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Quick poll: fashion terrorist? fashionista brilliance?


who is the designer?  

34 members have voted

  1. 1. What do you think about the fashion choices of stepmom? (pick as many as you like)

    • the 80s are back baby!! woo hoo!!
    • am cracking up, thanks for making me laugh
    • what the????? someone actually wore this for a drama? was this character funny?
    • fashion terrorist! (okay am saying this in a very loving hahahah tone)
    • fashionista! - this is high couture!
    • she seems confident LOL. you wear what you like girl!
    • I don't know a thing about fashion, don't ask me.
    • am confused?! some of it is kind of fun but some of it is kind of bad? hahahahha
  2. 2. Would you wear any of these? (pick as many as you like)

    • kekeke... not even if you paid me!
    • hahaha... well maybe if you paid me?!
    • sure, why not! lets jazz up the office
    • well, it might be fun to wear for a party with friends and have a laugh?
    • I don't understand fashion.
    • am confused?! some of it is kind of fun but some of it is kind of bad? hahahahha
  3. 3. which of these are your favourite - whether it is for laughs or colour or design? (pick as many as you like)

    • "give me a twirl" - give me sunshine (Left)
    • "a bag of flowers" - give me sunshine (middle)
    • "the golden queen" - give me sunshine (right)
    • "NASA space suit" - life is glitter (left)
    • "lets disco at work!" - life is glitter (middle)
    • "I am the dance aunty" - life is glitter (right)
    • "balloon dress - for days when you feel bloated" - sometimes life is blue (left)
    • "I want to break someone's head" - sometimes life is blue (middle)
    • "I need to slap someone. do I look fabulous?" - sometimes life is blue (right)
    • None of them!

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  • Poll closed on 06/09/2021 at 04:00 PM

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Candidate 1:


Honestly this Vogue photoshoot shocked me. From Zumba (?) ajumma to sexy lady :D

It's the glasses.


Candidate 2:



The bowl cut and the vest. 


Candidate 3:


Bowl cut and childlike clothes.



Let me browse my drama list :D



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