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[Drama 2021] Melancholia ♾️ 멜랑꼴리아


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   tvN DRAMA   





⋔ Profile ⋔
Drama: Melancholia

Hangul:  멜랑꼴리아

Director: Kim Sang-Hyub (True Beauty)
Writer: Kim Ji Woon (Doctor John)
Network: tvN

Episodes: 16
Release Date: November 10, 2021
Wed. & Thu. 22:30
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea



A new teacher is appointed to this Asung High School. In an era when math grades determine

the rise and fall of first-class universities Ji Yoon-soo with a splendid profile

of producing the most prize winners in various math contests But she says that numbers are beautiful.

Mathematics is what makes finite humans dream of infinity.

A child who loves mathematics but turns away from her eyes enters her eyes.

Baek Seung-yoo, a math genius who never reveals himself, despite his longing for mathematics.

Set in a private high school, a hotbed of preferential corruption,

A story that transcends the myths and prejudices of math geniuses and teachers,

a story more beautiful than mathematics.

(Source: MyDramaList)



 Official teaser & trailer :  1st teaser / LSJ teaser / LDH teaser / 2nd teaser 

                            EP1 Highlight / 5 Minutes Highlight

Official links :  Official Website / YouTube


 Official Posters


WDNbj84.jpg  ArLCiYW.jpg  n3yMQ7y.jpg  cD38BEa.jpg







 Cast ⋔ 



She is a mathematics teacher at a private high school. She is good-natured and also has a strong

will to push forward, once her mind is is set. Ji Yoon-Soo is passionate about mathematics,

who always palpitates in front of difficult math questions. She encourages her students

to find their own answers and proofs for math questions.

She becomes involved with Baek Seung-Yoo.


   People around  Yoon Soo   


Choi Dae-hoon as Ryoo Seong-jae

Yoon Soo's fiancé, a policy advisor at the Office of Education.


Oh Kwang rok as Ji Hyun ok

Yoon soo's farther.


Juan Gook Hyang as Shin Kyung In

Seong-jae's mother and Yoon-soo's prospective mother-in-law.


Jin Kyung As No Jung-A

Sung-jae's father and Yoon-soo's prospective father-in-law.






He is a student at the private high where Ji Yoon-Soo teaches.

He hardly talks, but he likes taking pictures with his DSLR camera.

He doesn't have friends at school and his academic score ranks at the bottom,

but he has a surprising past. When he was little, he won numerous mathematical Olympiads.

When he was 10, he entered MIT in the U.S., but he suddenly disappeared at the age of 12.


  People around  Seung Yoo  


Baek Ji-won as Min Hee-seung

A mother who suffers because her son is the last in the school.


Kim Ho-jin as Baek Min-sik

A psychiatrist in Hangok-dong.



  Noh Family  

vNklF4t.pngdUuD1HF.pngnRoZ1eu.png XJA0jD1.png

Jin Kyung As Noh Jung-A

Head of the school administration at Ahsung High School.


Oh Hye-won as Noh Yeon-woo

She second daughter of the president of Asung Academy

and the principal of Ahsung International Middle School.


Jang Kwang as Noh In-Hyung

President of Asung Academy.


Kim Ji-young as Kim Ji-na

Only daughter of Noh Jung-ah, head of school affairs at Asung High School,

as Little Paris Hilton, she is friendly under her mother's shadow,

outspoken, neglects her friends, and does evil.




  Seong Family  


Jang Hyun-sung as Seong Min-joon

A parent of a student at Asung High School and a member of the National Assembly.


Byun Jung-soo as Yoo Hye-mi

Top actress, wife of Seong Min-joon.


Woo Da-vi as Seong Ye-rin

Min Joon's and Hye Mi's daughter, first student at Ahseong High School.


Lee Yoo-Jin as Seong Yoo-Chan

Min Joon's and Hye Mi's Son.




  Asong High School Teachers  


Son Jin-hwan as Oh Jin-taek

Principal of Asung High School, a famous private high school

in South Korea's 1st education district.


Jeon Jin-ki as Choi Seong-han

Principal of Asung High School which is affiliated

with Asung Academy Foundation.


Yang Jo-ah as Kim Jin-hee

A teacher of the Korean language department at Asung High School

and the homeroom teacher of the 8th grade in the second year.


Ahn Sang woo as Han Myung Jin

Asung High School Mathematics Teacher.



  Asong high school students  


Lee Kang-ji as Lee Hyun-jae

A Close friend of Baek Seung-yoo.


Lee Sang-jin as Park Hyun-do

 Close friend of Baek Seung-yoo. He is lively bright and honest,

and join dance club Together with Seungyoo and Hyunjae


Choi Woo-sung as Jang Gyu-yeong

Second in the entire school, he is always jealous of Baek Seung-yoo.





Park Song Yeon As Yoo Seon Ah

Gyuyoung's mother.


Lee Se-Na as Jo Yoon-Ah

Radio station social media reporter.






