favorable reviews for realistically depicting her worries about work and childcare as a legendary working mother through the recently concluded drama 'Cruel Intern'. Artist Hye Kim, who has proven her true worth in each of her works, is focusing attention on what kind of unique side she will show through 'The Judge from Hell'.

Photo = JPool Entertainment





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🩵 Dr. Slump Making Blu-ray pre-order in progress 🩵


Pre-order closed D-1️⃣


Blame that has left will not come back ‼️


If you are curious about additional videos such as Jung Woo Ha-neul's unreleased making-of 📹 , deleted scenes ✂️ , commentary 👩‍❤️‍👨 , Mudaki 💋 , etc. ⁉️ don't hesitate and participate in the pre-payment ‼️

Domestic purchase link: m.site.naver.com/1klUH


For more information, check the cafe notice
🔗 http://m.cafe.daum.net/doctorslumpBD/


Purchase link 🔗

🇰🇷 Domestic: m.site.naver.com/1klUH
🌎 Global: m.site.naver.com/1klUZ
🇨🇳 China: http: http://m.site.naver.com/1klV9
🇯🇵 Japan: m.site.naver.com/1klVt


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