Drama Stuff 

⋇ Script Reading 


Script Reading BTS

⋇ Press Conference 


Press conference live

Photo : 1 / 2 / 3

⋇ BTS / Interview / Variety  


Interview & SP Contents 

Characters introduce

Live interview (NOW Channel)

티벤터뷰 Content



Episode Making 

EP 01 - 02 Making

EP 03 - 04 Making

EP 05 - 06 Making

EP 07 - 08 Making

EP 09 - 10 Making

EP 11 - 12 Making

⋇ Original Soundtrack  


FEYsVXjaIAAxfuy?format=jpg&name=4096x4096 %25EB%25A9%259C%25EB%259E%2591%25EA%25BC%25B4%25EB%25A6%25AC%25EC%2595%2584+OST+Part+2.jpg ncO1NJI.jpg NrJXulo.jpg






Melancholia OST Part 1

Track Listing

01. All I Need  –  젬마(JEMMA)

02. All I Need  –  젬마(JEMMA) (Inst.)


>> cr. Spotify <<



Melancholia OST Part 2

Track Listing

01. Darling  –  선우정아(Sunwoojunga) 

02. Darling  –  선우정아(Sunwoojunga) (Inst.)


>> cr. Spotify <<



Melancholia OST Part 3

Track Listing

01. 나상현씨밴드(Band Nah)  –  은방울 (Lily of the Valley) (원곡: DANIEL) 

02. 나상현씨밴드(Band Nah)  –  은방울 (Lily of the Valley) (원곡: DANIEL) (Inst.)


>> cr. Spotify <<



Melancholia OST Part 4

Track Listing

01. Let Me Know  –  치즈(CHEEZE)

02. Let Me Know –  치즈(CHEEZE) (Inst.)


>> cr. Spotify <<




Melancholia OST Full album

Track Listing

1.All I Need - 젬마 (JEMMA)

2.Darling - 선우정아 Sunwoojunga

3.은방울 (원곡: DANIEL) - Lily of the Valley (Original: DANIEL)나상현씨밴드

4.Let Me Know - CHEEZE (치즈)

5.Darling (Score ver.) - Various Artists

6.Wind Flow - Various Artists

7.Fly With You - Various Artists

8.Number of Secret - Various Artists

9.All Done - Various Artists

10.Tear Down - Various Artists

11.One Fine Day - Various Artists

12.Her Scent - Various Artists

13.The Dimension Gate - Various Artists

14.Look at me - Various Artists

15.Knock The Door - Various Artists

16.Melancholia - Various Artists

17.Shine Road - Various Artists

18.Secret Math - Various Artists

19.Unbreak My Heart *- Various Artists

20.Missing in the Woods - Various Artists

21.White Room - Various Artists

22.Spring Time Kiss - Various Artists

23.Wind Scene - Various Artists

24.Dig into Math - Various Artists


>> cr. Spotify <<










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  • Maetawinz changed the title to [Upcoming Drama 2021] Melancholia ❀ 멜랑꼴리아 - Lim Soo-Jung / Lee Do Hyun confirmed

Lee Do Hyun Is Currently Studying Math for His New Drama ‘Melancholia’

by krishkim

Credit: Baeksang Arts Awards

Lee Do Hyun wrote “the first intention” on his chatroom profile. This is so that he wouldn’t be shaken up too much when good or bad things happen thinking about the word. Four years after his debut, he won the Best New Actor Award at the 57th Baeksang Arts Awards in the TV category. But his mindset and attitude had not changed at all from before he lifted the trophy. JTBC met with Lee Do Hyun for an interview.

Credit: JTBC

Q1. How did you feel when your name was announced as the winner?
The other candidates showed great performances, so I was just glad to be there, and I couldn’t even imagine it until they called my name. I was so flustered that I got confused. All the seniors and the director that I admire were there. It was an honor to receive attention in such a place. 

Q2. What has changed since winning the Baeksang Award?
Instead of trying to change too much, I try to live with the flow. My father and mother even asked me if I wasn’t happy about the award. Of course I’m happy. But I’m trying to keep that joy inside me. I feel like I’m going to get cocky as soon as I express that outwardly, so I’m always trying to be careful. I am doing my best to live my life while keeping my first intention.

Q3. You challenged the first traditional romance genre with ‘Youth of May‘.
While filming it, my emotions deepened. The actors, director, and staff all deepened with one mind and one heart. So even if you didn’t prepare something, we could feel what others are feeling just by looking into their eyes. The performance that’s different from the reaction that I prepared while reading the script came out at the scene. So the more I acted, the more I felt the taste of acting. We were able to work together and dive into the same emotions and really had fun.

Q4. What’s your main interest these days?
My next project is Melancholia. It tells the story of a math teacher and a math genius in a private high school, a hotbed of corruption involving preferential treatment. Since it revolves around mathematics, I’m studying it so that I don’t look awkward when solving math problems or writing math symbols. I’m usually very shy, so I can’t speak to people that easily at first. But Im Soo Jung took good care of me and helped me a lot to adapt. Now, I’m a bit more comfortable and looking forward to the filming. Please show a lot of interest.

Q5. What’s your future goal?
I have three years remaining before my 20s come to an end, and I want to work nonstop. I also want to greet you with a movie next year. In the future, I hope that I can become an actor who can be trusted like Song Kang Ho and Lee Byung Hun. I will always try my best to show a better side of myself. 

Source (1)
Translator Kim Hoyeun: If you are a fan of K-drama, K-movie, and K-pop, I am your guy. I will continue to provide you with up-to-date K-entertainment news.

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